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Gas vs Electric Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Gas vs Electric Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

When your aging electric water heater is on the blink and you must decide between replacement and hot water heater repair in Fort Worth, you may be considering switching to a gas hot water heater. In the following we will consider the pros and cons of gas vs. electric hot water heaters.

Gas vs electric water heater repair fort worth

Gas Hot Water Heaters Pros

  • Natural gas is more efficient in heating hot water than electricity. It heats water faster and uses less energy in the process, approximately 35% less energy in fact, for a tank model. A natural gas water heater will recover approximately 65% faster than an equivalent electric model.
  • When you change to a gas tankless water heater in a qualifying home, the savings grow even larger. A gas tankless water heater can cost 55% less than an electric tankless water heater to operate and approximately 30% less than a conventional gas tank style water heater.
  • Not all households are a candidate for a tankless water heater, but for those that are – the savings are significant, and they outlast tank style water heaters by far. In fact, gas tankless water heaters can last for decades due to the availability of parts on some models, enabling water heater repair in Fort Worth to extend their service life significantly.
  • Gas tankless water heaters require very little space, enabling you to use the extra space for something else.


  • Gas water heaters cost more upfront than electric models. The installation of gas lines and an exhaust flue is an additional cost if you don’t already have a gas model.
  • Gas tank style water heaters require at least 18” on any given side between the gas water heater and walls or other structure.
  • Gas water heaters no longer continue to function when the power is off due to electric ignition systems.
  • Though explosions are rare, gas is a volatile material that has the potential to explode. A leak, a faulty burner or failed safeties can result in an explosion. Leaking gas can asphyxiate home occupants. Gas represents a danger not encountered with electric water heaters. Routine maintenance and prompt water heater repair in Fort Worth are essential on gas water heaters.
  • If however, you are considering a tankless water heater, gas is the way to go. The electric tankless water heater uses enormous amounts of electricity to produce hot water. Due to this, electric tankless water heaters are not Energy Star qualified, while gas models are.
  • Requires professional installation. All gas pipes, fittings and connections must be properly installed and tested with special equipment for leaks. It isn’t a DIY project due to safety factors. It is for the same reason that only a certified gas plumber should provide water heater repair in Fort Worth.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Though you may be considering a gas hot water heater due to its efficiency, there are legitimate reasons for having an electric water heater.

  • Safety is the number one reason, and is why some homeowners will only use an electric water heater. Gas leaks are very rare, especially when the homeowner has an annual or bi-annual plumbing inspection provided by a reputable plumber. Nevertheless, the fact that an explosion may occur – is reason enough for a large number of homeowners to select electric.
  • The lower cost of installing an electric water heater is due to its only requirement of water and electricity. An electric water heater doesn’t require a ventilation flue as there is no carbon monoxide to ventilate out. Your roof stays intact with one less location for a potential roof leak.
  • Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth is simple on electric models, without the worry of checking gas pressures or combustion chambers and components for safety.
  • Electric tank style water heaters can be installed in any small closet or space you have to place them.
  • Electric water heaters can utilize the benefits of a timer, enabling you to cut down on the time it runs, and when it operates. If you are on an off-peak plan a timer enables the water heater to run during off peak hours to save money on your power bill.
  • Electric tank style water heaters will outlast gas model tank style water heaters.
  • The purchase price of electric water heaters is less than gas water heaters, period.


  • Electric water heaters will typically cost more to operate. However, with timers, insulating blankets and improved technology, electric water heater efficiency, including recovery times is improving. Gas remains the most energy efficient, while electric is the safest, as well as the easiest to provide water heater repair in Fort Worth.

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