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Fort Worth Plumber Backflow Prevention Valve Theft

Fort Worth Plumber Backflow Prevention Valve Theft

Backflow Preventer Theft A Growing Problem | Plumber Fort Worth

A backflow preventer is a crucial component of protecting your access to clean drinking water. It keeps potentially contaminated water from entering into your water supply pipes. Unfortunately, nationwide homes and businesses alike are enduring the growing problem of backflow preventer theft. Not only do victims have to deal with the expense of hiring a plumber in Fort Worth to install a new device when one is stolen, they must also absorb the cost of an elevated water bill. The removal of the backflow preventer allows water to flow freely from the water supply after it is removed, in some cases as much as 100,000 gallons of water has been lost. The valuable resource of water is lost and flooding may be problem, and for business owners it causes a loss of revenue as well.


It is a plumbing emergency requiring the immediate shutting off of water at the meter, and the prompt services of a plumber in Fort Worth.

Backflow preventers are targeted by thieves for the valuable copper and brass they contain. A shortage of the materials in the U. S. has driven the cost of both materials up, making them a target for thieves who typically net $50-70 per device depending upon the size. In some areas thieves are stealing hundreds of them a day in single neighborhoods and then sell them to metal scrapyards for a large profit.

Most thieves use metal saws to cut out backflow preventers, while others use chains and a vehicle to rip them off the water supply. You may wondering what you can do to deter theft. Home and business owners can purchase a security cage with a lock to cover and protect their backflow preventer. The cages cost approximately $549, and a cage with locks located inside a steel box rather than using a padlock and eye bolt which is easily cut, is recommended. Many people choose to mount the cage in a concrete slab as an extra measure of protection. Your plumber in Fort Worth will be happy to assist you in selecting a concealed location or provide further suggestions to help prevent theft of the backflow preventer.

Locating the backflow preventer inside shrubbery can keep it from being visible from the street. Alternately for the greatest security, location inside a pump room or basement if possible, can prevent theft. One problem with inside location is increased cost due to different requirements of materials for installation. Installation of a new backflow preventer should be provided by a licensed plumber in Fort Worth to ensure a leak free and correct installation.

Community’s that paint the device, and report this practice to scrap yard locations with warnings to call the police for any large amounts of parts that are brought in painted the color of choice in your community have had some success in determent. Inform police of your community’s efforts to deter theft.

If you see potential theft occurring contact police immediately. Prevention is worth the investment as the cost of a backflow preventer and installation of the device averages around $1,100 or more. In many areas of the country, a single home or business owner can experience the theft of their device more than once.

If you experience the theft of a backflow preventer call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the professional installation of a new device by a plumber in Fort Worth. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth serves the Fort Worth and Arlington regions with full plumbing services and 24 hour emergency service for your convenience. We provide superior plumbing service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.