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Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Arlington

Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Arlington

If your home is served by natural gas, you need a plan of action to ensure the safety of your family. Gas line repair in Arlington is not a task to attempt on your own, the risks are too great. The following tips will help to keep you and your family safe in the event of a gas leak.

When you Smell Gas

Some persons recommend you go throughout your home, checking for the gas leak when you smell gas. Never take this advice! Even without a spark to ignite it, natural gas can quickly overcome you causing suffocation. In addition, if you are standing at your stove and the pilot goes out and gas is spilling, yes by all means turn off the stove, and shut off the gas at the stove’s valve if it is accessible. Otherwise, follow the instructions for evacuation below.

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • The odor of leaking natural gas is similar to the sulfuric smell of rotten eggs. This is due to the odorant Mercaptan which is added to enable it to be smelled. In its natural state, the gas has no odor, taste or color.
  • It is possible you may hear escaping gas. The sound depends on the size of the leak and the characteristics of the leak site. Escaping gas can be a roar, hiss, or squeal.
  • In an outdoor location, a leak from an underground pipe or in at the location of the meter may blow leaves, grass, soil or other debris into the air. When a leak is located underground, the odor may not be detectable due to soil characteristics.


When you smell the unmistakable rotten egg odor of natural gas, evacuate all occupants of your home. Furthermore, do not place a call from any type of phone in the home, do not turn on or off any light switches, electronic or other devices. Do not allow children to delay by collecting toys or anything else. Remember, when there is a gas leak, the first rule is evacuate immediately, leaving the door open behind you to allow fresh air in.

Call 911 and the Gas Company

Once everyone is out of the home, a safe distance away from the gas leak, and you can no longer smell gas, call 911 and the gas company from a neighbor’s phone, or a cell phone. It is imperative you do not call from inside the home. Natural gas can ignite or explode with only a tiny spark. In addition, if neighboring houses are extremely close to your home, notify your neighbors as they should also evacuate, and ask them to assist in notifying other close neighbors to evacuate, until the gas can be shut off by the experts. Once the danger has passed, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed plumbers to provide gas line repair in Arlington.

Preventative Maintenance

While gas leaks are not common, they do occur. Ensure you do not become a victim of natural gas by providing preventative inspections and maintenance of your gas lines and gas using appliances. For example, your home’s HVAC system should be inspected annually by your HVAC technician, and your gas water heater should receive annual maintenance.

Gas Line Replacement

Over time, gas line and especially the fittings can deteriorate and potentially result in gas leaks. The movement of appliances can contribute to damage. Plumbing professionals recommend the replacement of gas lines and their fittings every (10) ten years to ensure your safety. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line installation, or gas line repair in Arlington.

Remember, if you suspect a gas line leak, call 911 from a safe location, the gas supplier, and contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers for gas line repair in Arlington. Our professional, licensed plumbers adhere to the highest standards in the plumbing industry, ensuring safe, professional installation, maintenance, and gas line repair in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. You can rely on a Ben Franklin plumber for the highest safety standards and expertise for gas line repair in Arlington when a gas leak occurs. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.