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From Faucet Drips To Drainage Issues: How To Know When Your Home Needs An Emergency Plumber | Arlington, TX

From Faucet Drips To Drainage Issues: How To Know When Your Home Needs An Emergency Plumber | Arlington, TX

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Every homeowner in Arlington, TX, needs to pay attention to their plumbing systems to ensure they are working optimally for maximum comfort. You may be able to fix minor issues such as a clogged toilet using a plunger. However, various plumbing issues explicitly require the attention of a professional plumber to prevent further inconvenience or harm to the property or its occupants.

Even though a good number of homeowners possess various DIY skills that come in handy during plumbing emergencies, it is worth noting that attempting to repair small issues such as toilet blockages and faucet drips can quickly turn tragic. This could be mainly because you may lack sufficient knowledge of the latest coding standards along with crucial information on the diagnosis and resolution of complicated plumbing issues. Also, you may not be well-versed in the safety standards required when handling plumbing emergencies, which ultimately puts your physical safety in jeopardy.

In this context, you should know when a plumbing issue exceeds your DIY expertise and passion, and below are a few pointers you can look out for to tell you if you need an emergency plumber.

Extremely low water pressure

Low water pressure may sometimes occur due to factors that are well away from your influence. For instance, it could be due to a water main break at your local water supply station, an issue the technicians at the station may quickly resolve. On the other hand, if the low water pressure is only observable in the shower, this could mean a blockage within the aerator that’s preventing the seamless flow of water. You may think that you can easily fix the issue by using a sharp and small object to poke holes into the aerator hoping that the blockage will finally clear. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You may exacerbate the damage or even spring a new leak if you continue with the poking.

If the low water pressure problem is widespread throughout your Arlington, TX, home, it could be because your home’s meter and shut-off valves could be closed or due to a blockage somewhere within the underlying plumbing system. Regardless, low water pressure issues require the attention of a certified emergency plumber for quick and impactful solutions.

Frequent plumbing backflows

Every piece of property and its contents, from carpets to floor furnishings, usually comes at a high price hence the constant need to always ensure they’re in tip-top condition. As such, it can be quite a bother to find your beautiful bathroom or kitchen floor stained with the foul-smelling black sewage water. The sewer line is the underground plumbing component that’s responsible for moving waste materials and used water from your home to the septic tank for appropriate disposal. A problem with the sewer line can not only cause disgusting backflows that greatly compromise the comfort of your home but also result in staining and destruction of any property in the way of the backflow. Professionals mainly attribute this phenomenon to low water pressure which disrupts the downward flow of the sewer line.

The backflow carries numerous dangerous bacteria that could potentially land you or your loved ones in an emergency room. In this context, it would be wise never to attempt diagnosing or fixing sewer line problems. Instead, you should seek the assistance of a trained expert to shut off the main water line and get down and dirty to restore the comfort of your home.

A slow draining system

If you notice that every time you’re in the shower it’s as though you’re waddling in a puddle, this could mean your home may be facing a serious drainage problem. Also, when washing the dishes and you observe that the sink fills up to your elbows, it could be an indicator that you need the immediate attention of an expert technician. There are various reasons for such an occurrence but the main one often is a blockage within the plumbing system. The blockage could be as a result of small rodents living within the pipe network, hair, children’s toys, or food waste that has accumulated over time. It can be quite difficult to know what could be lodged down your dark drain with the naked eye, hence making any DIY effort to fix it null and void.

You may try to use strong drain cleaning reagents to solve the issue but professional handymen strongly advise against this practice since it may lead to the corrosion of the drainage system. Instead, the experts advise homeowners to reach out to emergency technicians who will use a special drain servicing tool known as an auger or drain snake to dislodge any drain clogs present.

Your Arlington, TX home has no water at all

Nothing can be more disheartening to a homeowner than waking up to just a mere drop of water in any outlet within the house. You may suspect that the water has been cut off due to unpaid utility bills but more often than not, the water loss is due to a serious glitch within your plumbing system. To be sure, you can contact your neighbor to find out if they’re going through the same problem. If so, this might be an issue with the water supply station that serves your home but if that’s not the case, you may need a visit from a professional emergency plumber near Arlington, TX.

According to expert plumbers, complete lack of water in your home could be as a result of a blockage or leak. Such leaks are responsible for an immense wastage of water since the EPA estimates that 10 percent of all American homes have leaks that collectively waste 90 gallons of water each day. Additional causes of total water loss include water main problems, frozen pipes, and sewer backups.

