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Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Natural gas is a widely used fuel for heating, cooking and producing hot water. Ensuring natural gas and the appliances that use it is installed by a qualified, licensed plumber helps to ensure its safety. If you suspect a gas leak, evacuate the building, call 911, your gas supplier and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional gas line repair in Fort Worth.

The use of a qualified licensed plumber for installation and gas line repair in Fort Worth provides the highest assurance of your safety You can rely on Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Fort Worth  to adhere to and/or exceed the highest  standards of the industry.

The Signs

The smell of a gas leak is the most common sign initially detected. In its natural state, the gas has no odor. Due to this an odorant called mercaptan is added to the gas in order to make it more detectable. The odor is similar to rotten eggs, and is also often described as sulfuric in nature. The following are additional signs of a gas leak:

  • Unseasonably dead, dying or discolored vegetation
  • Debris, leaves or soil being blown into the air from the ground
  • Bubbling in wet or flooded areas
  • Flames, if a leak has been ignited
  • Blowing, whistling or roaring sound
  • Signs of damage and/or deterioration and wear should be dealt with immediately whether a gas leak is present or not:
  • Damaged or worn gas connections or fittings, such as cracks or corrosion
  • Exposed pipeline after a disaster or flooding

Indications for Gas Line Repair in Fort Worth

A pilot light can experience a number of problems, including those due to a gas leak. Don’t risk your safety, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for gas line repair in Fort Worth.

Call 911 for a Gas Leak Emergency

A gas leak is a serious emergency placing you and your family at serious risk. The dangers of a gas leak include explosion, fire and suffocation. Call 911, the gas provider and a Benjamin Franklin plumber for gas line repair in Fort Worth.

Natural Gas Safety

  1. When you suspect a gas leak, evacuate and leave the area immediately. Once you are a safe distance away from the smell of gas and the risk of explosion, call 911, and the gas supplier, or call from a neighbor’s phone. Leave the door open as you exit, however, don’t risk opening windows. You don’t want to be in the home in the event of an explosion.
  2. Never attempt to locate the source of a gas leak or to provide gas line repair in Fort Worth yourself.
  3. Do not use electrical devices, or operate light switches, telephones, garage door openers or other battery operated devices. It only requires a tiny spark to ignite natural gas.
  4. Do not strike an open flame,  and do not smoke in the presence of a suspected gas leak. Gas is highly explosive, and it only requires a spark to ignite.
  5. Never consider starting a car or motorcycle or even drive through an area with a gas leak. An explosion may occur.
  6. Do not turn switches, appliances or electronics on or off when a gas leak is suspected.

Call Before You Dig

Call 811 or your local utility provider for the location and marking of utility lines before digging or excavating in your yard. Remember, gas is highly explosive.

The Other Dangers of Gas

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is an additional danger of natural gas. Always use carbon monoxide detectors in homes using any gas service or appliance. Install at least one on each floor , and place a detector near each sleeping area. The batteries should be checked monthly along with the smoke alarm.

In addition, the ventilation flue of each gas appliance should be checked for damage and blockage due to insects or accumulating debris before the heating season.

If you suspect a gas leak, call 911, your gas supplier and  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional plumbers for prompt gas line repair in Fort Worth. Our qualified, licensed plumbers serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas with the expertise you can rely on. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.