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Gas leak risks in Benbrook, TX and when to get Gas Line Repair

Gas leak risks in Benbrook, TX and when to get Gas Line Repair

Your house in Benbrook, TX, is one of your most prized possessions and you should take good care of it. Maintenance of HVAC, water systems and ell electrical wiring needs to be done professionally and on time. One such utility that needs close attention is gas. It is one of the most important utilities in today’s day and age, be it for residential or commercial/industrial use.

Gas is used in appliances and in heaters and obviously for cooking and as such, gas lines should be maintained properly and gas line repair should be done by a professional plumber in Benbrook, TX, as soon as one senses that there is a problem in the gas supply or worse, a gas leak. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to protect their families from gas leaks and their risks.

Gas Leakage and Damage

Associated Risks and how to reduce them

There are some risks that are associated with a gas leak and you should opt for gas line repair immediately in Benbrook, TX if you suspect a gas leak, to minimize these risks.

  1. CO poisoning: CO (carbon monoxide) is one of the most deadly and poisonous gases that can be found in the house due to a gas leak. Using natural gas can cause this gas to be emitted. What’s worse, it has no odor and is invisible! That makes it difficult for people to detect this gas in large quantities in their environment. If someone has inhaled it by mistake, then they may have headaches and get dizzy. They may even exhibit flu-like symptoms.

To reduce this CO poisoning risk one should:

  • Inspect vents, chimney, and flues of gas water heaters, fireplaces and furnaces for proper exhaust ventilation.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors in many areas in your house can be helpful in detecting carbon monoxide.
  • Don’t heat your house using the gas oven.
  • Don’t ever sleep in a room where natural or fuel gas heaters are used, without proper ventilation of the exhaust gases.
  1. Leaking Lines: Exposure to a leaking gas pipe can leave one in sickness. An even greater risk, though not as prevalent but just as immense, is that of an explosion from a leaky gas pipe. If you need to have construction done to your home in Benbrook, never start off with projects before learning where gas lines are placed by contacting a professionally certified Plumber in Benbrook, TX. This should especially be done in case the construction or renovation work requires digging. The plumber in Benbrook, TX can help you in figuring out and marking where the gas lines are and they can help you mark them.

A sulfur additive has been added to the natural gas that is used for cooking which can help in the detection of a leak. A plumber in Benbrook, TX should be contacted immediately as he/she will offer gas line repair services to do away with the odor and also prevent any health damage in the process.

If there is a gas leak, you should do the following till a professional plumber in Benbrook, TX arrives at your doorstep:

  • You should not use your cell phone until you’re outside the house in case of an indoor leak. For outside leaks, you should step a safe distance away from the house in order to use your cell phone safely.
  • Call the emergency services at 911 and a Plumber in Benbrook, TX once you are a safe distance from where you think the leak is.
  • You shouldn’t try to find the leak on your own and call in the services of a plumber in Benbrook, TX to do that for you in a safe manner.
  • Leave all electrical appliances in their current state and do not try to turn them on or off.
  • For gas line repairs in Benbrook, TX that may have been caused by backyard digging, contact a professional plumber in Benbrook, TX in order to avail professional service. Do not attempt to repair it on your own.
  • Do not smoke or use a naked flame as it can cause an explosion in the house, or outside.

Signs of gas leaks

Here are a few things that are linked to a gas leak. If you notice any of these, call in the services of a plumber in Benbrook, TX

  1. Plant health: Inside plants bear the brunt of the gas leak. If there is a gas leak, indoor plants may start showing signs of wilting. If this happens, then you may just have a gas leak.
  2. Gas odor: The foul rotten egg odor that you may smell inside the house in specific areas may be an indication of a gas leak, do not ignore it.
  3. The noise: If there is any whistling noise that you hear in areas where gas pipes should be located, it might be likely that there is a gas leak in that area. The noise is heard because when gas is transmitted through the lines, it is usually pressurized, and once there is a leak, the pressurized gas escapes with full force from that opening, causing the sound. If it is near any gas fuelled appliances such as stoves or gas heaters, avoid using a naked flame or smoking in that area because it might just cause an explosion.
  4. The repairs: The gas line repairs need to happen as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the house and its inhabitants’ health. The repairing or pipes and gas lines can help in the prevention of damage from poisonous gases and reduce the risk of explosions. Repairs usually involve shutting down the house gas supply for a limited period of time, while pipes and valves involved are repaired up to professional standards.

Contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing for plumbing in Benbrook, TX and get unmatched quality in gas line repair services. The professional plumbers are accredited by various reputable organizations to ensure repairs that last and happen safely and in the shortest possible period of time.