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Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Arlington, TX

Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Arlington, TX

While gas leaks are relatively rare, the dangers of natural gas should never be ignored when you suspect a gas leak. When a gas leak occurs, it is an emergency requiring immediate action. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington are gas certified and licensed with the expertise you need for providing gas line services effectively, safely and reliably. Give our plumbers a call for professional gas line repair in Arlington.

The Causes

The most common cause of a gas leak is age, wear, tear and a lack of inspection for damage or deterioration of gas lines and its fittings. An additional cause is a poor installation, and is the reason you should only use a gas certified, licensed plumber for gas line installation and gas line repair in Arlington.


Gas appliances require periodic maintenance and inspection to maintain their ideal performance, best energy efficiency, and safety. This includes the gas water heater which should receive annual or biannual maintenance in locations with hard water. Maintenance includes flushing and will extend its lifespan significantly while maintaining performance and its efficiency, saving you money on energy and gas line repair in Arlington.

Gas Leak Detection

The characteristic odor of rotten eggs is the most common sign of a natural gas leak. However, natural gas lacks any odor, color or taste until an odorant is added. Due to this, the odorant mercaptan is added to the gas to provide the characteristic smell warning people of a gas leak.

The following are potential signs of a developing problem involving your home’s gas water heater. Furthermor, these signs can indicate the need for appliance repair and/or gas line repair in Arlington by a licensed professional:

  • Contact a licensed professional when you see soot or scorched areas around your water heater.
  • A natural gas flame should burn a bright blue color. When you observe an orange or yellow flame contact a Ben Franklin plumber for water heater repair and/or  gas line repair in Arlington.
  • If you are experiencing thepilot light frequently going out, contact a Ben Franklin plumber for a diagnosis and repair of the water heater.

Gas Line Repair

A natural gas leak presents the potential hazards of an explosion, suffocation and fire. These hazards are why you should never delay gas line repair in Arlington. When you suspect a gas leak first evacuate all persons leaving the door open behind you, and once you are safely away from the home, call 911, and the gas provider. Do not turn lights or appliances off or on as you leave. Do not make the call from any type of phone inside the home or near the odor of gas. Natural gas is extremely flammable, and only requires a slight spark to ignite. Do not try to enter your home until the authorities have declard it safe.

Call Ahead

To avoid potential damage to gas lines or other utilities, call ahead for the marking of utility lines when you have outdoor projects planned to involve excavation or digging. You can contact your natural gas supplier or the national service line of  811 for the free service. However, if you inadvertently damage a gas line, do not try to repair it yourself.  Outdoor gas leaks are just as dangerous as indoor leaks are. Contact 911, your supplier, and a plumber to provide gas line repair in Arlington.

Outdoor Gas Leaks

The service line and/or the gas meter may also experience a dangerous gas leak. Signs to be aware of indicating a potential gas leak outdoors include:

  • The smell of natural gas
  • Leaves, dust and other debris blowing into the air
  • Where water has accumulated or saturated soil exists you may see bubbling
  • You may notice the movement of plant leaves over or near a gas line as if a wind were blowing, when no wind is present
  • Dying or dead plants without explanation

If you see any of these signs contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber to provide gas leak detection and gas line repair in Arlington.

Preventing Gas Leaks

Natural gas line leak prevention is the preferred choice. Prevention begins by ensuring a quality installation by a qualified licensed plumber. After installation, ensuring the proper maintenance of gas using appliances helps to prevent gas leaks.

For example, the gas water heater should receive an annual maintenance. Flushing a water heater located in a hard water area is an example of maintenance. Periodic inspection of the water heater by a licensed professional plumber ensures the gas pressure is properly adjusted, and the burner is clean and in good condition, Periodic services provided by a professional also ensures the opportunity for developing issues to be detected during the service call, and repair provided. This prevents the failing component from affecting others, and saves you money in the end.

In addition, routine service also maintains the appliance’s peak performance, ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency and longest lifespan possible for your home’s water heater.

Furthermore, homeowner’s should also ensure the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in any home served by natural gas.  The minimal number of the devices is at least one on each floor, and ideally one in each sleeping area of the home and in hallways. Carbon monoxide cannot be detected by smell, taste, sight or hearing, only a detector can provide the warning you need to save lives. Test both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries every 6 months.

If you would like additional information about a gas leak, or to schedule gas leak detection, gas line installation or gas line repair in Arlington or other plumbing service, give us a call today. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with a broad range of reliable plumbing services. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.