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Flooded Basement: A Step-By-Step Guide for Its Cleanup | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Flooded Basement: A Step-By-Step Guide for Its Cleanup | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the rain? Splashing in the puddles wearing raincoats and boots is what people of all ages enjoy. The thought of it fills you with joy and you look forward as to when would it start to rain. But the very next minute another not so good thought crosses your mind. And that is what would happen to your house, your basement once the rain hits the ground. Your past experiences weren’t that good and you fear it would happen again because every time it showers your house feels like that it has been hit by a flood.

As per the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, flooded basements are something one needs to definitely worry about as the standing water damages your house in ways that you can’t even imagine. In this article below, we have mentioned some of the most common and easiest steps that you need to follow after a rainy flood hit your house or your basement so that you can limit the damage as much as you can and keep your family safe from any kind of danger.

Step # 1: Start by Making Sure That the Water Has Stopped Entering the House

Never enter a basement that has electrical appliances in it and has been flooded by water. Make sure to look around before entering if the water is still entering the house and identify the source from where it is entering. Once you know the place of its entrance you need to take care of it and stop any further water from entering in order to start the cleanup process. According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, there are many hazards, apart from causing property damage that comes with flooded basement cleanup which includes electric shock, raw sewage, and gas leaks. This means that it poses a threat to you and your family member’s lives.

Step # 2: Check If There Are Any Appliances That Are Submerged in Water

This is one of the most important steps as there is a high chance that if there are any electric appliances, even switched off, submerged in the water then you might get shocked. Therefore, you need to check if it is safe to enter and it is advised by plumbers in Arlington, TX, to shut off the power if the circuit breaker is not located in the area that has been flooded or call an electrician or take help from professional plumbers in Arlington, TX who have an idea of how to best deal with these kinds of situations.

Also, another thing you need to check for, if you have a water heater or a furnace installed in your basement, is that if the water is approaching it. If it is, then it is highly recommended to call for help of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX who can shut off the gas supply if needed. Doing this is extremely important as it might be possible that the knob of the heater is on the pilot but the gas is out which means it has been leaking and you need to exit the house immediately.

Step # 3: Start Removing the Water

Once gas and electricity have been turned off and the green signal for entrance has been given by plumbers in Arlington, TX, then you should enter and start pumping out the water to limit further damage to your property. To remove this water you might need the help of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX or you could get it done on your own. But later you might need the help and services of plumbers to identify why the sump pump failed to do the job and whether you need to get the old one fixed or purchase a new one and get it installed. For further cleaning use mops, towels, and dry vacuum.

Step # 4: Clean the Damp Objects

You need to prioritize as to what object you need and want to clean first as not everything can be cleaned and saved at the same time. Start by cleaning objects that are precious to you or have a high chance of growing mold or mildew on them. Place all the damp objects be it couches, bookshelves, or other electronic items in sunlight where they can dry as soon as possible. Further, if the area that had been flooded was carpeted you now need to remove this carpet as it requires replacement.

Step # 5: Now Dry the Basement

After removing all the objects from the flooded area make sure that you completely dry out that room or area to prevent any formation of mold on its walls, floors, or somewhere in the corner. You need to either buy or rent fans or get an industrial blower to get the job done. As suggested by plumbers in Arlington, TX, you can also use a dehumidifier for this purpose that would help you to remove excess moisture and humidity and minimize the chances for the growth of mold.  It also helps in filtering the air and capturing any dust or other particles that are harmful to one’s health. Some of the dehumidifiers also have an add-on of odor filtering which could be of great use to get rid of the musty smell that has formed because of the dampness.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning up a basement flood is extremely frustrating and tests your patience. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Once you follow the steps that we’ve provided you above you are in good shape to salvage a lot of your valuable items and most of all your property. If you still notice any signs of dampness after following all the above steps then plumbers in Arlington, TX from Benjamin Franklin are here at your service. They are highly qualified plumbers who are trained in handling such complex issues.

They offer quality service and can be contacted for further assistance on their 24/7 emergency number 817-983-7876.