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Holding Water To A Higher Standard With Water Filtration Systems | Haslet, TX

Holding Water To A Higher Standard With Water Filtration Systems | Haslet, TX

The water in your home’s pipes leaves the city water utility meeting certain basic standards, but you may want to do better. Even if you have a well, testing may uncover aspects of your well water that aren’t up to your standards. In addition to contaminants, the taste and odor of your water can make a big difference to you and your family, and hard water is hard on your pipes and appliances including your water heater. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, we have expert plumbers who understand the area’s water quality issues and can provide testing and targeted water filtration systems to bring your home’s water up to your standards, and ours in Haslet, TX.

Water Quality Your Neighbors Will Envy

Have you ever had a neighbor come over to borrow a cup of water? With one of our professionally installed water filtration systems, it might just happen! Quality water makes a big difference in everything from cooking and drinking to showering and keeping your plumbing in good shape. In Haslet, TX as in most cities the local water utility processes a lot of water with good basic quality, but for hard water and other characteristics, home water filtration systems take quality much further. These days, an increasing number of additional concerns are present in our tap water and even rainwater, such as VOCs, PFAS, and chemicals and trace elements of various kinds. Some water also has odor or taste issues that don’t affect your family’s health, but definitely make an impact.

Testing and Resolution of Water Quality Issues

Water filtration systems address substances present in water that range from agricultural pollutants to mercury and lead, sediment and chlorine. Your well water quality may vary, and even city water is affected by the use of different well and reservoir sources as well as issues in the water mains such as backflow and infiltration. When water main problems arise due to breaks in the line or fire department hydrant use, you may get a “boil water notice,” and need to pay special care to your water quality for some time. Our water quality testing helps you establish the components of your current water supply, and verify it over the years. Using information from professional testing, we can target specific concerns with our water filtration systems. The average person in the U.S. drinks nearly 200 gallons of water per day, many people even more, filtering all of it through their body. It just makes sense to have our water filtration systems make it the best it can be.

Getting Hard Water Under Control for Plumbing’s Sake

Hard water is a big issue in many parts of the country including our area, since minerals are dissolved in our water supply through natural processes. These minerals aren’t just the trace amounts found in specialized bottled water, they’re significant enough to negatively affect the taste and leave residue after showers. Hard water affects how soaps perform, including shampoos and laundry soap. Scale is formed in coffee makers, water heaters both tank and tankless, throughout your pipes, and in your appliances, clogging them and requiring periodic cleaning. Corrosion in pipes is accelerated when hard water is present, advancing damage and bringing the date when replacement is needed much closer than it would be. Fixtures including faucets, sinks, and tubs are all affected by it over time, and the list goes on. A water softener unit provides ongoing removal or neutralization of hard water, using simple renewable supplies and minimal periodic maintenance. Our team can tell you more about how to get hard water under control, and make sure your pipes and water heater are not already corroding to the point of concern.

Activated Carbon and Similar Water Filtration Methods

A standard activated carbon filter does a great job of removing many contaminants from your water, providing affordable processing of large volumes of water. Our experts can install one in your home’s incoming water line, so that all your pipes and fixtures receive carefully filtered water. In addition to whole house water filters using these technologies, we also offer units for specific purposes such as your kitchen sink. We have selected trusted manufacturers for the water filtration systems we install, and carry the supplies needed to operate them so you’ll always be covered and drinking great water.

Reverse Osmosis, the Gold Standard

If you look on the label of your bottled water, you may find a reference to reverse osmosis or “RO” filtration as part of the process used to create it. This is a chemical “screening” that passes the pure water and not much more, providing great water at every tap in your home and removing contaminants effectively. RO systems provide great ongoing service for your home with regular filter and membrane replacement on schedule, which we can handle over the 10-15 year typical lifespan that RO systems provide. You’ll enjoy hydrating without concerns about what’s in all the water you’re drinking, and it won’t be necessary to bring home cases of plastic bottles and take them back for recycling.

Water Filter Installation

Having your water quality equipment expertly installed by our licensed plumbers ensures that your system will reliably process all your home’s water, or in the case of individual units, the water for your kitchen, children’s bathroom, or another source.

Wonderful water is a pleasure our water filtration systems customers enjoy, from a glass of great drinkable water to comfortable showers and long-lasting appliances and fixtures throughout their homes. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, we love to make your home more livable with our plumbing products and services, as well as provide maintenance so you can rely on them over the years in Haslet, TX. For more information on the range of water filtration systems we offer, or to get a water quality test as a starting point for getting great water, call us today!

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