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Fort Worth Summer Plumbing Tips

Fort Worth Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer Plumbing Tips | Plumbing Fort Worth

Each season has its own list of plumbing problems that are more likely to occur. Knowing them ahead of time can prevent them from occurring in your plumbing in Fort Worth . With summer approaching let’s take a look at some summer plumbing tips and what you can do to prevent summer plumbing problems from ever occurring.

Fort Worth Summer Plumbing Tips

Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine works overtime during the summer, especially if you have children that are out of school. You can almost count on clothing with grass stains, muddy at the knees and possibly the seat. The kids are cooling off in the backyard pool resulting in more laundry to wash. With the washing machine running so often, it is a wise idea to take a look at the hoses. Inspect for bulges, soft spots, cracking and leaks. Leaking washing machine hoses are one of the number one causes of leaks in plumbing in Fort Worth .

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summer is a time of friends, family and grilling. It is also a time when the garbage disposal is used frequently. Some foods shouldn’t be placed in the garbage disposal. Foods like corn cobs, celery, banana peels, string beans, potatoes or sweet potatoes (think stringy or hard foods), or pits like peach seeds and cherries should never be placed in the disposal. Doing so can clog up the disposal, or even damage the blades. Don’t pour cooking oil or scrape grease into the disposal they are not only damaging to garbage disposals, but solidify in drains causing clogs in your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Don’t pack the disposal with food, add it a little along with cold water flowing. Remember a garbage disposal isn’t intended to dispose of a week’s worth of leftovers, place those in the trash or a compost. This will prevent potential damage to the disposal and clogs in your kitchen plumbing in Fort Worth.

Don’t forget to run cold water through your disposal for a few seconds before starting it, while running it, and for about 20 seconds after you use it to flush out any remaining bits of food.

Use a lemon to deodorize a smelly disposal, and crushed ice to clean the blades.
If your disposal isn’t working, check the breaker in your homes main electric service in the home. If the breaker is on, try resetting the disposal. The majority of garbage disposals have a reset button on or near the bottom.

Sewer Line Clogs

Sewer lines can develop cracks, and tree roots can invade the pipe through cracks in search of water, clogging the sewer line as well as rupturing the sewer line. Heavy rains during the summer can cause the water to enter and the sewer line to back up. Signs of sewer line problems are water backing up in drains, slow drains or no drainage at all. If you see these signs call a licensed plumber for service to your plumbing in Fort Worth. Drains may need cleaning to clear a clog, or if there is pipe damage the plumber may recommend a relining of the pipe, or replacement of the damaged section. Busted sewer lines require immediate repair.

Clogged Toilets

With the kids home for the summer toilets will also be used more often. Typical clogs are often due to the use of too much bath tissue. Typical toilet clogs are generally fairly easy to clear with a toilet plunger and vigorous plunging. If the toilet appears to be at risk of overflowing cut water off at the toilets shut off valve, or lift the float valve to prevent water from entering while someone runs to cut the water off at the meter. If you are unable to plunge the clog through call a licensed plumber. Teach children that toys, Q’tips, bottle caps, plastic, toilet paper rolls, feminine products, and other similar objects are not intended to be flushed down the toilet. One of the biggest offenders is baby wipes, and even some of the wipes that claim to be safe to flush are in fact-not, and result in clogging of your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Leaking Outdoor Faucets

If you haven’t already inspected your outdoor plumbing in Fort Worth now is a good time to do so. If you don’t see a faucet leak, but the ground under it appears moist, place a bucket underneath it to catch any leakage. Recheck it in half an hour or so. Then again an hour later. If there is a leak the bucket will catch the water.

Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers should be inspected and cleaned of dirt and debris before using. If you note water spraying in an abnormal pattern, or pooling upon the lawn check for a clog. If none is found, it probably has a leak.

Hot Water Heaters

With the kids home and playing outside the shower may be receiving more use than normal. This means the hot water heater is being emptied and filled more often. If the water heater hasn’t already been flushed for sediment, summer is a great time to provide a thorough flush, extending the water heaters service life and efficiency. If your water heater has already been fully flushed remember to release a few quarts every 3 months through the drain valve to keep sediment from building up again. If your water heater has issues give us a call, we provide water heater repair in Fort Worth, as well as full service plumbing in Fort Worth.


Don’t forget to have your pools inspected for problems related to its plumbing in Fort Worth, as well as a safety inspection of pumps and electrical wiring. Water and electricity don’t mix and you don’t want to risk your children’s safety.

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