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Fort Worth Plumbers – High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

Fort Worth Plumbers – High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

Massive amounts have gone into investing in the marketing of ‘going green’ and ‘water conservation’. Today, water conservation is known in every household across the country but not all households practice water conservation.  You can do your part with water conservation without having to really go out on a ledge to make it happen. There are many things you can do around your household to help conserve water and it will require very little effort, money or time on your part.  If you would like the assistance from Fort Worth plumbers in your area for the installation of plumbing fixtures or any other plumbing related repair, installation or maintenance, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today.

High efficiency fixtures are part of the solution to achieving water conservation in your household.  According to reports by the EPA, if all households in the United States were to install these types of fixtures, over 3 trillion gallons of water could be saved annually. Additionally, by reducing the amount of water that a household uses, energy can also be saved, thus, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. If you need assistance with any of your plumbing related repairs, maintenance or installation, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, Texas a call today. Once schedule we will send out our professional and courteous Fort Worth plumbers to your home to assess the situation, make the necessary repairs and get your home’s plumbing system back in peak shape promptly.

High Efficiency Faucets

Conventional faucets that are in most homes tend to use around 2.5 gallons of water per minute or even more. However, if these faucets were replaced with high-efficiency faucets, the flow rates in these do not exceed more than 1.5 gallons of water per minute. That is over a gallon of water per minute that can be saved every time you turn on the tap to wash your hands, dishes, take a shower, or even wash your vehicle.

High Efficiency Showerheads

Studies show that in the average home, showering accounts for more than 20 percent of the total water used in that household. You could save water in the shower too, by purchasing a low flow-rate showerhead.  By purchasing a high efficiency showerhead for your shower, you could save half a gallon or more for every minute you take a shower. It may not seem like that is much in savings, but when it is accumulated over the course of a month it does add up and can reduce the amount of water used by as much as 20% or more.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional Fort Worth plumbers can provide the plumbing installation for the devices if you require.

High Efficiency Toilets

There are even toilets available in the market today that can save significant amounts of water. Older toilets may use around 3.5 gallons of water per flush or more. Older low flow toilets did not perform so well, but technology and innovation has improved greatly over the years since the first low flow models came onto the market.  Today, high efficiency toilets can use as little as 1.28 gallons of water per flush. There are even dual-flush toilets available that utilize two buttons. One is for liquids and the other for waste to conserve even more water.  If you would like assistance from our Fort Worth plumbers then give us a call.

Additional Tips for Saving Water

There are other ways you can conserve your water at home. Whether it be waiting until you have a full load of dishes and laundry before using these appliances to inspecting for water leaks and running toilets and having these repaired as soon as possible. It is up to each and every one of us to be mindful of how much water we use in our households and that we should. Water is a precious resource that we all take for granted and it is most definitely something that we should not do.

If you would like to receive additional information about high efficiency plumbing fixtures, or if you need plumbing repair, maintenance or even installation services then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today. Our professional Fort Worth plumbers can assist you with all of your plumbing related needs. You can count on the expertise of our Fort Worth plumbers to get the job done correctly, efficiently and promptly. For ease of mind the next time you need assistance with your plumbing related needs, keep Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, Texas in mind.

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