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Helpful Plumber Tips For Your Bathroom | Mansfield, TX

Helpful Plumber Tips For Your Bathroom | Mansfield, TX

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Today, we’ll talk about your bathroom. Our team managed to come up with the best plumbing tips for a clean, smart, and fresh-smelling bathroom. If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX.

Avoiding Hair Clogs in the Bathroom Drain

The hair found in the bathroom drain is unsightly, and it makes your bathroom look untidy. Hair clogs can also cause overflowing in your tubs and sinks. Below are our tips to help you avoid hair clogs in your bathroom drain. If you can’t get rid of the clog, make sure to call a licensed plumber.

Buy a Drain Cover

Installing a drain screen is one of the most effective ways to prevent clogs in your bathroom. Drain screens are available at your local hardware, and you can install this in your tub or sink to trap hair. They are also pretty easy to install but if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a licensed professional.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services

At first, it will start with slow drains. You must get help immediately as this can progress to a major drain clog, and it might be difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional.

Getting a professional drain cleaning is also beneficial as it ensures your drains are clean and free of any obstruction. When you contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for drain cleaning, we’ll quickly dispatch one of our professionals to inspect your drains and rule out any problem. We’ll also make sure that the problem is permanently resolved.

Another tip: Before taking a shower, consider brushing your hair first to remove excess hair in your head. Doing this prevents loose hair on the bathroom floor.

Removing Hair Clogs:

It can be easier to remove hair clogs from your drains if you have basic plumbing tools at home. You can even use a plunger to suck up hair from your drain but do make sure that you have a separate plunger just for the drains. Please avoid using the plunger for your toilets as it’s very unsanitary.

You can also pour boiling water mixed with baking soda and vinegar mixture to eliminate a minor hair clog in the drain. Avoid chemical-based cleaners as they can harm your pipes.

For major hair clogs, consider calling a plumber in Mansfield, TX, for assistance. Our professionals are equipped with the best tools to help you properly remove drain clogs.

Your bathroom will look tidy and clean if it’s free from hair in the sinks or tub and mold growth in the tiles or walls. For other bathroom-related issues, call a plumber today.

Causes of Mold Growth in Your Bathrooms

Mold exposure can cause numerous health issues such as eye and skin irritation, coughing, frequent sinusitis, and rashes. It’s best to know what causes mold so you can prevent it.

Wet Spots in the Bathroom

As much as possible, dry the wet areas in the bathroom as they are one of the main causes of mold growth. Inspect your plumbing fixtures to see if there are leaks. Make sure you remove all wet towels on the floor and buy an absorbent floor mat. You may also consider hiring a professional in Mansfield, TX, for an inspection, not just for your bathroom but for your entire plumbing system. Best to call a professional as they may help identify some problems in the bathroom that you have overlooked.

Lack of Ventilation

Before taking a shower, make it a point to turn on the exhaust fan to remove the steam or condensation on the walls. Moisture is one of the culprits for mold growth, but it can be easily avoided. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, simply open a window to get rid of the moisture. For other problems with your bathroom, call a plumber. Our licensed professionals are more than happy to assist you with anything plumbing-related.


You may want to use water-resistant grout as they are usually stain-resistant, and there’s no need to seal them, unlike the cement type. If your grout has already deteriorated, simply restore it by refilling it with new grout. Do this as needed, so your bathroom stays mold-free and clean-looking. If you have other plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to contact one of our plumbers in Mansfield, TX.

Remember that mold isn’t only seen in the bathroom. They also appear in damp areas or when moisture is present. If there are damp areas in your basement or other parts of your home, call a plumber immediately for a proper plumbing inspection.

Why My Toilet Smells After Flushing

A sewer-like smell after flushing the toilet could indicate a problem. It’s a warning sign that it’s time to call a plumber in Mansfield, TX, so they can investigate and give you the proper solutions. Below are some of the reasons why your toilet smells after flushing.

Unused Toilet

How many toilets do you have in your home? Toilets that are not used for months can smell. This is because the water in the toilet bowl can evaporate, and in the absence of water, the odors from the pipes can travel to your toilet, causing the smell. You can prevent this problem when you make sure that the toilet always has water. Consider flushing it at least once a week to avoid toilet smells. If you’re still having problems, consider speaking with a plumber for an inspection.

