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High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

The call for water conservation has gone out almost world wide as the population grows and water resources dwindle. Now more than ever there is a need to conserve and protect the water resources in our communities. A combination of mindful conservation and high efficiency plumbing fixtures that conserve water can contribute to a collective success for each community. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the faucet installation of your choice.

High efficiency fixtures are a means of achieving water conservation. According to the EPA, if all households in the US installed these fixtures, over 3 trillion gallons of water would be saved annually. In addition, by reducing your household water use, energy is also saved, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

High Efficiency Faucets

Conventional faucets tend to use 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or more. However, when replaced with  high-efficiency faucets, the flow rates do not exceed 1.5 gpm. That is a gallon per minute saved each time you turn on a faucet for washing your hands, dishes, taking a shower or washing a car.

Saving On Showers

In the average household, showering accounts for about 20 percent of the water used in the home. Furthermore, if you want to save water in the shower, be sure to check the flow rate before purchasing a showerhead. Specialized faucets can use more, affecting your efforts to save water. High efficiency showerheads are a low flow choice. Selecting one that does not use over 2 gpm saves half a gallon each minute you shower when compared to conventional showerheads. It may not seem like much, but over a months time it will reduce water used for showering by 70%. Our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the plumbing installation you need.

Replace Toilets With a High Efficiency Option

The toilet in your home may waste significant water. Older toilets may use 3.5 gpm, and while low flow toilets of the past performed poorly, the technology has greatly improved. If you need a toilet installation contact our licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas  today. The following offers suggestions for selecting a water saving toilet:

  • A high-efficiency toilet will not use more than 1.28 gpf.
  • A dual-flush toilet uses two buttons: one for flushing liquid waste and a button for flushing solid waste. Less water is required for liquid waste, enabling you to save even more water.

Additional Tips for Saving Water

  • Wait until you have a full load of dishes and laundry. For those who wash dishes by hand wait until you have a sink of clean dishes to rinse them, and don’t leave the water running.
  • Have water leaks repaired, and monitor for them routinely.
  • If you suspect a running toilet, drop a few small amount of food coloring into the toilet tank and recheck in half an hour to one hour. Color in the bowl indicates the need for toilet repair. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas for plumbing repair.
  • Cut the length of showers down to 15 minutes, with a goal of 5 minutes.
  • Shut off the water while brushing your teeth and save 5 gallons.
  • Don’t forget to monitor for outdoor leaks.

To receive additional information about high efficiency plumbing fixtures,  contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas who will be glad to assist you. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers professional plumbing services with the expertise you can rely on. If you want to save water, our plumbers can assist you with the installation of water saving toilets, faucets, and shower heads. Our licensed plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.