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Gas Leak Detection | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Gas Leak Detection | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Gas Leak Detection | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Natural gas is widely used in the U. S. for heating, cooking, and producing hot water. Furthermore, it provides relatively fair safety, as leaks are uncommon. The homeowner’s best protection against leaks is routine inspection of gas using appliances and awareness of the signs of a natural gas leak. When gas leaks occur, or if you suspect a leak, call 911, your gas supplier and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas leak detection and gas line repair in Arlington.


Annual maintenance of appliances such as water heaters, and HVAC systems ensures proper, safe operation, peak performance and an extended lifespan. This is true for gas or electric appliances, but it is doubly important in gas appliances due to the inherent hazards of gas. For example, over time, wear will occur, and hazards such as a corroded combustion chamber will become a serious threat to your safety. This means you should schedule maintenance annually, where the appliance will be inspected, and repair provided when needed.

During the inspection of your gas water heater, the plumber will check the gas line fittings and provide a thorough inspection of your water heater. Your appliance will provide improved performance, and if a problem is found, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the repairs you need.

However, ensure you hire a gas certified professional plumber to provide water heater maintenance. A gas certified plumber has the equipment, training, and the knowledge to provide reliable gas line repair in Arlington.

The Dangers of Natural Gas

The dangers of a natural gas leak are suffocation, fire, and explosion. If a natural gas leak occurs, evacuate all occupants, call 911, and your gas provider a safe distance away from the leak. Once your gas provider has shut off the gas, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to provide gas leak detection, and gas line repair.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Being aware of the signs of a gas leak can provide the time you need to evacuate all family members, and saves lives. Do not try to locate or repair a gas leak on your own. With yours, and your family’s safety at risk, leave gas line repair in Arlington to a qualified plumber in Arlington. The signs of a gas leak include:

• The distinct rotten egg odor of gas is the most noticeable sign of a leak. The odor is due to the addition of mercaptan added to natural gas since 1937.

• The sound of leaking gas may or may not be heard depending upon its location. The sound is often described as blowing, hissing, whistling, or roaring. If you hear leaking gas call 911, and your gas supplier from a safe distance away from the home, and contact us for professional gas line repair.

• Unseasonably dead or dying grass or other plants around an outdoor gas line or gas meter can indicate a gas leak. In addition, watch for dirt, leaves, and grass debris blowing into the air, which can indicate a gas leak.

• Bubbling in wet areas over or near underground gas line can indicate a leaking gas pipe underground. Outdoor leaks are just as dangerous!

• Flames, if the gas leak has ignited.

Benjamin Franklin’s licensed plumbers offer gas leak detection and professional gas line repair in Arlington.

Gas Safety

When a gas leak is suspected, do not turn lights, appliances, or electronics on or off, do not use a phone or strike a flame, or start a car if it is near the source of the leak or the smell of gas. Evacuation is of utmost importance. Get out of the home, away from the odor of gas. When you are safely away from the home and can no longer smell gas, use a cell phone, or a neighbor’s phone to call 911, and the gas utility supplier. Contact us for gas line repair in Arlington.

Outdoor Gas Leaks

Outdoor gas leaks are not always easily detectable when occurring in a buried pipeline. Indoors or out, a gas leak is dangerous. Indoors, the gas can collect easily, and reaches the explosive threshold at 5 percent. It only requires a tiny spark to ignite the gas, or cause an explosion. Simply turning on a light or the use of a phone can cause an explosion. Call for help from a neighbor’s phone, or a safe distance away to use a cell phone.

When the gas is shut off, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line repair in Arlington. Our plumbers in Arlington will locate your gas leak and provide the professional gas line repair in Arlington that you can rely on.

Planning for Excavation

Accidental damage to underground gas lines is common when homeowners, and professional excavators alike are digging. Call 811 a week or two prior to scheduled outdoor projects involving digging to request staking of underground utilities. Damage to underground gas pipe is extremely dangerous, costly to repair, and can interrupt service to others.

It is an emergency when a gas leak occurs. Only trust your gas line repair in Arlington to a licensed, gas certified plumber in Arlington. Our dedicated plumbers have the latest tools, knowledge, and the expertise to detect gas leaks and repair them efficiently, safely, and professionally.

You can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington to provide gas line services, including:

Gas leak detection

• Gas line installation with a post installation gas leak detection

• Gas line replacement

• Pressure testing to ensure the proper pressure and safe, efficient operation

• Gas line repair in Arlington

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas leak detection, and gas line repair in Arlington. Our licensed plumbers adhere to the highest safety and quality standards of the plumbing industry. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.