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Fort Worth, TX Plumbers – Plumbing Tips

Fort Worth, TX Plumbers – Plumbing Tips

Fort Worth Plumbers – Lots of families spend their time during the holidays having friends and family over, barbequing, home-cooked meals, and more.   With all of that traffic in your home and if you have an indoor spa or swimming pool, you may want to have one of our professional Fort Worth plumbers check things out to make sure your pipes, faucets, toilets and garbage disposal is in order and at the very least follow these tips below to help ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch and hopefully no unnecessary calls to a plumber for assistance will be needed.

Check List for the Bathroom

Clutter Free – Small items, such as Q-tips or cotton balls, could possibly cause a clog if dropped into the toilet. Maybe not one or two, but if small hands find them laying out on the countertops for example, you could later come to find entire boxes have been dumped in the toilet.  With so many people coming and going from the bathroom, keeping the area clutter free can help ensure that the toilet will run smoothly and you will have no need to get emergency plumbing service from Fort Worth plumbers.

Shut Off Valve – If you have not familiarized yourself with where the shut off valve for the toilet is, then do so. Typically it will be located under the toilet tank.  The shut off valve is an emergency option to stop an overflowing toilet from creating a pool within the house.

Waste Bins – Keep a waste bin in the bathroom and you may wish to leave a big courtesy note for your guests to let them know to please not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.  Paper towels, napkins, tissues, disposable napkins and feminine pads can create clogs in the toilet that could be too stubborn to break up with a plunger, requiring you to seek out Fort Worth plumbers.  

Filters – If you do not already have filters in the drains in your bathroom then consider purchasing enough to place in drains throughout your home. Filters help prevent small debris and hair from going the drains, potentially causing a clog that will require professional Fort Worth plumbers for assistance.

Checklist for the Kitchen

Garbage Disposal – Garbage disposals are great to have around any kitchen, however, overworking it especially on holidays can potentially cause the kitchen sink to become clogged, requiring the services from a professional plumber.  When you expect to be making lots of food during the holidays, consider throwing the food scraps in the trash or a compost bin.

Oils – First of all, you should never pour grease, oils or fats down the drain. But, during the holidays with all that is going on and time restrictions with getting it all done you may consider just this once with pouring oils down the drain. Don’t.  Oils will solidify to the walls of the drain and pipes. This will restrict water flow and over time it will cause extremely hard to break through clogs that will require the professional services of Fort Worth plumbers to handle it.

After Party – Once the celebration is done and over with, if the garbage disposal was used heavily you will want to freshen it up. Grab a few lemons or oranges, peel them and toss the skins in the garbage disposal and let it run. The peels will assist in cleaning up the blades as well as freshening up the smell.

Filters – Once again, just like in the bathrooms, if you haven’t done so already purchase filters to place in the kitchen sink to make sure no unwanted food particles find their way down the drain.

Checklist for the Outdoors

Hoses – Check your outdoor hoses and faucets for leaks and ensure all is in working order if you plan on having some outdoor fun this 4th of July. Checking for leaks will also save you in costs and a lot of wasted water. If you need help with changing out any damaged faucets, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide you with a professional plumber to assist you.

Spending time with your family and friends during the holidays is meant to be fun, so do not let any plumbing problems stop your celebration. However, if you do have a plumbing emergency this season, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX will have a professional plumber available and on-call to take care of it for you.  With that in mind, we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas would like to wish everyone a season’s greeting.

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