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Guide to Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

Guide to Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

With the population exceeding 370,000, Arlington is the seventh most populated city in Texas. The local Department of Water of the city thus, produces around 150 million gallons of water and supplies it to the citizens on a regular basis. With this regulated water supply, the residents of Arlington never have to worry about the water supply.

But what if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure or if the water coming to your house is dirty? If that ever happens, most probably, your water line has been damaged. Thus, never assume that the problem is from the back end.

Normally, water lines work perfectly fine for years. But they do get broken and such damages can result in a costly waterline repair in Arlington, TX. Thus, every house owner should have the basic knowledge about what damages a waterline and what steps should be followed for waterline repair.

If a prompt repair process is not undertaken, it can cause excessive damage to your house and its structure. So, the first and foremost thing a homeowner should do is not to let a water leakage go unnoticed. One option for that is to invest in moisture detecting alarm systems.

If you have detected that the waterline of your house is damaged and have also found its location, waterline repair in Arlington, TX is your next step. For this purpose, you will have to know whether it is an easy to repair issue or one that requires total line replacement. Plumbers in Arlington, TX are very skilled at what they do, so whenever you face such an issue, they will provide you with best waterline repair in Arlington, TX at a competitive price.

What Can Cause Damage to your Waterline

Firstly, you should know what can damage a waterline. Then you will be able to fight the root cause, so that the issue does not arise again in the future.

Damages by Tree roots:

Tree roots are incredibly strong, and they always find some way or the other to the water they need. These roots usually break through cracks in your pipelines when they detect moisture. In some cases, the tree roots can become so strong that they will crush your pipelines by wrapping around them.

Hard Water Damages:

Another reason for your waterline being damaged is the supply of hard water. Hard water has calcium and magnesium in great quantity which can get stored up along the sides of your waterline and if given time, it can cause blockages. By scheduling periodic maintenance with your plumber in Arlington, TX, you can save yourself from costly waterline repair.

Damages done by Shifting Ground Layers:

Movement in the tectonic plates can also cause damages to your waterline which may result in completely breakage. But it is not necessary for a major quake to cause the issue. Even minor shifts in the ground layers can cause a break in the waterline.

Damages done by Weather:

Although it takes an extremely cold season to break your waterline by freezing it, but it is possible. Upon freezing, the frozen crystals in the pipe can cause an incredible amount of pressure on the waterline pipe, causing it to burst.

Corrosion damages:

Corrosion is one of the major reasons for damages to your pipeline. Even though pipes are designed to have protection against corrosion, but over time, earthly materials can corrode the pipe and cause it to break down.

Pipelines becoming too old:

Various types of materials have been used to make water pipelines in the past. All of these have varying lasting capabilities, but eventually, replacing them becomes the only option. As a general rule, very old lines usually require complete replacement. Copper lines generally last about 50-70 years. Plastic lines last about 60-80 years. For new home buyers, it is very necessary to schedule an inspection with an expert plumber in Arlington, TX to check out the condition of the waterline. Waterline repairs can be extremely costly, so it is critical have a plumber take a look at the health of the pipelines.

What to do

Waterline repair of the main supply will require you to keep your water turned off while repairs are underway. Here are some things that you should do before you call a plumber in Arlington, TX for waterline repair.

Buried utility lines:

For waterline repair in Arlington, TX, you will also have to check for other buried utility lines near your waterline so that you do not end up damaging them. For this purpose, have the local utility companies come over and mark the location of any underground electrical wires, gas lines, or other buried lines before digging the ground.

Preparing for the worst:

The pipe may be completely damaged and require replacement entirely. Never assume that it would only require a little bit of repair. You cannot get away with the repairs by following some “how to” guide you found on the internet. Even though you may not be looking at costly waterline repair in Arlington, TX, pre-diagnosing the current situation and preparing in advance will prove helpful.


If the damaged waterline is located outside of your house, then that buried line may require some excessive digging. Subcontracting an excavator to get your excavation done is a good solution to this issue. The trench should be large enough to give access to at least one foot of pipe where the waterline repair is required. The area should be spacious enough to have some room for your plumber in Arlington, TX to inspect or work on the waterline repair. Careful and slow excavation should be done, to make sure the problem is not worsened.

Repairing the Pipe:

After the pipe gets uncovered for waterline repair in Arlington, TX, call your plumber, who will provide their professional services. Your waterline repair will only be as good as the skill of the plumber in Arlington, TX. So, for the best waterline repair, make sure to hire a professional plumber.

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