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Handyman vs. Plumber in Fort Worth

Handyman vs. Plumber in Fort Worth

Handyman or Plumber? | Plumbing Fort Worth

Owning your own home requires maintenance and repairs, and plumbing problems are on no homeowner’s favorites list. Drains clog, faucets leak, toilets overflow and these problems are often out of the range of the homeowner’s ability to repair. When you have problems, or need an installation with your plumbing in Fort Worth give the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call.

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With the price of everything in a continual rise homeowners often look for ways to save money. For some homeowners this means using a handyman rather than a licensed, bonded and insured professional plumber. Before making this decision the factors involved should be considered before you hire a handyman to work on your plumbing in Fort Worth.

A handyman isn’t required to obtain a formal education in his field, there is no formal training required. They typically learn on the job and don’t take on jobs that require a high level of skill or the use of expensive state of the art equipment that ensures both a thorough and professional job is provided on your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Licensed plumbers and plumbing contractors, on the other hand, are required to have a high level of training. In most states, this involves a formal education in their field and serving an apprenticeship. They are also required to pass a state exam to demonstrate a minimum proficiency of skills. Then they are required to serve an apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship requires they work under a licensed professional for years, practicing their field, learning new techniques, gaining experience in using the tools and equipment of the trade until they are able to practice their trade on their own with skill and competency.

A licensed plumber also keeps up-to-date on new technologies, and how to implement them. The education of a licensed plumber and plumbing contractor never ends. Building and safety code affecting their field is always changing and expanding. A licensed plumber has to keep up to date in order to continue providing any service to your plumbing in Fort Worth.

A handyman on the other hand, doesn’t have to do any of this and typically will not. The quality of work by a handyman can be questionable. Your recourse with a handyman in jobs gone wrong are limited, if any at all. Bob the handyman may have installed many bathroom fixtures and exhaust fans, but does he really understand the mechanics of plumbing and ventilation, or how a septic system actually functions? Will Bob the handyman be able to repair the busted sewer line without excavating your entire front lawn and destroying the grass and plants?

The average handyman may know how to install your new gas hot water heater, but does he know to check the flu to ensure it is open and without breaches to prevent your home from filling with deadly carbon monoxide? If Bob the handyman slips and falls on your property, it will be you who has to pay for all of his medical bills.

When you hire a professional plumbing contractor or licensed plumber you won’t have to worry the work won’t be up to code. You can also rest assured that if they are injured on your property, or if something goes wrong that damages occur to your home, the professionals are insured and bonded.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing takes all of the worry out of your plumbing in Fort Worth issues. Our professional plumbers are licensed, bonded, ‘insured, experienced, up-to-date and dedicated. We don’t stop there though, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction and we are a member of the BBB.

Our plumbers arrive with trucks fully stocked each day with the most common needs, the latest state of the art equipment to diagnose your problem, and the tools to provide an effective and professional repair, installation or maintenance of your plumbing in Fort Worth.