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Getting Plumbing Arlington Ready For Vacation

Getting Plumbing Arlington Ready For Vacation

Preparing Your Home for Vacation | Plumbing Arlington

If you have ever second guessed whether or not you cut off the coffee pot after leaving your house, then you can recognize the peace of mind of having a checklist when you are preparing for a vacation. In this article we will discuss prepping your home for the much anticipated summer vacation. When you’re through, you will be able to relax knowing the security, HVAC, electrical and your homes plumbing in Arlington have all been taken care of.

plumbing arlington vacation checklist

Pre-Vacation Checklist

Turn Off the Water

Leaks can’t occur in your plumbing in Arlington homes if the water is turned off. Water damage can be extensive, especially if the leak to your plumbing in Arlington goes on for days without stopping. Leaks are completely preventable when you cut off the water main.

Shut off the water heater in the homes main service breaker box to prevent potential leaks from faulty components. Having a new water heater is no guarantee that new parts won’t fail and result in burst pipes where the water heater connects to the plumbing in Arlington.

Adjust the Thermostat.

If your thermostat is programmable, use the permanent hold feature to override all settings. Program the thermostat for to provide a lowered temperature an hour before you plan to return. Set non-programmable thermostats to 85 degrees to save on energy.

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances

Appliances such as the television, computers and small kitchen appliances (automatic coffee pots, toaster ovens etc…). Double check and have another adult check behind you that the stove is cut off.

Have Someone You Trust Check on Your Home

Ask them to pick up the mail and the newspaper, or request they be held in your absence. If you are going to be away for more than a week, arrange for lawn care. Thieves target unkempt yards, assuming homeowners are away.

Use timers to trick potential thieves into believing someone is home. Set up at least one timer to operate a light in the living room and a radio or analog television.

Don’t Annouce Vacation Plans on Social Media

Often times theives will monitor sites like Facebook to look for easy targets for break-ins.

Don’t Change Voicemail Message

Consider using call forwarding to your cell phone or a trusted relative’s phone. If your calls are forwarded to someone else’s phone, instruct them not to reveal you are away.

Leave a Key With a Friend or Family Member

Leave a key with a trusted friend or relative, as well as the security system code if you have a security system. Let your local police know you will be on vacation, and who you are leaving the home security code with. In addition, notify your security system’s monitor who has the code and a phone number where they can be reached.

Don’t leave spare keys out

Especially not when you are out of town. Thieves know where to look and may be watching you.

Leave Shades and Blinds As You Normally Do

Thieves will notice what is different.

Use a Bar in Sliding Door Track

Even a piece of metal pipe will work. Latches are available to secure the movable sliding door to the non-sliding section, but require drilling a hole in the frame.

Ask Someone to House-Sit

Have a trusted friend or relative to house-sit. No special preparations will be needed and pets won’t need to be boarded.

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