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Garbage Disposal Tips | Plumber Arlington

Garbage Disposal Tips | Plumber Arlington

Garbage Disposal Repair | Plumbing Arlington

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers garbage disposal repair and installation, and other professional plumbing services for your plumbing in Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. A garbage disposal is a convenient kitchen appliance used to shred food waste into small pieces able to safely pass through the drain. Of the various types of garbage disposals available, a continuous feed is the type most commonly found in U.S. homes.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair may be required due to wear from age or use, and when problems occur from misuse such as placing metal in the disposal, for example. You may be able to clear a jam, especially if you have a high end commercial model with the extra blade that is reversible for clearing jams.

Try the following before calling a plumber for repair:

Failure to Start

  • Check the plug to ensure the garbage disposal is plugged up.
  • Locate the reset button and push it back in if it is popped out.
  • In your home electrical service panel, check the breaker that controls the garbage disposal ensuring it is on.
    If these steps fail to restore power you will need to call a plumber.

Eventually the garbage disposal will require replacement. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers offer dependable and professional grade installation of a new garbage disposal for your home. You can extend the life of your garbage disposal by following some of the following tips.

Care of a Garbage Disposal

  • Always turn the cold water on before starting the disposal, allow the water to run during the use of the disposal and for 20 seconds after shutting the disposal off. This ensures that food waste is thoroughly washed away, and will help to prevent drain clogs in your kitchen plumbing in Arlington. Use only cold water while operating the disposal. Hot water can be used at any other time, but not when the disposal is in use.
  • There are various retail cleaners available to clean and prevent odors in the garbage disposal. Check your owner’s manual or with the manufacturer for a list of approved cleaners. Many homeowners use peels from lemons and/or oranges to clean the disposal and to provide a fresh citrus scent. If your drains are metal, rinse well after use to avoid damage from the acid in citrus fruits.
  • If odor is an ongoing problem, you may want to call a plumber to check your kitchen plumbing in Arlington. A drain in need of a professional clean due to build-up can be a source of continuous odor.
  • A professionally cleaned kitchen drain every one to two years by a plumber in Arlington will help to prevent a clogged drain, and keep odors down.

Garbage Disposal Tips

  • Cut food waste into small pieces and keep it keep separate while cutting, then feed one piece at a time into the disposal while running cold water. A jam will occur if you fill the disposal up and then turn it on.
  • Once or twice a month use a few ice cubes in the disposal to keep it clean and sharpen blades. Vinegar can be frozen into cubes and used in place of ice to freshen and eliminate odor causing bacteria.
  • Don’t use drain cleaning products, bleach or other chemicals to avoid damage to the garbage disposal, as well as your plumbing in Arlington. If you have used drain cleaners in your plumbing in Arlington inform the plumber, so he can protect himself from injury.
  • Don’t place glass, foam, paper, plastic or metal into the disposal to avoid damage and clogged drains in your kitchen plumbing in Arlington.
  • To avoid clogged drains, don’t place fat, grease or oil into the disposal.
  • Place fibrous material into the trash, and not the disposal. The fibers will cause a stubborn jam and clogged drains. Fibrous foods are “stringy” foods; examples are artichokes, asparagus, banana peels, celery, corn husks or silks, spinach and other fibrous greens, onions skins, and potato peels.
  • Other foods that can cause problems in the disposal and drains are egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta and rice to name a few. Furthermore, fruit pits, seeds and bones can cause damage to the blades, dispose of in the trash.

If you require garbage disposal repair, installation or other services for your home’s plumbing in Arlington, Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers are just a phone call away. Call today to schedule service. We provide expert and experienced plumbing services to Arlington, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.