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Gas Line Repair Fort Worth, Texas

Gas Line Repair Fort Worth, Texas

Gas Leaks | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

While gas leaks are relatively rare, when they do occur they demand fast action to prevent the hazards of explosion, suffocation or fire. A gas line leak is not an issue that can be ignored, as it only take a tiny spark to ignite the gas. Furthermore, a gas leak isn’t a repair that is for the average homeowner, or even a handyman. Gas line repair in Fort Worth requires a licensed, gas certified plumber to provide the repair. A plumber has the knowledge, experience and skills to correctly provide gas leak detection, and gas line repair in Fort Worth.

Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

In its natural state, natural gas doesn’t have any odor or taste. Odorant is added to it, giving it its distinctive rotten egg smell. Your nose is the best natural gas detector, but there are natural gas detectors available, a number of which will also test for propane and carbon monoxide. Remember, if you smell gas – leave the home immediately and call 911 a safe distance away.

Natural Gas Considerations

  • Gas flames should be a bright blue. Natural gas flames that are yellow or orange indicates adjustments or gas line repair in Fort Worth is needed.
  • Older gas connections constructed of brass can deteriorate over the years, resulting in cracking or breakage. Inspect them periodically, though it’s best to replace them.
  • A number of professionals recommend the professional replacement of gas lines and fittings every ten years due to movement, bending or corrosion.
  • To ensure the safety of your family, only a gas certified and licensed plumber should provide gas line installation and gas line repair in Fort Worth.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, near the bedrooms and at least one on each floor. Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer as it is difficult to detect and treat once it has done its damage. Brain damage can be permanent if not detected promptly, and in heavy amounts it can be lethal. It is the leading cause of accidental poisonings in the U.S. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless and almost impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Have vents and flues of all gas appliances inspected during your annual maintenance service by the applicable service personnel. This will help to ensure the proper exhaust of dangerous carbon monoxide exhaust.

Call utility providers 1-2 weeks in advance of any outdoor work requiring digging or excavation. They will mark the location of all utilities for free, including gas lines.

Gas Services our Plumbers Provide:

  • Gas Hookups, Disconnects
  • Outdoor Gas BBQ Hookups
  • Outdoor Fireplace Hookups
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Gas Line Installations
  • Relocation of Gas Lines

When you suspect a gas leak:

  1. When you smell gas, evacuate all occupants immediately, call 911 and contact the gas provider. Don’t use a phone in your home when a gas leak is present, including a cell phone. It only takes a small spark to ignite natural gas. Use a neighbor’s phone, or call from a safe distance from the home, and the odor of gas.
  2. Gas line repair in Fort Worth should never be delayed when you have a gas leak. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and require prompt attention!
  3. Gas leaks can occur in outdoor locations, underground gas lines or even in gas meters. Signs of an outdoor gas leak include unseasonable dying of vegetation near the gas line or meter; the blowing of soil or leaves into the air; bubbling of water as in rain puddles, and unusual noise such as roaring or hissing caused by the escaping gas. If you suspect a gas leak, call 911, contact the gas provider and call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line repair in Fort Worth
  4. Don’t attempt to locate a gas leak or repair it yourself. Leave it to the professionals trained in proper the leak detection and gas line repair in Fort Worth.
  5. Don’t turn any electrical appliances on or off, including light switches or electronics. Evacuate all occupants immediately. Call 911 and the gas provider.
  6. Don’t smoke or use any open flames.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed plumbers adhere to the highest safety and quality standards of the industry. Contact the professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line installation, or gas line repair in Fort Worth. Our professionals provide superior plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. All repairs are backed with our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.