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The Fundamentals of Unclogging a Drain Line in Fort Worth, TX

The Fundamentals of Unclogging a Drain Line in Fort Worth, TX

Have you ever witnessed a situation when water in your kitchen or bathroom drains slowly and suddenly forms a pool?

If the answer is yes, the sight indicates a clogged drain. A clogged drain is an ordeal that no one wants to go through. It not only leaves your kitchen or bathroom unproductive but it also creates a bad odor in your house.

That is why it is recommended to immediately fix your drain line issue by hiring the local Plumber in Fort Worth, TX. If a drain line remains unfixed for a long time it leads to the failure of the complete drain line system. This not only aggravates the situation and takes longer to fix  but also incurs a complete replacement cost by requiring a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

While many people clean a clogged drain by using a drain line cleaner, this might not be helpful in dealing with major drain line issues such as a stubborn drain clog.

Since you cannot assume your drain line issue to be a minor one, it is always recommended to get it inspected and fixed by hiring the expertise of a professional Plumber in Fort Worth, TX. However, to assist you more on this subject, here are some effective ways to get away with a trivial clogged drain issue.

Pour down boiling water

One of the most common solutions for a clogged drain is to pour down the boiling water. You can also perform this to maintain a clean drain system. However, it must not be done frequently as it can be damaging to the drain line. It can affect the material of pipes and may cause a leak.

According to Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, some homeowners pour down the mixture of water and baking soda or water and vinegar to ensure cleaning of a drain line. While this is a good solution to maintain a clean drain line, it is not the recommended solution if you face frequent drain line clog or if your drain line seems to be clogged completely. In such a situation, always call for professional assistance to avoid causing further damage to your entire drain line system.


Some minor clogs are usually caused due to grease stick on the walls of the drain line. While homeowners keep a plunger to remove the toilet clog, they should also invest in the plunger for their shower and sink drains. As per the Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX not many homeowners understand the difference between the two types of plungers.

If you have noticed plungers of different shapes you may not know that each one of them is designed to fulfill a different purpose. If you use a toilet plunger for your sink, you will not get any results. Your drain clog will still be there, so it’s better to call the professional Plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Moreover, if you have used the right plunger for your drain line but the problem still persists, do not use plunger continuously. Instead, call the professional assistance. This indicates a major drain clog issue which can only be fixed by an expert as they possess the right tools to deal with such complex drain issues.

Clean the drain trap

If none of the other solution works, try removing the clog by cleaning the trap. This is one of the most fundamental parts of your sink that may carry debris and block the water flow. The drain trap is usually located under your sink.

The basic tools you would need to treat this problem are pliers or wrench. However, this also depends on the type of trap installed in your sink. But if at any point in time you think that the trap is not the main reason for a drain clog, or if the situation remains the same, call the immediate assistance of Plumber in Fort Worth, TX and before the issue aggravates.

Plumbing millipedes and snakes

This is another most commonly used solution to clear a small clog in your drain line. A plumbing millipede or snake is used to remove the sticky built up in the drain line. But this is only possible if the clogged area is reachable by this tool. The plumbing tool is best to clean the clogs, which are commonly caused due to loose hair and other tiny caught items. Simply use this plumbing tool down the drain and twist it properly to remove the clog safely.

As stated earlier, if you think that plumbing snake or millipede is not solving the issue, don’t overdo it and call the professional Plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix the issue.

Some important considerations

Since all of us prefer to avoid the repair cost by fixing the issue as a DIY project, it is not recommended by the expert plumbers. While there is no harm in fixing a trivial drain line clog with multiple tools available out there, your best bet is indeed to call the professionals to handle the job at hand.

The professionals are not only qualified to handle these issues but they are also equipped with all the right tools to perform the job. With them, you can rest assured the genuine work done and you can avoid the problem or the heavy replacement cost in the long run.

As per the Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, the majority of plumbing emergency calls they receive are from the homeowners who try to fix the issue on their own and make the situation worse.

In a nutshell, there are reasons why professional plumbers exist and you must take their assistance whenever needed. If you are in Fort Worth, TX and searching for a popular and trusted plumbing service then head over to Benjamin Franklin right away.

Their team of professional plumbers is not only best in dealing with major plumbing issues but also highly experienced. Moreover, you can always get their immediate assistance by calling their emergency helpline number.