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Frequent Plumbing Problems | From Your Saginaw, TX Plumber

Frequent Plumbing Problems | From Your Saginaw, TX Plumber

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With the help of some essential tools it’s easy to deal with trivial plumbing problems. You can repair quite a lot of plumbing emergencies on your own. But attempting to fix some common problems might make them worse. When facing such technical and big plumbing issues, look for any of the professional plumbers to help you out.

Frequent Plumbing Repair Jobs

Despite regular maintenance and inspection of the plumbing system, if you live in an old house, you’re likely to occasionally run into clogs or leakages. Most of these common issues can be fixed by a plumber as their solutions are extremely easy.

Water Dripping from the Faucets

As annoying as a dripping faucet can be, it’s not something that you should let go of. As even one of those can waste hundreds of gallons of clean water per year down the drain. As if the guilt isn’t enough to live with, if you keep ignoring a dripping faucet, you might end up with high water bills as well.

Water inside the pipes has high pressure that lets it move through. So, when the tap is closed, the washers creates a water-tight seal that doesn’t let the water push through the pipes and fall out of the faucet. With the passage of time, the washers become rigid, ripped or dislocated, and end up letting a few drops of water to pass through resulting in a dripping faucet. Although you might be able to replace the washers on your own, the repair job is easier for the plumbers as they have specialized tools. If the leak continues, the valve seat will get corroded or become worn out. That’s why it’s necessary for a water line repair in Saginaw, TX to work on the repair.

Water Pressure Has Become Low

If you notice water trickling down the tap even when you’ve turned the tap on all the way, it’s due to low water pressure. Although less likely to happen but the problem might be related to the municipal water supply. Water pressure can be briefly reduced because of a break in the main line. Another reason could be accumulation of deposits or debris on faucet aerators.

The dissolved minerals within the water can also form a build-up on metal surfaces. If you’ve placed a filtration system, it’ll get collected in the filters which can be replaced. Without it, the debris deposits inside the aerators and shower heads, clogging it and slowing down water flow. Make use of a vinegar solution, and leave it overnight to dissolve the calcium deposits.

In case the water pressure remains low, it might be a more complicated problem. It’s an emergency situation if the pipe has a leakage or is broken, as it could damage the foundation or infrastructure of your place. When you notice an abrupt and substantial drop in water pressure without any reason, contact a plumber in the Saginaw, TX area in order to detect the reason behind it.

Toilet Keeps Running

You might want to replace the inner workings of your toilet if it runs continuously. It usually happens when the flapper valve is unable to fit properly, the float is uneven, or the fill tube comes off, which allows water to pass from the tank into the bowl. You can install a toilet repair kit with ease.

However, there might be other reasons behind a running toilet, such as deposits that hinder proper flushing and filling. A silent leak could lead to higher water bills. For confirmation, add a little amount of colored liquid in the upper tank and wait for about 20 minutes. If there are traces of color in the bowl, or the water is tinted, it means that the flapper valve is malfunctioning. Get it fixed with the help of a plumber.

Pipes are Leaking

A leaking pipe can be a bother for you and your pocket. It often occurs at joints, that’s why you’d find plenty of commercial joint fillers and fitting compounds at your local hardware store. They serve as a temporary solution whereas a permanent repair would require replacement of an entire pipe or its fittings.

Although you can fix a leaky joint by yourself, it’ll end up creating a huge mess. If you want to minimize the clean-up time, call a plumber to handle the situation for you. Make use of a compression clamp along with a rubber sheet, or leak tape, till the plumbersreach your place. These would stop the water from spraying and are easy to remove once you get a permanent fix.

Drains Are Slow or Clogged

If you’re facing issues related to water drainage, it might be a result of a slightly or completely clogged drain. Most of the time, you can resolve the problem with a plunger. They make use of air pressure to remove a clog, but you still can’t get rid of it completely. Usage of commercial drain cleaners or clog removers from time to time works fine for most drains. However, if used more often, the harsh chemicals in them can harm the material of the pipe.

In case the clogs are more frequent, you might want to get in touch with a professional in the Saginaw, TX area. At times drainage can be slowed down to a trickle if debris gets deposited in the pipes. Try to spot the problem if you can by using a torchlight. You can remove the blockage from the pipe with the help of a pair of pliers or tweezers.

When Should You Hire a Plumber?

You can’t solve all the problems in the plumbing system on your own. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing certified plumber in the Saginaw, TX area when you’re dealing with the following issues. This will ensure your and your home’s safety.

  • Installing pipes, tubs or sinks
  • Problems with the sewage line
  • Water heater issues
  • Septic tank leaks
  • Construction that requires building permits