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Fort Worth plumbers – Sewer Line Clog

Fort Worth plumbers – Sewer Line Clog

Cleaning out clogs is a large portion of a plumbers work and a clogged sewer line takes more than its share of calls for Fort Worth plumbers. Paper towels, feminine products, and disposal wet wipes, are the main cause of a sewer drain clogs, along with waste particulates. Almost everyone has the relative who throws whatever down the toilet, even though they know they shouldn’t.

Clogs can develop in any drain, with hair and soap in the tub/shower, and the bathroom lavatory due to shaving. A slow drain will typically develop before a completely blocked drain with backup will. Under normal circumstances drain clogs develop slowly over time. Water backing up at a low point, such as a tub or shower and when accompanied by a gurgling toilet often indicates a clogged sewer line, rather than a drain. These signs indicate an advanced clog. Contact Ben Franklin’s Fort Worth plumbers today.

When a sewer line is clogged, every drain in the home is affected. The main sewer line receives the drainage from all of your home’s plumbing fixtures. From the sewer line the drainage goes either to a municipal sewer pipe, or a septic tank.

When you have a clogged sewer line in your business or home that continues to return in a relatively short amount of time, it is called a recurring clog. You need a professional plumber who will provide a video pipe inspectionto identify the nature of the clog. Different clogs require individual treatment, and the video pipe inspection takes the guess work out.

For example, a toy that has been flushed will be removed by the plumber, whereas a stubborn clog will require hydro jetting for effective removal. The traditional plumbing tools can punch a hole in it, allowing limited drainage for a limited time until whatever is causing the clog closes it off once more. Hydro jettingremoves it completely and leaves clean pipes behind.


Hydro jetting ensures clean pipes for an extended time, as long as you practice simple preventative measures for drains. The hydro jetting process uses highly pressurized water with jets for effective removal of clogs, even tree roots in sewer lines can’t stand up to it.

Benjamin Franklin’s Fort Worth plumbers are equipped with the latest technology and tools for effective drain cleaning. Because we equip our plumbers with the latest technology, we have the ability for a faster identification, location and resolution of the problem. You can rely on our plumbing professionals to provide the results you need, and guarantee your satisfaction.

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