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Harmful Effects of Drain Blockage on Your Health and Home | Tips from Your Pantego, TX Drain Cleaning Service

Harmful Effects of Drain Blockage on Your Health and Home | Tips from Your Pantego, TX Drain Cleaning Service

Photo By Rattiya Thongdumhyu at Shutterstock

Cleaning your home and maintaining it is not a one-time job. It requires a constant effort and determination to ensure that the house looks as good as new. Part of maintenance involves looking after the installed fixtures and fittings and ensuring that they don’t deteriorate under your care.

DIY drain cleaning may seem like a good way to express how much you care about the house and the people residing, but it is not the best route to take in case of a problem. Like with all other fixtures and fittings, sometimes the problem is hidden far beneath the sight. A handy tutorial from the internet might give you a temporary fix, but it is only a professional that can find the permanent solution to a problem.

Many people have attempted DIY drain cleaning before, but a common problem that emerges is a clogged drain. You see an inexperienced hand only ends up escalating the problem, leading to an increased cost of repair in return. Therefore, rather than underestimating drainage clogby cleaning the drain yourself, you should call a professional service for the purpose.

The symptoms of a clogged drain can reappear even when there is regular maintenance of your house. The pungent smell and the weird gurgling noises from the drain are because it is not doing the job it is meant to do. This not only calls for drain repair but it also adds to the level of discomfort in your house. Imagine an important guest enquiring about the strange noises in the middle of an important conversation.

Drain blockage is a common problem, and it is something that only an expert of drain cleaning in the Pantego, TX area can handle properly. In case of a drain cleaning problem you need to call an expert immediately because it can leave a direct impact on your health.

Many users may still not understand the hazards of DIY drain cleaning and that of a clogged drain. Therefore as a result we have decided to make a list of some of the hazards that a clogged drain brings with itself.

 Dangers of Clogged Drain

First is the water that accumulates because of a clogged drain. This water results in a permeating pungent odor in your home, which can make it hard for you to stay comfortable inside your home. The water that starts infusing is unhealthy and exposes you to several diseases that you can fall prey to.

If left ignored, the smell will keep increasing to a point where you can notice it across the house. The smell will make your indoors unpleasant, uncomfortable, and unhealthy for someone who lives in or visits your home.

A guest immediately asking about the smell in the house is an embarrassing situation to find yourself in. However, this is the emotional and psychological damages that come with a clogged drain. The water that gathers due to a clogged drain can eventually start dripping into various parts of the home. The seeping water can leave stains on the ceiling of your house; these stains are permanent if not erased immediately.

Water can then seep into other fixtures and fittings rendering them useless. Sometimes this can result in serious emergencies such as electric shocks; this will then put a question mark over the structural integrity of your property.  The expensive furniture, appliances, and everything else is at a risk of damage from the moisture.

Additionally, pests like mosquitoes are naturally attracted to a clogged drain. The odor and the contaminants in a clogged drain are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. These mosquitoes can then have a direct impact on the health of the people residing inside your home. The bacteria and the germs of the mosquitoes combined with the unhealthy elements of the clogged drain result in a mixture that is harmful for everyone.

While you may be thinking that quick call for drain cleaning is enough to deal with the issue at hand, the process of contamination waits for no one. Ignoring a clogged drain for a small while can lead to problems that are costly to repair. While the process of contamination is a long one, the germs and the bacteria a clogged drain leaves behind can affect a resident in no time.

Therefore, as a homeowner it is your responsibility to protect the residents from the consequences of a clogged drain. Avoiding all DIY measures for repairing a clogged drain is the first step you can take to preventing future accidents of such sort. The numerous losses and the health hazards a clogged drain brings is enough to prevent you from taking the risk of DIY.

You should also be aware of the symptoms of a clogged drain. These symptoms are indicators that you need drain cleaning. Being well-versed with the symptoms of a clogged drain will help you in calling a professional at the right time for drain cleaning.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the punctual plumber services the Pantego, TX area and is renowned for dealing in all sorts of problems to your fixtures and fittings. If you are in the Pantego, TX area call 817-983-7876 if you feel that your drain is displaying all the symptoms of a clogged one, or if you end up blocking it worse during DIY servicing.