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Green Plumbing Fort Worth

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There are numerous ways we can reduce our impact upon the environment. Plumbing and plumbing related issues in our homes are one such area. Choosing to utilize green plumbing with your plumbing in Fort Worth has the benefit of adding green to your wallet. Let’s look at some of the beneficial “green” plumbing innovations, and those that save money by reducing repair costs of your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Green Plumbing Fort Worth

Energy Efficient Appliances – Numerous appliances in the home are connected to the plumbing system. Automatic ice makers, centralized humidifiers, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters are among these components connected to your plumbing in Fort Worth. Water is a diminishing resource across the world, and including right here in the U.S. This may seem ironic, considering many areas of our nation is experiencing flooding, while others experience drought. Climate change is certainly affecting the nation, and even though flooding is occurring, water tables continue to drop. This is why it is important to update your home with efficient appliances that conserve water while maintaining their function. Select Energy Star approved appliances for the greatest efficiency as well as reliability.

Low Flow Commodes, Faucets and Fixtures – Low flow fixtures and toilets have improved in effectiveness in recent years. You can now utilize low flow commodes, fixtures and faucets with the confidence of a usable product and significant savings on water usage and cost. Tankless Water Heater – The gas tankless water heater provides significant savings on the cost of energy in hot water production. The tankless water heater eliminates the cost of reheating water over and over as occurs in a tank water heater. That is because the tankless water heater only heats water when it is needed. While a single whole house tankless water heater may not be for every household, it provides significant savings for those homes able to use a tankless hot water heater.

With an average service life of 20 years, it may cost more initially, but its long service life alone brings in the range of a standard tank style water heater. When you add in the savings on the production of hot water (up to 35%), it becomes apparent that the tankless is the hands down winner in value. For even greater savings, add pipe insulation to your hot water lines throughout your home to maintain temperature and save energy with your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Chemical Free Cleaning – Household cleaners are evolving into green solutions to prevent chemical hazards to home occupants and the environment. One green solution is already in your kitchen cupboard – vinegar. Shower heads that are corroded with mineral deposits are not only unsightly, but at some point will cease to spray water effectively. Put away the harsh chemicals and use vinegar.

Before using vinegar on any metal test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the finish of your plumbing in Fort Worth will be not be affected. Most shower heads will unscrew, but for those that will not place enough vinegar in a bag to completely cover the shower head. Secure with thick rubber bands and let sit for half an hour or so, then remove from the bag and scrub with a soft bristled brush to remove any remaining deposit. Shower heads with heavy deposits may have to soak longer. When clean, rinse thoroughly. If the shower head is removable set it into a bowl of vinegar and follow the remainder of the preceding instructions. An item such as an open paper clip or dental pick can be used to remove remaining deposits in the sprayer head jets.

Utilize Leak Monitors – Leak monitors alert you when a leak occurs. They are especially useful for areas containing plumbing seldom seen, such as in the basement and water closets containing hot water heaters. Receiving an early warning can save you tens of thousands of dollars by preventing water damage in your home when leaks occur to your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Repair Leaks – Repairing leaks is a significant source of saving water and money. In the past, outdoor leaks in water, sewer and gas lines required the labor intensive expense of using a backhoe or other similar equipment. There were no means of locating a leak other than digging. This was destructive to the lawn and landscaping.

Today, plumbers have a wide range of innovative equipment to accurately pinpoint leaks of gas lines and plumbing in Fort Worth. In some cases, no digging is required at all, as in the use of trenchless technology for the repair of a damaged sewer line. For those repairs where digging is required, only very small areas are affected, usually about a foot square. The result is a significantly reduced repair bill from methods used in the past.

The state-of-the-art equipment that enables fast and less destructive repair of outdoor leaks also provides the same benefits for under-the-slab leaks. In fact, it is so much more affordable today, that numerous home buyers are utilizing a plumbers leak detection services to inspect the plumbing in Fort Worth of prospective homes built on slabs.

Water Collection Systems – Water collection systems capture the rain run-off from the home’s roof and store it in underground tanks or simple barrels with sealed lids or screen wire to prevent the growth of mosquitoes. The water is typically used for landscaping purposes. Water Filtration – Water filtration provides crystal clear water without filling landfills with plastic bottles. With the increased incidence of contaminated municipal water supply, water filtration for the home is simply smart. Recently in the news is the growing awareness of both prescription and illegal drugs in municipal water supplies, and the number of communities affected will only continue to grow. Talk to your plumber for the best option for your home and family to ensure safe water for your home.

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