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Gas Leaks | Gas line Repair Arlington

Gas Leaks | Gas line Repair Arlington

Gas Leaks |Gas line Repair Arlington

Many homes depend upon gas lines for hot water, cooking, heating, dryers, and some homes utilize gas for a standby generator when the power goes out. For these homes, having safe and functional gas lines is essential in their daily lives. However, gas possesses inherent dangers, and while gas leaks are rare, leaking gas line is one of the most dangerous situations a homeowner can face. If you have a gas leak, if it is small, do not place your family and home at risk. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide you with safe, professional gas line repair in Arlington, and peace of mind.Gas Line Repair Arlington

Causes of Leaks in Gas Lines

There are a variety of reasons gas lines may need repairing or replacing. Over time, gas lines may need replacement simply due to age and deterioration. Older brass gas fittings can crack or break, and should be replaced. Remodeling, landscaping and construction may result in damage to a gas line. Normal wear can cause corrosion around seals, which can lead to a gas leak.

The Dangers of a Gas Leak

The dangers of a gas line leak are fire, explosions, and suffocation. A small leak can go undetected for a lengthy period, causing health concerns and can be fatal.

Gas Leaks Detection

Benjamin Franklin’s experienced, and gas certified plumbers have the training, experience and latest equipment for accurate gas leak detection.

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • There is no mistaking the sulfuric, rotten egg odor of leaking gas. In its natural state, gas lacks any odor; an additive called Mercaptan provides the distinct rotten egg scent, to give it a detectable odor.
  • Leaking gas can make a hissing or roaring noise.
  • A leak outdoors can cause plants and grass to die, or blow leaves and debris into the air.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly by-product of gas combustion. If you have gas appliances, or heat you should install carbon monoxide detectors in your home near the bedrooms and at least one on each floor. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless. Brain damage can be permanent if not treated promptly, and in heavy amounts, it can be lethal. It is the leading cause of accidental poisonings in the U.S. It is almost impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide detector.

Trust the Experts

You should only trust gas line repair in Arlington to a licensed, gas certified plumber. Our expert plumbers have the tools and knowledge to detect gas leaks and repair them efficiently, safely, and professionally. A gas leak is an emergency, and you should never delay repair! If you detect signs of a gas leak, evacuate the home, once a safe distance away call 911 and the gas supplier. Remember, it only takes a tiny spark to ignite the gas! Once the danger is resolved, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line repair in Arlington.

Gas leaks can be a deadly issue for your home or business. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas leak detection, and gas line repair in Arlington. Our licensed plumbers adhere to the highest safety and quality standards of the industry. Contact the professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line installation, or gas line repair in Arlington. Our professionals provide superior plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.