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Fort Worth Plumber’s Showerhead Cleaning Tips

Fort Worth Plumber’s Showerhead Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning the Shower Head with Vinegar

Hard water buildup can cause the shower head to be unsightly, as well as cause it to clog up, reducing water flow due to blocked holes in the head. When these conditions occur it is time to provide a good cleaning.

fort worth plumbers showerhead cleaning tips

Distilled vinegar is an environmentally friendly product, cheap and very effective in removing lime scale buildup for shower heads as it is an acid. As some people have claimed vinegar damaged brass finishes it is a good idea to test the surface of your shower head in an inconspicuous area.
There are two methods of providing your showerhead with a good vinegar cleaning. In the following we will provide instructions for both methods:

Showerhead Cleaning Method One

If your showerhead is removable it should simply unscrew. If you use a wrench or other tool place a thick cloth, a piece of leather or rubber sheet between the tool and the shower head to prevent damage to the showerhead finish.

Fill a saucepan large enough for the showerhead to fit into with vinegar (do not place the showerhead into vinegar while it is heating) and heat it until simmering. Remove the pan from heat and place the showerhead into the warm vinegar and allow it to soak until the limescale is loosened. This may take several hours. You can test the effectiveness by rinsing the showerhead off. You may have to repeat the process, or you may be able to remove the softened buildup that remains using a soft toothbrush.

Do not simmer your showerhead in the vinegar unless you know without a doubt that there are no plastic parts located inside or outside the showerhead. The heat can damage and melt plastic parts and most showerheads have at least a plastic aerator. It is just as effective to reheat the vinegar when it cools, remove from the heat and allow the showerhead to soak again. An alternative is to use room temperature vinegar and allow it to soak overnight.

Once the limescale buildup is removed, inspect your shower head, paying close attention to the holes where the water exits. If there is any remaining limescale after soaking you may be able to remove it by using a small object such as a straightened paper clip or a dental pick to carefully remove it. Rinse the showerhead and dry.

Next, apply a few layers of Teflon Tape clockwise to the pipe where the showerhead attaches, then reattach the shower head.

Showerhead Cleaning Method Two

An alternate way to clean your shower head is use a leak proof bag with vinegar in it. Secure the bag to the showerhead with thick rubber bands and allow it to soak overnight. Ensure the vinegar in the bag covers all areas with lime scale. By morning limescale should be loosened and your shower head should look as clean as new. Brush off any remaining limescale residue if loose or gently brush with more vinegar. Lemon juice is also is an acid and will achieve the same results.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl With Vinegar.

There are commercial products for limescale on the market, but vinegar and lemon juice are natural products and environmentally friendly. They will also work on hard water buildup in your toilet. Use bath tissue saturated in vinegar or lemon juice, and carefully applied up under the rim pressing in place. Short pieces will stay in place the best. The use of vinegar or lemon juice has the extra bonus of deodorizing your toilet providing a clean, fresh scent.

You can pour the room temperature vinegar or lemon juice into the bowl to loosen lime scale in the bowl. A natural pumice stone is great to remove stubborn lime scale in the toilet. The ‘manufactured’ pumice stones (generally large and oval in shape) are practically useless and will not achieve the results of natural pumice. Black marks will eventually disappear in the bowl. Do NOT attempt to use pumice on the showerhead or any other metal or stone finish, as it will cause permanent scratches!

Water Filtration System in Fort Worth

Hard water buildup can occur over time in water filtration systems. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for cleaning and removal of hard water buildup or give your plumber a call for maintenance and cleaning for your water filtration system.

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