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Helpful Actions to Ensure Clog-Free Drains | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Helpful Actions to Ensure Clog-Free Drains | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

We all have a strong plumbing network installed in our houses. Among all the plumbing issues that we face, one of the biggest problems is clogged drains. This should not come much of a surprise as all of us have already faced the clogged drain issue at least once in our lifetime.

But the good part is, most of the clogged drains are easily preventable and need a little bit of consideration on the part of homeowners.

As per the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, a clogged drain is a nuisance. It is a huge inconvenience and easily upset our regular schedule. It prevents people from essential cleaning as well as hygiene care. Thus, most people prefer to purchase different chemical compounds to get rid of clogged drains.

Most homeowners believe that the use of strong chemicals down the drain is the best option to get away with a clogged drain. However, what they fail to realize is the fact, not only are these chemicals quite harmful tothe environment, but all these strong and harsh chemicals are also abrasive and may easily hurt the plumbing.

This means that a clogged drain issue is a problemthat calls for the professional plumber in Arlington, TX.  A clogged drain issue is a sensitive problem and if it’s not fixed by the use of right products and tools it may aggravate and lead to a much bigger problem including the complete replacement of your drain line.

But the question is; why do drains clog?

Well,there are many reasons for a drain clog issue. Oftentimes the clogging is due to improper cleaning of the drain, negligence in keeping the drain line clean or draining the particles or food items that cannot pass through the drain line and eventually blocks the drain system.

As per the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, no homeowner should attempt to fix a drain clog issue as a DIY project, unless it is a minor issue or the homeowner possess the right expertise to perform the job. Oftentimes homeowners try to fix the problem by using different types of chemicals and tools and this only aggravates the issue.

Thus, your best bet is to look for a professional plumber in Arlington, TX and let them fix the job.

For your better understanding, let us have a look at some of the measures or actions that prevent the drain clogging issue and help you avoid the frequent repair and maintenance cost in the long run.

Mesh Drain Screens

One of the most effective and easiest ways to ensure clean drains is to install a new mesh drain screen throughout your house. These mesh drain screens workgreat to catch all the items that are most likely to clog your drain line and easily escape the drainnet.

Some of these items include soap scum, hair, debris, food. All of these items easily compromise your drain system or plumbing. Thus go for mesh drain screens as they are not expensive and quite easy to install by hiring a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

Weekly Maintenance

Another major measure to keep your drains clog-freeis to ensure the weekly maintenance of it. This means regular cleaning of drain lines to increase their longevity. Clean the drain lines installed in your house, at least once a week. You can do it by removing the additional debris from the pop-up stoppers, sink strainers and drain covers.

As per the plumbers in Arlington, TX this is particularly important for your bathroom drains which can easily be compromised by soap and hair buildup.

Preventive Cleaners

You can also keep your drain line clean by using homemade chemical formula. It is fine to use these methods at least once a month to further clear the unclogged drain,But make sure that the homemade formula should be nontoxic.

This way you keep the drain line safe from grease, debris and hair buildup and up to a minimum. The simplest recipe for a nontoxic cleaner is to make a mixture of one cup cider vinegar and baking soda. This recipe works wonders for clogged drains or todeep clean the drain line. Indeed, if you think that there is a drain clogging issue and you are not experienced enough to fix the problem on your own, then your best bet is to hire only the best professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

Mindful Brushing

In this preventive measure, all the family members should follow a simple practice. That is to habitually brush hair before taking a bath or even shower. This is a great way to prevent drain clogging. As per the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, hair buildup is one of the biggest reasons for drain clogging.

When you brush your hair it helps to get rid of follicles that are otherwise likely to float down your drain system. Also if you are using mesh screen drains then it is another good idea to catch hair. However, a mesh screen is not the solution to catch or prevent every kind of item from clogging the drain.

Throw Trash into the Bin

Remember your sink is not your trash bin, thus, all the family members must understand that throwing trash in the sink will only end up in drain clogging. As per the plumbers in Arlington, TXyour garbage disposal is not your trash can. Sinks are installed for washing and grooming and should only be used for the same purpose.

Nonetheless, a drain clogging issue leaves your entire house non-functional. It is very necessary to keep your drain lines clean and for this, you must always hire the professionals.

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