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Hidden Water Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington

Hidden Water Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington

Hidden Water Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington

Water leaks can lead to high water bills
and serious problems when the leak is in your home. Being aware of the signs of
a water leak can save you money, and reduce potential damage to your home. The
signs of a hidden water leak are not
as easy to detect. The signs can be subtle, recognizing them is the first step
in resolving a leak with water line
repair in Arlington

High Water Bill

It isn’t unusual for the first sign of a leak to be a high water bill.
Hidden leaks are not likely to be as obvious as a puddle of water on the
kitchen floor. That comes later if at all, after the leak has gone on so long the
concrete foundation cracks. In addition, low water pressure may indicate a
leak, even when no signs are noted.

Walls, Floors, and

The walls, floor, and ceiling can show the
signs of a water leak. You may see nothing more than a blistered section of
paint on the wall, or a thin line of mildew on top of shoe molding. An obvious
sign would be peeling wallpaper and paint. You may notice warped flooring, or
discolored wood, linoleum or vinyl. In addition, tiles may crack, discolor, and
loosen. Mildew and mold is an additional obvious sign and can develop in just
24 hours. Along with mold and mildew, you may notice a musty odor. Warm spots
on the floor can indicate a hot water leak beneath the slab. When you suspect a
leak, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber
for water line repair in Arlington.

Water Meter Test

Your water meter can be used as a tool
to diagnose a leak. Check the numbered display on the meter, and write it down.
Ensure no one uses any water for an hour, and turn off all automatic users of
water, such as the icemaker. After an hour recheck the water meter and write
down the numbered display. If the numbers have advanced, you have a leak. Contact
a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water
line repair in Arlington.

Slab Leaks

Many of today’s homes are built on a
concrete slab. Slab leaks occur beneath the concrete slab and are a common type
of leak.

Causes of a Slab Leak

There are a number of causes of a slab
leak. Over time, the pipe experiences wear, and eventually a leak will occur. Water
chemistry can affect pipes, causing premature wear and eventual leaks.
Furthermore, poor installation or damage occurring by other trade workers
during construction may result in leaking pipes beneath a slab foundation.

When your home has a hidden leak, It’s
essential to hire a plumber with experience for water line repair in Arlington, and the latest technology for
locating leaks and providing leak repair.
Ensure you hire a qualified, licensed
with the necessary experience in slab leak detection, and repair.
For plumbing services you can rely
on, contact our plumbers in Arlington.

Slab Leak Repair

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing utilizes the
latest technology in leak detection and repair of slab leaks, and other hidden water leaks. When you need water line repair in Arlington our
experienced and professional plumbers in Arlington offer expertise in leak
detection and repair. Our licensed
serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a
member of the BBB with an A+ rating.