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High Water Pressure Damage | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

High Water Pressure Damage | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

High Water Pressure | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Few homeowners will complain of high water pressure, until it causes damage to plumbing or appliances. Homeowners who experience high water pressure need to be especially vigilant to avoid leaks and ruined appliances. Checking the water pressure is a simple DIY task. When you suspect a pressure problem you are welcome to call Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas for a water pressure test and the necessary plumbing repair.

Water Pressure Test

You can purchase a water pressure gauge at almost any home or plumbing supply store for $10 to $20.

  1. Attach a water pressure gauge to any hose bib.
  2. Turn the water on to obtain a reading. The reading your water pressure.

High water pressure is caused by the municipal water supply. Municipalities often set water pressure high to meet the needs of supplying adequate pressure for fire hydrants, for example.plumbers arlington texas

High water pressure can be responsible for a great deal of damage in the home. It may cause rupture of the glass lining inside those water heaters featuring them, resulting in leaks and water heater replacement by the plumbers in Arlington, Texas. In addition, elevated pressure can damage the icemaker and associated valves as well as rupturing water lines, causing leaks in faucets, toilets and numerous other problems.

Water pressure will vary by area and municipality, but high water pressure is typically considered to be 65 psi or above. In some areas, municipal water pressure can be as high as 150 psi.

Municipalities providing a water supply with a high water pressure typically recommend the installation of a pressure reducing valve (PRV), also called a water pressure regulator. The plumbers in Arlington, Texas offer the service of installing a PRV on your water main to protect your home, plumbing and appliances. Buried in the soil, the PRV will typically require replacement every 10 – 15 years depending upon environmental and soil conditions.

A pressure regulator ensures that the pressure coming from the municipal water supply is reduced to a recommended and safe pressure. When Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas install a regulator on the home’s water main as it exits the meter, protection is provided to the water supply line going to the home, ensuring it and all plumbing, appliances and fixtures are protected from the effects of high water pressure.

Being able to recognize the signs of high water pressure and providing a routine water pressure check can prevent costly damage to your plumbing, your appliances and home. The following are potential signs of high water pressure that may be due to a malfunctioning pressure relief valve:

  • An unusually increased number of leaks. Leaks may be caused by a variety of factors and an elevated water pressure is one of them.
  • Water Hammer – Water hammer occurs when water that is travelling at a high rate of speed is stopped abruptly, as when a faucet is cut off. Water hammer can break pipe joints and cause valves to leak. A high water pressure can be a potential cause of water hammer though other causes are possible.
  • Abnormal dishwasher and washing machine noise can be due to elevated water pressure, check for leaks.
  • Repeated repairs to appliances – For example, the same component requires repair repeatedly with a few months. Multiple parts failure may also occur.

The installation or replacement of a pressure relief valve involves cutting into the water main, a job best left to Benjamin Franklin’s licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

If you suspect high water pressure is damaging your appliances and/or plumbing, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide a water pressure test. Our plumbers are recognized as being among the best in the industry with the expertise to ensure a professional job each and every time. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures your satisfaction with our plumbers in Arlington, Texas, as well as ensuring you receive quality plumbing services. Our plumbers strive to exceed your expectations. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.