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Garbage Disposal Plumbers in Arlington

Garbage Disposal Plumbers in Arlington

Garbage Disposals | Plumbers Arlington, TX

A garbage disposal is an electric device usually installed under the kitchen sink between the sink and drain trap. It shreds food waste into small pieces that pass through drain pipes. If you need a garbage disposal installed or repaired, give our plumbers in Arlington, TX a call and let our experts provide you with the superior service we are known for.

While there are various types of garbage disposals the most common are continuous feed, which allows food waste to be added as the disposal runs. Some high-end and commercial types utilize an extra blade that cuts the ground material into even finer material. A reversible motor is available on higher-end models to clear jams from the unit.

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Homes with a Septic Tank

Septic tanks require special consideration to use a garbage disposal and must be installed properly. A garbage disposal is available for use with a septic tank. The unit has a cartridge on the side that injects natural microorganisms into the food waste to assist in breakdown and allows the septic tank to properly perform its task.

Garbage Disposal Problems

One of the most common problems with disposals is failure to start. If it’s not making a humming noise then failure to start is most likely an electrical problem. Ensure it is plugged up. Then look on the bottom of your disposal for a reset button, if it is popped out push it back in. If it still won’t start check the breaker, it may have tripped. If these steps fail it may be a faulty switch or the disposal itself may require service from plumbers in Arlington, TX

Some foods should be put in the trash can rather than the disposal. Fibrous things like celery, artichoke leaves, banana skins, potato skins, carrot skins, cornhusk silks, cherry pits or other pits and bone will clog or damage the disposal and drain.

In addition, to prevent a clogged drain never put fat or grease down your disposal or any drain. Proper disposal for grease is in a leak proof container and disposed of in the trash can. Regardless of how careful we are someone will eventually place something in the disposal that shouldn’t have been. When it happens try to remove it before a clog forms in the disposal or the drain by trying the following action:

First, turn off the circuit breaker for the disposal. Next, never put fingers in the garbage disposal.

After you are certain the power supply is off use a pair of long tongs or a small grip it type tool made for small places (usually available in hardware stores) to remove the material. Tongs won’t fit into every drain, and the small grip it with its claw type grasper will fit into most drains. The use of a flashlight may be helpful in locating the offending material. Once you have removed the materials use your tool to test the blades to ensure they are able to move freely. If so, run hot water through the drain.

Next, turn the power back on to the garbage disposal, turn cold water on and run the disposal for a second. If there appears to still be a blockage call the plumbers in Arlington, TX for repair.

Tips for Disposal Care

  • When operating the disposal run plenty of COLD water to flush away food waste. Use a medium to strong stream and turn it on before starting the disposal. Allow it to continue running for 15-20 seconds after you shut the disposal off to ensure waste is flushed away. Hot water down the drain is fine any other time but use only COLD water when the disposal is actually in use.
  • Garbage disposal cleaners of various brands are available to prevent odors. Check with your disposals manufacturer to ensure the cleaner is approved for use.
  • Have your kitchen drain line snaked every two years by the plumbers in Arlington, TX. This is good advice with or without a disposal and will help to prevent a clogged drain.
  • Keep acceptable peels and vegetable material separate while cutting and then feed it slowly into the disposal while running cold water. Don’t fill it up with material and then turn it on.
  • Grind up peels from lemons and oranges for a fresh scent when garbage disposal odor is a problem. It also helps to remove unsightly odor causing buildup.
  • Don’t use harsh drain cleaning products as they are potentially hazardous, and can damage the disposal gaskets and plumbing. If you have used strong drain cleaners and have called a plumber be sure to inform the plumbers in Arlington, TX so he can protect himself as well as your property.

If you require garbage disposal repair call our Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, TX or Fort Worth. If you need a new disposal installed our expert plumbers in Arlington, TX will be glad to provide a professional installation for you.