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Fort Worth Plumber Gets Your Shower Just Right

Fort Worth Plumber Gets Your Shower Just Right

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A Solution for Hot/Cold Showers

Most, if not all of us have had it to happen at some time. You are in a nice hot shower when someone flushes a toilet and the shower becomes scalding hot. Alternately, someone turns on the hot water and you are suddenly thrown into a cold shower scenario. These situations occur due to a drop in water pressure when water is in use elsewhere, like a flushed toilet, or someone turns on the hot water. If this describes your shower call us for a plumber in Fort Worth today to end cold/hot showers due to this cause.

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Today’s newer shower and tub fixtures provide balanced shower and tub valves to prevent this from occurring by compensating for the changes in water pressure in either hot or cold water. When water pressure drops in one supply line, the valve reduces the pressure in the other to match the change. The pressure of the flow at the shower head or tub faucet will drop, but without a significant temperature change.

As is the case with all things related to plumbing, the valve will eventually experience wear and malfunction. When this occurs you will either receive very little or no water or it will cause extreme vibration in the pipes.

Until then though, the balanced shower and tub valves will prevent unexpected cold showers or scalding. They are required in all newly constructed homes and are well worth the extra money when replacing tub and shower fixtures. Call Ben Franklin Plumbing today for the professional installation of a balanced shower or tub valve fixture by a dedicated plumber in Fort Worth.

Shower Doors

It hard to keep a shower curtain clean and will end up covered in soap scum, mold and mildew. Even worse, shower curtains allow water to leak onto walls and floors causing costly damage to occur, and the need for floors, walls and often even the floor joists and wall frames to be replaced due to rotting wood and water damage. The old saying is that you get what you pay for and when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of shower curtains to shower doors the doors win hands down.

A properly installed shower door keeps the water inside the shower, protecting walls and floors and preventing potential injury due to water on the floor.

With very few showers having lighting, an additional advantage with glass shower doors is that they allow more light to enter than shower curtains.

There are numerous styles to choose from in shower doors, with options in colors, finishes and glass to match the bathroom décor. Installing a new shower door provides an immediate upgrade to your bathrooms appearance as well. To keep the shower door clean longer (and the shower) dry it when you are through showering. You can apply automotive wax to the inside of the shower door as well as the shower walls to help keep it clean for longer. However, never use auto wax on the floor of the shower as it will be dangerously slippery!

If you are thinking of installing a new shower door, a new tub or shower fixture with a balanced valve, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth’s licensed plumbers will be happy to provide a professional installation for you. For the services of an experienced plumber in Fort Worth or Arlington, just give us a call. We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed and the peace of mind of using a company known for its exceptional plumbers.