Broken Seal

The toilet has a wax ring that prevents smells from coming from the drain pipes. When this ring is damaged, the odors from the drainpipe can escape to the toilet after flushing. A major damage to the wax ring can also lead to flooding in the bathroom. Imagine how unsanitary it would be when the water from your toilet is escaping — make sure that you call a plumber right away for help.

Thankfully, there is a way to determine whether the seal is broken. If you feel the toilet rocking after sitting on it, the seal may have been compromised. Call a plumber immediately so they can replace the wax ring.


A blockage can also cause toilet smells after flushing. If this is the culprit, contact a plumber asap. A good plumber will know how to deal with this type of problem. Call Benjamin Franklin, and we assure you that your toilet will be good as new.

To avoid toilet-related problems, take time to talk to your family members about how to properly care for your toilet. Make sure they are aware that they can only flush the human waste down the toilet. Other things need to be thrown in the trash.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Toilets don’t last forever. So when you keep getting issues with the toilet, it may be time to call a plumber to install a new one. Below are the signs that you need to buy a new toilet.

Constant Clogs

No one wants to deal with toilet clogs as they are stressful and inconvenient. Your bathroom will also smell when the toilet clogs. A plunger can help you deal with a clog, but it’s time to call a professional for an inspection if it happens regularly. If you have an older toilet, chances are some of its components may already be worn out, and it’s time to get a new one. For toilets, make sure that you don’t install them by yourself. Always call a professional for help to ensure the proper installation of your new toilet.

Constantly Runs

A running toilet can waste about 4.5 gallons of water in a minute. If you don’t fix this right away, expect higher water bills every month. When the toilet runs, the rubber flapper may be damaged, or the fill valve inside the tank is broken. Call a plumber so they can inspect and recommend whether you should get the toilet repaired or buying a replacement will be more cost-effective.

Old Toilet

Did you move to an older home? If the toilet is old and no longer efficient, it’s definitely better to get a new one to save money. Consider getting a dual flush toilet for your home, as it’s designed to use less water. You can reduce water consumption, save money on your water bill, and save the environment by installing a dual flush toilet.

Cracked Toilet

If there are cracks in the toilet base, contact a plumber immediately. Ignoring the problem can lead to leaking and puddling. You can avoid a smelly bathroom by calling a professional to help you fix the problem. After the inspection, we can recommend if it’s better to get it repaired or buy another toilet.

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Adding smart technology to your bathroom can be beneficial. You can reduce energy consumption with smart plumbing and also reduce the spread of germs. For example, with a smart faucet, there’s no need to touch anything, thus preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. A smart toilet can also notify you if it’s broken and if there are leaks in your plumbing. While they can be expensive, smart plumbing is pretty neat and very convenient. Talk to one of our plumbers if you want to know your options.

Smart Toilets

Apart from their water-saving features, smart toilets are also very convenient. Some models have luxurious features such as temperature-controlled seats. They are eco-friendly because the smarter version only uses 1.6 to 2 gallons of water per flush compared to regular toilets. You can save about 18 gallons per person per day when you have smart toilets installed in your bathroom.

You can improve your bathroom experience if you have a smart toilet. There’s no need to touch anything with a smart toilet as the technology takes care of flushing and even cleaning in some models. The only downside is they can be costly to install. Speak with one of our plumbers if you’re thinking about installing a smart toilet for your home.

Smart Baths

If you want a luxurious and more relaxing bath, consider installing whirlpool baths that feature water jets to stimulate blood circulation and relax tired muscles. It’s a good addition to your bathroom if you have the budget for it. Contact a professional if you need additional help.

Smart Showers

Smart showers have great features such as managing water temperature, anti-scald features, set your shower duration and flow rate, and lots more. You can also connect it to your mobile phone and control it via voice command.

Are smart bathroom technology really worth it? They can be unreliable as you’ll need to be always connected to the internet. Smart tech may also be not ideal for those that are not tech-savvy. Weigh all the pros and cons first to help you decide whether or not you should go with a smart bathroom. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals so we can help you make an informed decision.

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