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Fort Worth Low Water Pressure | Plumber

Fort Worth Low Water Pressure | Plumber

Low Water Pressure | Plumber Fort Worth

Low water pressure is a frustrating plumbing issue, especially in the shower. When low water pressure is a problem in a single plumbing outlet, you have some assurance that the problem is located in that outlets supply line or the faucet/fixture itself. However, if low water pressure is occurring throughout the home, the problem can be any one of numerous potential issues. Each potential source of the problem will have to be ruled out one at a time. In the following we examine the some of the potential causes of low water pressure. To schedule a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth to correct your low water pressure problem give us a call.

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Low Water Pressure

1. Determine if a leak is causing the issue using the water meter test.

Turn off the icemaker, sprinkler system and other automatic water users. Obtain a meter reading from the display on the meter and write it down. Recheck the meter reading in one hour. If it hasn’t changed you do not have a leak. If you have a leak, call for plumbing repair from a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth. Otherwise, go to step 2.

2. Check the incoming water pressure.

When a pressure regulator fails, it can result in damaging high water pressure entering your home, or a reduced flow of water and low water pressure. Replacing a pressure regulator involves cutting into the water main, and is not a DIY task. It is best to leave pressure regulator installation or replacement to a licensed plumber. Give a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth a call to schedule professional replacement or installation. An inexpensive pressure gauge from any home improvement store screwed into a faucet will provide the incoming water pressure. A reading above 80 psi is elevated and may indicate a failed pressure regulator.

3. Aging pipes are a potential cause of low water pressure.

Older homes may have galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe will develop deposits and corrosion over the years, which leads to the pipe’s interior becoming blocked, restricting the water flow. Repiping is the only solution for corroded pipes, and is a job best left to a professional plumber in Fort Worth. If you have galvanized pipe and see brown or reddish water when you turn a tap on, your pipes are likely corroded.

4. Water pressure may be low from the utility supplier.

We offer booster pumps which provide a consistently higher pressure enabling the proper operation of higher output shower heads, and/or the operation of multiple fixtures at the same time without losing complete pressure. Schedule service today with a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth to resolve your low incoming water pressure problem.

Single Tap Low Water Pressure

When low water pressure affects a single location, the most likely cause is a problem with the fixture or the water line supplying it. Use the following tips to determine the location of the problem:

Shower Head

The shower head may be clogged with hard water deposits or be faulty. Unscrew the shower head and turn on the faucet. If the water pressure is good with the shower head off, the problem is within the shower head. On the other hand, if the pressure is low with the shower head off, the problem is in the water supply line going to the shower head. If build-up is obvious and cleaning doesn’t restore the normal water pressure, replace the shower head. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will be glad to provide the plumbing repair that you need. How to Clean a Shower Head

  1. Unscrew the shower head using a protective cloth between the wrench and shower head body to prevent damage to the finish. Remove the old plumbers tape or putty from the shower head stem.
  2. Test a hidden area to ensure the acidic vinegar will not mar the finish. Plastic shower heads are easily damaged. Once safety to the finish is assured, soak the shower head in vinegar for a couple of hours. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub any remaining residue from the shower head. Clean the aerator holes and use a straightened paper clip to clean out any remaining build-up in the holes of the aerator. If necessary, soak further in 10-20 minute increments. Once clean, rinse and dry.
  3. Apply Teflon tape to the shower stem and reconnect the shower head to the shower stem. When applying the Teflon tape, wrap the tape in the same direction that will tighten the shower stem.
  4. Screw the shower head back on and tighten, but don’t over tighten. Turn the water on to test for leaks. Repeat with fresh Teflon tape if leaks occur.
  5. If your shower head can’t be removed, place vinegar in a leak proof bag fastened to the shower head with thick rubber bands. Ensure vinegar covers all corroded surfaces of the shower head. Allow to soak and clean remaining residue.

Bathroom Faucet

If it has been some time since the bathroom faucet’s aerator has been cleaned unscrew it and remove to check. Test the faucet with the aerator off, if it has good water pressure clean with vinegar and rinse or replace the aerator.

If water pressure is low with the aerator off, the problem will be in the faucet or the faucet’s water supply line. Call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for faucet repair replacement or for water line repair in Fort Worth.

Toilet Repair

A faulty fill valve will often cause a slow filling toilet. If replacing the fill valve doesn’t correct the issue, the toilet may require a new water supply line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the plumbing repair that you need.

Kitchen Faucet

Check the water pressure with the aerator off. If water pressure is normal, unscrew and clean the aerator by rinsing and cleaning with vinegar, or replace the aerator. If water pressure isn’t normal there is a problem within the faucet itself, on in the water supply line. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a plumber in Fort Worth.

Build-up due to hard water can block a water supply line, especially smaller water lines such as those supplying a toilet. The pipe could be cleaned, but it may be simpler to replace the water supply line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the repair you need.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed plumbers can diagnose the cause of your low water pressure problem, and provide the necessary plumbing repair. You don’t have to suffer low water pressure problems, help from a reliable plumber in Fort Worth is just a phone call away. We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our repairs. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.