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Fort Worth Plumbers – Water Damage

Fort Worth Plumbers – Water Damage

Fort Worth Plumbers – When your home has water damage, recovering from that damage can be one of the most dreaded repairs a homeowner will have to face. The amount of water damage that has been wrought to the home can vary as much as the causes that brought upon the water damage in the first place. You could have had a leaking basement, a broken sump pump, a hot water heater that was leaking, or you may have had a pipe break that supplied water to the home and it went undetected while it wrought damage to your home’s foundation. Perhaps, you live in an area that is prone to flooding or never was up until it happened to you. No matter the reason if you suspect you have a water leak you will not want to put it off. Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and our team of professional and courteous Fort Worth plumbers will be more than happy and capable of taking care of all of your plumbing related problems promptly and professionally.

What to do After Your Home has been Dealt Water Damage

First, you need to remove everything the water has affected or damaged such as furniture, linens and clothing, wall decorations, and toys to name a few. If water has touched it, remove it for cleaning and drying.

Next, remove the water. You may do this by mopping, using a wet / dry shop vacuum or even calling a professional service to remove the water. You may be able to rent a commercial vacuum which has more suction power and can do a better job of removing water from your carpet than your own shop/vacuum will. You can rent or buy a sump pump which you hook to your garden hose. It will then pump water out of your home. There are submersible and non-submersible models available. If you need help with your home’s plumbing and you are looking for capable and professional Fort Worth plumbers that you can count on then get in touch with Ben Franklin Plumbing now.

Once you have removed all the water you can you need to begin drying the area. Bring in several high velocity fans to dry carpet, baseboards and walls. These will need to run on high for several days and you will have to use them in conjunction with a high capacity dehumidifier. Failure to use fans and a dehumidifier can result in mold growth. Use of a humidity meter will allow you to test surfaces such as drywall. The meter will indicate if drying is occurring as it should or if you need to add more fans or another dehumidifier.

Any furniture affected by the water will also need drying and like carpet, once dry it will need a professional cleaning with the application of an antimicrobial and odor removal.

Looking for assistance for your home’s plumbing? Need repairs? Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and our team of professional and courteous Fort Worth plumbers will take care of your plumbing-related problems promptly, efficiently and most of all satisfaction guaranteed.

The source of the water damage will require repair of course. If your basement is leaking and you do not have a sump pump you should consider one. The source of the basement leakage may be repairable as in a cracked foundation or one that needs waterproofing. A burst pipe will need to be replaced. If the water is due to flooding from a stream of nearby water or a drainage ditch perhaps a landscaper can suggest a hardscape or planting solution to reduce the threat of flooding to your home.

Following is a list of tips that you may have a slow leak occurring:

  • Check all water connections on a regular basis. Look for corrosion on copper pipes. Stains and mineral deposits may occur in the bottom of cupboards where water has leaked.
  • Look out for mold and mildew. Watch for it on bottom storage boxes, on walls, around tubs and sinks. Check around areas where pipes and vents enter and exit your home.
  • Check your roof annually and seal around vents or any other extruding items through the roof. These leaks can do serious damage to the roof, attic insulation, joists, walls, ceilings and eventually to the floors and any other structures that water reaches.

Prevention is the best choice against leaks and flooding that can necessitate water damage repair. Call Ben Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, our experienced and professional Fort Worth plumbers will see how we can help you protect your home from costly water damage.

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