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Handicap Plumbing | Plumbers Arlington

Handicap Plumbing | Plumbers Arlington

While plumbing fixtures for the handicapped is mandatory in all public restrooms, it is up to the homeowner to ensure them in the home for family members with mobility issues. Installing handicap plumbing fixtures in the home can also provide a wider margin of safety if you or someone in your home needs the assistance that handicap plumbing fixtures provide. The fixtures can also be helpful for those with arthritis or chronic back pain. These fixtures are designed to provide greater safety in the bathroom, and they can help those with mobility issues to continue to live independently for a longer period of time. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington for the installation of ADA fixtures, and/or for your home’s plumbing needs. You can rely on quality when you hire Ben Franklin plumbers in Arlington. 

Handicap Plumbing Requirements and Options

Handicap plumbing is required to adhere to established specifications as set forth by the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA). Handicapped toilets specifications are also required to be designed according to the guidelines established by the (ADA). For example, the height of a toilet is required to be between 17 and 19 inches, the height of most wheelchairs. It is also a comfortable height for almost anyone, even those who do not have any disability, and it is considered to be a “comfort height.”

However, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to install ADA compliant toilets, simply because they are easier to sit down on and stand up from. A soft close lid is also beneficial to those with arthritic hands, and removes the worry of fumbling the lid that can result in a cracked toilet bowl. Ben Franklin plumbers in Arlington can provide toilet installation for you.

Faucets are another example of ADA guidelines, they cannot require any more than five pounds of pressure to operate. Modern plumbing offers a number of alternatives to assist anyone in the bathroom. For example, touch or motion activated faucets offer hands free faucet operation for anyone dealing with range of motion issues with their hands, or for those who simply admire the technology and/or want bacteria free faucets. If you are on a budget, a lever style faucet may be an option as it is easy to operate. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington can install the faucet of your choice.

These are not the only options available, those with reduced range of motion will appreciate a handheld showerhead for easing cleanup and rinsing in the shower. However, it is worth noting to consider the size of the handheld showerhead before purchase, as those with difficulty using their hands may have trouble handling large, bulky showerheads.

While you are considering showers, consider a zero lip shower, which provides access without a step over for getting in and out of the shower. A zero lip entry provides safer access  for those with difficulty stepping up and over, and they make access for a shower chair a breeze. In addition, showers can provide built in seating for the ultimate convenience for all your family members.

Of course no bathroom is safe when the floors are slippery, and especially those in the shower. When remodeling your bathroom or planning a new home build, insist on non-slip tiles for all your bathrooms. Grab bars are an additional feature to consider in tubs, for getting out of showers and on or off the toilet.

Wheelchair accessible sinks are an additional option enabling you or a loved one to provide grooming and self care. There are numerous products available for the bathroom that facilitates self care for those with impaired mobility or reduced range of motion. Best of all, ADA approved bath fixtures do not have to be merely functional, they can be attractive and complement your style. Your Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington can provide the plumbing services you need. In addition, and you can rely on our plumbers to be up-to-date on plumbing codes, ensuring your plumbing upgrades will pass the inspection, and perform reliably for years to come.

Contact Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington for the installation of ADA compliant plumbing fixtures or other professional plumbing services. Our dedicated licensed plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth,  and the surrounding areas with the expertise to meet and/or exceed the industry standards. You can rely on our plumbers in Arlington to provide the quality installation of handicap plumbing fixtures, and for other plumbing services. We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.