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Sewer Line Repair | Plumbing Fort Worth

Sewer line issues may give very little warning. You may walk to the garage and note water pooling on the lawn. On the other hand, you may become aware when your plumbing in Fort Worth has problems such as the drains won’t drain or the toilet won’t flush. It wasn’t so many years ago when sewer line repair always involved a backhoe digging up the lawn, patio and anything else in the way. Once the pipe was repaired the trench was refilled according to local code, and you were left with a muddy lawn lacking grass or landscaping. It was also possible you were left with a destroyed patio or other structure.

Plumbing Fort Worth | Sewer Line Repair

Thankfully today there is an alternative for homeowners’ sewer issues in their plumbing in Fort Worth and provides all of the following benefits:

  • Stops leakage and provides new sewer pipe that will last for decades.
  • Will increase the flow capacity of sewer lines.
  • No digging or destruction to your property is required, preserving the lawn and landscaping. This is especially beneficial when sewer lines lie beneath a driveway, patios, decks and buildings are built over sewer lines.
  • Sewer pipe bursting’ replaces your home’s damaged or aged plumbing in Fort Worth with entirely new sewer pipes. A cable is fed through the length of the sewer pipes and attached to a tool called the bursting head. Using a hydraulic winch, new pipe is pulled through the old pipe with the bursting head breaking up the original pipe and pushing it into the surrounding soil out of the way. This method provides brand new sewer pipe that is resistant to leaking, cracking and root invasion without damage to your lawn or landscaping and without the destructive digging of traditional sewer repair.

When sewer lines are slow to drain, clog, back up or start to leak it can be a sign they are in need of repair or replacement. Sewer pipe problems can result in the leakage of bacterial and viral laden waste. This can lead to dangerous contamination of the water table, wells and surface water such as lakes and creeks. Sewer line repair or replacement calls for qualified professionals equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to diagnose, locate and repair the problematic sewer lines. Sewer line repair restores the efficiency and drainage of your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

Faulty sewer lines may cause a backup of waste water and result in damage to your home. Some common signs of sewer line issues are as follows:

  • Water pooling on the lawn
  • The grass over the sewer line may be greener than the surrounding lawn
  • Collapsed areas in the drain field
  • Sewage odor
  • Toilets that don’t flush and drains that are slow or won’t drain at all.
  • Waste water can back up into drain lines inside the home

Waste water is a potential health hazard as well as a source of structural damage and requires prompt repair, when leaking or entering your home or business.

Video Pipe Inspection

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses the latest pipeline video inspection tools to assess the condition of sewer pipes and your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. This advanced technology allows our plumber to locate the problem, its exact location, and provides effective repair with minimal digging. This technique will disclose if a section or the entire sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. The advanced tool allows our plumbers to locate the issue, its depth and allows for repairs to be focused in the area needed. A pipeline video inspection can identify root intrusion or other clogs, separated sewer pipe, offset pipe joints, or a broken pipe.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line damage occurs over time and the growth of tree roots through cracked sewer lines is one of the most common causes of damage. In their search for water tree roots can enter a cracked sewer pipe and block sewer lines as they grow. In some cases sewer line cleaning can power right through the roots, but only provides a temporary solution for aging and fragile sewer pipes past their prime.

Homeowner’s should be aware that aged sewer lines may be damaged by attempts to clean them due to their fragility. In the case of deteriorated sewer pipes, replacing them with durable, modern pipes will be more cost effective than attempting to repair them. Trenchless sewer line repair takes considerably less time than the previous method of repair, meaning less inconvenience to your household while your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth is replaced.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers will provide you with exemplary service and all the benefits of their expertise. When you need repairs or installation of your homes plumbing in Fort Worth give the prompt plumbers a call. We back our repairs with Benjamin Franklin’s exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to serving you.