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Gas vs. Electric Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX: How to Select the Right One for Your Home

Gas vs. Electric Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX: How to Select the Right One for Your Home

Tankless water heaters can heat the water directly without the use of a storage tank. The best thing about tankless heaters is that it provides a continuous supply of hot water. There is no need to wait for the heater to warm the water.

Tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX are of two types: gas and electric water heaters. The gas water heaters warm the water using gas burners, while the electric filament warms the water in electric water heater.

If you are thinking about buying a tankless water heater, you will undoubtedly be faced with the decision to buy either a gas or an electric water heater. In this article, we will take a look at both types of water heaters. The information mentioned here will help you to make an informed decision regarding tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX.

1. Cost of Installation

The installation of gas tankless heaters is more complex and costly as compared to electric water heaters. Gas heaters require venting. Most often additional venting ducts needs to be installed. This greatly adds to the costs of the heaters. Also, in some cases, you need to install additional gas supply lines that further jacks up the process.

On the other hand, electric water heaters are much less costly to install. The heaters do not require any vent pipes. As a result, they can be located anywhere inside the house. However, some homeowners may have to upgrade their electricity system that will increase the installation cost of the heater. Upgrading the house electric system may not be cost effective for most people.

2. Heating and Cost Efficiency

Electric tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX are slightly more efficient as compared to gas heaters. The gas heaters are about 85 percent more efficient in heating the water while the efficiency electric water heaters can be up to 98 percent.

While gas cost heaters are less efficient in heating the water, they are more cost effective as compared to electric heaters. Many people find that gas tankless heaters tend to cost much less as compared to electric heaters. The reason is that gas is a cheaper fuel as compared to the average cost per BTU of electricity.

3. Repair and Maintenance Costs

Electric water heaters require less maintenance and repair costs. They undergo less wear and tear as compared to the gas heaters. That’s why you won’t need to incur frequent repair cost of tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX.

Mostly the electric heaters require regular cleaning of the inlet filter. Otherwise, the system is almost free of any upkeep costs. On the other hand, the gas heaters need to be inspected by a professional every year to ensure that it’s in good working order. The gas heaters normally require more service by a professional technician as compared to the electric water heaters.

4. Lifespan of Heaters

Due to less wear and tear, the electric heaters tend to have a much higher lifespan. The heaters can last for decades without requiring a replacement. Gas heaters, on the other hand, undergo much greater wear and tear. The fact is that gas is not an efficient power source. Even with proper maintenance and care, you can expect gas tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX to last only 10 to 12 years after which they need to be replaced by a qualified technician.

5. Water Capacity

Gas tankless water heaters tend to have a bigger capacity to meet large water demands. Electric heaters generally have lower capacity as compared to gas heaters. They cannot meet the need of large families. Also, they are not suitable for use in commercial settings. Electric water heaters should be used if the household demand is four to eight gallons of water per minute. For meeting larger demand for hot water, gas water heater is the better option.

6. Impact on the Environment

Increasing concerns about global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions have resulted in greater sensitivity over burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas tend to cause environmental pollution. The carbon monoxide gas that is released from gas power tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX contribute to the carbon footprint.

Electric water heaters do not use gas as a power source. The water is heater by an electric filament present inside the electric water heater. As a result, there is no combustion of harmful gas. So, when it comes to impact on the environment, electric heaters are environmentally friendly. The electricity is generated by following the directives of EPA regarding harmful gas emissions.

In addition, since electric tankless water heaters do not require any venting materials and supplies, it will cause less impact on landfill spaces. So, if you want to play your part in minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment, you should go for electric gas heaters.

Which One Should You Buy: Gas or Electric Water Heater?

There is no one answer to whether gas or electric tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX will meet the need of a household. Both the tankless water heaters are a good choice as compared to traditional water heater. They are more cost effective and energy efficient than the storage tank water heaters.

The final decision about tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX will depend on the unique requirement of a household. What is the best choice for your neighbor may not be suitable for meeting the water demands in your home. The decision to buy to buy gas or electric tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX should be made after considering your household budget, hot water demands, personal convenience, and installation costs.

For more information on tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX, you can contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing service.