Therefore, when you’ve lost your water supply, your first course of action should be to get in touch with a professional so they could easily determine if the cause of water loss can be attributed to a leak or blockage. Leaks can be quite difficult to spot on the underlying plumbing network hence it’s important to leave the inspection and resolution of a leak to a trusted professional.

The water just won’t get hot

There are days when you just want a hot shower to relax your body after a long day at work. It would be quite an inconvenience to discover that the shower is taking more than an hour or so to reach the temperatures you prefer. Lack of hot water, especially in a home with kids, may be understandable since the tank may have become depleted after they took an hour-long shower. What’s not acceptable is your shower taking more than a few minutes to get the water heated up. If this problem is persistent, then it’s about time you had a chat with a reliable plumbing maestro. With the help of your preferred plumbing technicians, you can quickly identify the true cause of hot water loss which could be broken pilot lights or even a larger plumbing issue.

That aside, you may be having inadequate hot water in your Arlington, TX, home due to the size of your home’s hot water tank. At such times, a professional plumber will provide tank size recommendations based on your family size and install it at a time of your choosing. In due process, they can help you check breaker issues and any other small heater problems.

An expert plumber can also help you in assessing any temperature fluctuations that may cause your shower to inexplicably switch from blazing hot to icy cold. This helps you avoid nasty burns resulting from temperature variations. The plumber may also look into the functionality of thermostats, heating elements, igniters, fuses, and pipes to ensure they are working efficiently.

Your home has a pipe burst

Pipe bursts often occur at extremely low temperatures, making them quite rampant during winter seasons. If left unchecked, the broken or damaged pipes can lead to significant water damage. A Pipe burst occurs due to the freezing of plumbing components which makes them weak and easy to break with minimum pressure. Luckily, pipe bursts are preventable by allowing faucets to drip during the cold season and calling a plumber to fix cracked pipes as well as ensuring complete insulation of the pipes, setting the thermostat at a comfortable temperature during winter, and opening up cabinets to allow pipes to access heat.

The above are just preliminary steps to avoid pipe bursts. When they happen, you may have an emergency on your hands, and the services of a reliable and well-trained emergency plumbing guru near Arlington, TX, may come in handy.

You want to install new appliances

You may be considering making a few improvements in various areas of your Arlington, TX, home, including the bathroom and kitchen. However, when installing new dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, or sinks, you should avoid the DIY approach or risk making a complete waste of your investment. Why is this so? This is because the installation of new plumbing components is quite complicated and requires the expertise of a certified plumber who specializes in handling installations.

The professional merges the appliances with your home’s underlying plumbing components, including drains and supply lines. To guarantee the seamless and efficient operation of the appliances, you should consider leaving the handiwork to the trained emergency professionals.

The toilet is always running

Toilet overflows are a common occurrence and particularly so for homeowners with young kids within their compound. Some of the causes of toilet overflows such as plumbing clogs can be easily resolved using equipment like plungers. When the overflow is due to another factor other than a clogged system, you may need to contact a plumber to help you fix the flapper, an act that can also save you some cash. Once you begin noticing toilet overflows, professional plumbers advise homeowners to always turn the water off and find alternative options to avoid further problems. The toilet water shut-off valve is often found on the left-hand side or at the back beneath the toilet bowl.

When the overflowing begins after flushing the toilet, it could mean you’re experiencing a blockage. As pre-mentioned, you can easily solve the issue using a plunger. Nonetheless, if the plunging doesn’t successfully remove the blockages, kindly down your tools and contact a professional plumber. A reliable plumber will quickly locate the blockage, remove it, and prevent it from happening again.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes of toilet overflows, sometimes they may seem to overflow for absolutely no reason. During such instances, it may be an indication of a blockage in the drainpipe or main sewer line. This type of overflow is particularly damaging since it sends water up towards your toilet whenever you use any appliance connected to the plumbing interface, from the dishwasher to the shower and kitchen faucets. In this context, it’s probably advisable to stop using the water and call a plumber immediately. The plumber will keenly evaluate the problem and create a way forward based on their plumbing expertise. Some of the solutions include an in-depth look into your home’s connectivity to local sewer lines and a thorough cleaning of the pipes.

Moreover, homeowners with private septic systems may experience overflows due to the septic tank being full. Overflows occurring due to this reason can not only be messy and smelly but also result in the spread of infections carried by bacteria living in the sewage water. Under such circumstances, you should call your plumber to provide a workable resolution and to help in cleaning out the tank.

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