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Gas Leaks – The Danger lurking in the Gas Lines in Lake Worth, TX

Gas Leaks – The Danger lurking in the Gas Lines in Lake Worth, TX

Just cleaned every corner of the house and still that smell of rotten eggs hasn’t gone away? The problem might be something serious.

There are over 65 million homes in the U.S. that reap the benefits of natural gas. The energy is used for stove, water heaters and other household appliances. Since it is the safest and cleanest of all fossil fuels, natural gas is the preferred source of energy.

Using natural gas is safer for the environment because it leaves behind minimal carbon footprint. It mostly produces water vapor and carbon dioxide. Even the greenhouse emissions it produces are less than those of coal, burning oil and wood. It’s combustibility makes it an environment-friendly option. Even when burnt in small quantities, natural gas produces a lot of heat.

Even though this natural energy provides utmost convenience, it can quickly turn into a danger. The worst part is that since it’s colorless, it can easily spread in the environment without alarming anyone. A gas leak can prove to be fatal if not handled properly. You must pay special attention to gas leaks. It’s critical that you don’t use any DIY techniques to resolve the issue. It’s recommended that you get help from a professional service that specializes in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX.

There are many people who try to take care of the problem on their own but beware. If you have no experience in gas line repair, it’s recommended that you let the professionals do the job. Contact a service provider that specializes in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Signs of Gas Leaks

It’s essential that you detect gas leaks before they get the chance to wreck havoc. Here are a few useful ways of detecting gas leaks on your property.

• Smell

Natural gas is odorless but just to ensure the safety of all consumers, gas companies add chemical odorant. The odorant used for natural gas is called mercaptan and it makes it possible for people to detect the presence of gas in case of a leak. The chemical gives natural gas an odor of rotten eggs or even like a skunk. The strong odors are easy to detect.

If your house emits any of the two odors, it’s possible that you have a gas leak. Trust your sense of smell and the moment you smell rotten eggs or skunks, contact a professional service provider. Look for services that provide gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX, along with conventional plumbing services.

• Sight

Although it’s colorless, there are other signs you can lookout for. If you detect any of the following things near where gas lines are buried underground, it’s a sign that you have a gas leak on your hands.

  • Blowing dirt
  • Dead plants
  • Bubbling water
  • A dry spot in a moist area

This problem won’t just go away on its own. It’ll have to be dealt with by the professionals at a plumbing service that specializes in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX.

• Sound

You can detect the sound of gas leaking from a pipe. You would just need to be vigilant. A gas leak would usually make sounds of hissing, whistling or blowing. If you detect any of these sounds and they seem out of place, you’d know it’s time to call the professionals. To assess the damage that the pipes have sustained, contact professional service providers who also deal in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Steps to Take If You Smell a Gas Leak

Did you get some digging work done in the yard? The heavy machinery can wreck havoc on the gas lines and only a trained professional service provider who specializes in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX can be trusted to deal with the issue.

If you can smell the gas but can’t see it, it’s recommended that you get help from a professional service provider. At puzzling times like this, it’s better to call in a service provider that specializes in gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX. They would have the tools and proper training to get to the bottom of the issue.

It might take them some time to get to you. It’s vital that you stay safe. Leaking natural gas can be hazardous and may cause:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Asphyxiation (since natural gas displaces oxygen, even more so in confined spaces)

The first thing you must do is open all doors and windows. Let the air in the house. This will help disperse the gas. Switch off all the appliances that use natural gas.

The next step is to shut off the gas meter. You must know beforehand where the meter is. This can help you save time in critical situations. In case of a leak, go to the meter and shut it off. The valve is usually 6” of the ground and is not hard to find.

Make sure you have a pipe wrench with you. The tool would help you shut off the valve. Use the tool to twist the valve by a quarter-inch either way. When the valve lines up cross ways to the gas line, it’s finally off.

Congratulations! You just saved the day.

If you can’t find the valve, just get out of the house and wait for the service providers to reach you. When it comes to gas line repair in Lake Worth, TX, it is better not to take chances.

Know who to call

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