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Gas Line Leaks – Gas Line Repairs

A gas line leak in your home can be a terrifying thought and it would require the services of a professional Fort Worth plumbing company to assist you.  Did you know that natural gas in its original state is actually odorless and colorless? Natural gas is one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuels since it has the least amount of emissions in comparison to other fossil fuels.  When it is used correctly in equipment that is being routinely inspected and maintained by a professional Fort Worth plumbing company that specializes in gas line leaks and repairs it can be a very reliable and relatively safe gas to use in your home.

If you are alarmed by the fact that natural gas has no smell then you should not worry, as natural gas suppliers add an odorant to the gas before it is delivered.  Treated natural gas has a scent that is very close to that of rotten eggs and if you ever smell that in your home then it is a warning that you do have a gas line leak.

Gas line leaks are typically rare but make no mistake that they can be very dangerous and should be handled by a reputable Fort Worth plumbing company.  In an enclosed environment, the natural gas will accumulate into the air and it can cause suffocation, fire, and even more terrifying an explosion.  An outdoor gas leak can be just as dangerous and should not be taken lightly either.  In the event that you plan on doing any form of excavation work outside of your home, you should make sure you know exactly where the natural gas line runs. If you are unsure then you will need to contact your local natural gas supplier or Fort Worth plumbing company and request for them to visit your home and mark the locations of the gas lines. You can also dial 811, which is a free service.

Whenever there is a Natural Gas Leak

The single most important thing that you should do first if you suspect a natural gas leak in your home is gather all of your loved ones and immediately vacate the home and go a safe distance away from the home.  You should not attempt to use a phone inside of your home or any other form of electronics.   When you leave the home do not close the door as you exit the premises.  Once you and your family are a safe distance from the home then you can contact 911 and your natural gas provider and alert them of the situation.  When the service provider has shut off the gas, you will need to contact a Fort Worth plumbing company, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX and we will send a professional technician that specializes in natural gas leaks to come to your home, assess the situation, and make necessary repairs.  You should never reenter the home until after your local natural gas supplier and / or firefighters state that it is safe to return to your home.

Natural Gas Safety Tips

  1. Open the flue to your chimney before you light the ignition or gas logs, unless you have ventless logs.
  1. Do not place combustible containers or materials near gas powered appliances.
  1. Do not ever use your gas powered stove for anything other than cooking.
  1. Natural gas space heaters should never be placed directly on carpet, tile or linoleum. They also should never be placed near any type of materials that can be flammable such as upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, plastic materials and the like. You should purchase a metal heating pad to place the natural gas space heater on to ensure the safety of your home from potentially catastrophic fire.
  1. If you are using a natural gas space heater, you should leave the doors open to the room. If a natural gas space heater is placed within an enclosed area it could eventually fill the room with carbon monoxide.
  1. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. If your home is large enough, do not settle for just one, install multiple detectors throughout the home. If you are unsure of where to place them you can contact a local Fort Worth plumbing company to recommend where to place them throughout the home.
  1. When you use gas appliances, it should emit a blue flame. If you do not see a blue flame and in its place is an orange or yellow flame then you potentially have a gas line leak and you should get in touch with a Fort Worth plumbing company to come and troubleshoot the appliance as soon as possible.

The Symptoms of Natural Gas Exposure

There are a multitude of symptoms you may experience when exposed to natural gas.  These symptoms can vary from person to person. Below is a list of the most common symptoms experienced by people exposed to natural gas. If you experience any of these symptoms you may very well have natural gas poisoning and you should contact a reputable Fort Worth plumbing company to come assess the situation.

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Seizures
  • Shortness of Breath

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