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Get Expert Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Get Expert Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Most people learn how to care for their home by their loved ones, so if a family member empties animal fat and grease down the drain, then the younger generation is most likely to follow the same habits.

Unfortunately, these habits can cause serious problems with your plumbing. Drain cleaning seems straightforward at first, but many drains empty far underground and the blockage can be many feet below your floor or yard.

There are some precautions you can take to avoid intensive drain cleaning service but sometimes due to the age or health of the connective parts and pipes, a deep drain cleaning is absolutely necessary.

Much of modern plumbing is conveniently stored underground. However, if these pipes get clogged specialty tools are needed to free the obstruction.

Specialist jetting and vacuum combination units can remove dry and wet waste. Our licensed and bonded technicians have been trained to operate these sophisticated tools at varying depths for both residential and commercial plumbing blockages.

A reliable drain cleaning service like ours will remove the offending material and reinforce the infrastructure surrounding the problem area. Our expertise and unique approach to recycling waste water underground means we can complete big jobs in smaller spans of time than our competitors.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

Unless you live and work alone you can’t be entirely sure of what is being poured down your drains. It’s easy to take the sink for granted and pour an entire skillet full of bacon grease in the sink instead of looking for a glass or metal container that can hold the hot fat.

Even everyday materials like soap, shampoo and conditioners may cause backups and require a professional drain cleaning service. The chemicals like lye and parabens coat the pipes of your plumbing. Over the years, this creates layers of soap scum that prevent water from passing through and emptying into the main water drain.

Maintaining Healthy Plumbing

Our highly skilled technicians live and work in the Fort Worth, TX community and take pride in helping their co-workers and neighbors live happy lives with access to refreshing and clean water.

We’re not simply plumbers offering a specialized drain cleaning service, we’re experts in teaching our customers how to care for their drains and plumbing. Knowing how to maintain and care for your sanitation system is key in lowering your risk of needing a deep drain cleaning service.

We Offer the Following Services and More:

  • Maintenance Preparation and Preventative Care
  • Total Drain and Sewer Service
  • Expert Draining for Bathroom Utilities
  • Rooter Care
  • Exterior and Interior Drain Cleaning Service
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Snaking
  • Clogged Shower Drain Relief
  • Garbage Disposals Maintenance and Installation
  • Main Sewer Line Repair and Renovation
  • Spot & Complete Burst Pipe Repairs
  • Catch Basins & Storm Line Cleaning
  • Footing Drain Installations
  • Roof Scuppers Repair
  • Sump Pump Installation & Repair
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Grease Interceptor & Trap installation


“I’ve got six girls and my parents and my husband’s parents live with us on our Fort Worth, TX ranch on the outskirts of Tarrant County. It’s great having everybody together on a daily basis. We always eat dinner together and make efforts to keep our family close.

The downside of living as a happy family of twelve is that our plumbing is regularly tested to its’ limits. After Christmas last year, the drains started to filter out water more and more slowly. Eventually, the toilets wouldn’t empty and waste water began to fill our front yard.

My husband didn’t hesitate to call for a professional drain cleaning service and we always rely on the best which is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing FW! We’ve relied on them for the best part of a decade after deciding to buy our dream ranch!

Anyway the friendly tradesman was with us within a few hours and within that afternoon they’d conducted their drain cleaning service and our plumbing was back to its’ normal state.

We’re so happy with the team at Benjamin Franklin that we’ve booked a total plumbing renovation with them in 2020. We’ll be away for a week and they’ve arranged it so the repairs will be complete by the time we return from our vacation.” Sue Gaffent – Fort Worth, TX- April 2019

Founding Father Values

Living in these modern times affords many of us exceptional privileges. Almost half of the world’s population has access to clean water and sanitation which is a victory for the human race.

In 2010, the United Nation’s General Assembly declared access to clean water a basic human right.

We, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX believe plumbing to be a necessity. We offer transparent and fair pricing. During the drain cleaning service inspection our team will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of the repairs and renovations.

Our highly skilled technicians will also discuss the length of time it will take to complete the task and when it will be most convenient for you to have the work done.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the integrity and quality of the work we do for every customer is a barometer of our proficiency and fairness to the community.

We offer an emergency service because many crises don’t happen during normal working hours. We value our employees and their work and life balance, so an additional fee will be applied to an out-of-hours visit. However, our friendly representatives at the office will inform you of these fees before you’re liable for payment.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing strives to emulate the ideals of the U.S. founding fathers like justice, equality, and supporting our communities. Let our work speak for us. You’ll become a loyal client of ours for many years to come and we will enrich this bond by remaining fair, transparent, hardworking and honest in all we do for your home or businesses’ plumbing and pipes.

If you’re experiencing slow drainage, clogs or any problems with your plumbing, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We’re eager to help you!