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Fort Worth Plumbing – Water Conservation Tips

Fort Worth Plumbing – Water Conservation Tips

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional Fort Worth plumbing to residential and commercial customers in the metropolitan DFW area.  In this series of our Fort Worth plumbing articles we would like to discuss measures for water conservation and tips on how you can save water at home.  In 1994, the federal government mandated the introduction of low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets.  If your home was built before 1994 and the fixtures have never been changed out then your fixtures possibly would be prime candidates to saving a lot of water usage at home by purchasing new fixtures. If you need help with installation contact your local Fort Worth plumbing company.

Just how much Water can you Save?

Typically, 10 gallons of water per day is lost to leaks.  One of the quickest, and easiest ways to conserve water is to install new water-efficient fixtures by replacing your old leaking faucets and toilets. If you need help with this contact your local Fort Worth plumbing company for assistance.

If you do not have a low-flow showerhead, by replacing this, you can save as much as 15 gallons of water during a 10 minute interval while in the shower.

Most everyone loves taking a hot shower, and most of us are guilty of spending extra time in the shower when we do need to just to continue relaxing in the warm comforting envelope of the water. By cutting off those sinful minutes of your usage of hot water, not only will you save energy and water but save a few bucks also.

  • A bathtub typically takes about 70 gallons of water, so showers are generally more water-efficient than bathing.
  • Most front-loading washing machines are both energy and water efficient, using around 20 gallons of water per load. Top-loading washing machines, unless energy-efficient, however, use around 40 gallons of water per load.
  • Laundry accounts for between 20 – 25% of home water usage. Save water by ensuring that you are adjusting the settings correctly on your washing machine to the proper amount of water by load size.
  • Dishwashing machines do not contribute that much too how much water you use in the home, but you can also save here. If you wash your dishes by hand still, consider purchasing a dishwashing machine and this will greatly contribute to the reduction of how much water your household uses. Energy star labeled dishwashing machines use around 4 gallons of water per load; even standard machines only use about 6 gallons. Whereas, hand washing dishes typically uses around 20 gallons of water. If you are having problems with your dishwashing machine contact your local Fort Worth plumbing company for help.
  • Usually around 50 – 60 percent of a homeowner’s household water usage goes towards lawn and garden maintenance. Your local climate will play a huge role on just how much water you have to use to maintain your garden and lawn.
  • If you have a swimming pool, it takes around 22,000 gallons of water to fill up the average sized swimming pool.  If you do not cover the pool, you can lose hundreds of gallons of water per month due to evaporation. If you haven’t done so already consider purchasing a pool cover.

Food and how it plays a role

The average American diet alone is approximately around 1,000 gallons of water per day per person.   A McDonalds quarter pounder is worth more than 30 average showers. One of the simplest ways to slim down your water footprint is to consume less meat and dairy. Another great way is to consume only grass-fed meat, rather than grain-fed.

Did you know that one serving of poultry runs around 90 gallons of water to produce? This may seem unrealistic until you factor in the costs of transportation. Consider purchasing local to help cut back on your water footprint.  Just like beef and poultry, pork also uses a great deal of water to produce and also contributes greatly to water pollution.  On average, a vegan indirectly consumes much less than a person whom eats meat and dairy.  Of course vegetables too need water but much less than meat will.  A cup of coffee for example, takes about 55 gallons of water to make.

We can all do our part at helping reduce the amount of water we consume in our lives. If this is something you would like to do then take heed to the advice above and by doing so you will greatly reduce the amount of your water footprint as well as help boost your own local economy.  If you suspect you have leaks in your home contact a local Fort Worth plumbing company, such as Benjamin Franklin plumbing for assistance.  We are one of the leading Fort Worth plumbing companies in the area and can get you fixed up in no time.

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