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Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Gas Leak | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Many homes in the U.S. depend upon gas for heat, hot water, cooking, and other appliances. While a gas leak is rare, the inherent dangers of gas are fire, explosion, and suffocation. It is essential for yours and your family’s safety that all gas line installation, replacement and gas line repair in Fort Worth is provided by a qualified licensed plumber. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the gas line services that you need.

A leaking gas line is a life and death situation that requires immediate and professional attention. A plumber has the knowledge, experience and skills to provide gas leak detection, and gas line repair in Fort Worth. Never delay gas line repair, even if it is a small leak. Gas spreads widely endangering all areas of the home.

When a gas leak occurs, evacuate all occupants of the home, call 911, and your gas provider. Once the gas has been shut off, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth to schedule gas leak detection, and gas line repair in Fort Worth.

Signs of a Gas Leak

The sulfuric, rotten egg odor that warns you of a gas leak is a scent added to natural gas from the suppliers. A natural gas leak is highly combustible, and can ignite or explode with the tiniest leak. When you suspect a gas leak, immediately evacuate the home. Do not try to locate or repair the gas leak on your own. Leave gas line repair in Fort Worth to a qualified professional plumber. The signs of a gas leak include:

  • The most noticeable sign of a gas leak is the rotten egg odor of gas. If you smell gas, do not turn any lights on or off, do not use the phone inside the house. Remember, it only takes a tiny spark to ignite the gas. Furthermore, do not try to locate and repair the leak yourself. Evacuate the home of all family members immediately.
  • The sound of escaping gas may or may not be heard depending upon its location. The sound can be described as hissing, blowing, whistling or roaring near a gas line, gas meter or gas appliance. If you hear escaping gas call 911, the gas provider, and schedule gas line repair in Fort Worth with a Benjamin Franklin plumber.
  • A gas leak can cause unseasonably dead or dying grass or plants around an outdoor gas line or gas meter. Also, watch for the blowing of dirt, leaves, and debris into the air, which can indicate a gas leak.
  • The bubbling of wet areas over or near an underground gas line can indicate a gas leak.
  • Flames will indicate a gas leak has ignited.  

Call Before Digging 

Accidental damage to underground gas pipelines may occur while digging. Call 811 at least a week prior to any outdoor project involving digging or excavation to request marking of underground utility lines. 

Gas Line Replacement

Many professionals recommend replacing gas lines and fittings every ten years to ensure safe operation. Over time, old brass fitting can deteriorate, resulting in cracks and gas leaks. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide this service for you efficiently and safely with gas line repair in Fort Worth.

If you suspect a gas leak call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers for professional gas line repair in Fort Worth. In addition, our gas certified, licensed plumbers provide gas hookups and the gas line installation that you need. Our licensed plumbers adhere to the highest safety and quality standards of the industry. Our professional plumbers provide superior plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.