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Home to American Folk Heroes: When to Call a Plumber | Granbury, TX

Home to American Folk Heroes: When to Call a Plumber | Granbury, TX

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Granbury, TX began as a modest square with a rustic, log cabin courthouse but has grown into a thriving community of hardworking and friendly people who don’t know why Confederate General Hiram B. Granberry spelled the name of the town differently from his family name but many agree that the General must have preferred the new spelling.

Following the TX Revolution in 1853, Elizabeth Crockett, the wife of Davy Crockett, settled in Hood County with the 640 acres in land grants awarded to her family. Davy Crockett lost his life in the TX Revolution but before he died Crockett served in the Tennessee House of Representatives and earned the moniker, ‘King of the Wild Frontier’ for his efforts in settling wild America.

There’s plenty of wilderness left in northern Texas, but Granbury is a comfortable town where residents appreciate the small luxuries like functional plumbing, clean water, healthy food to eat, and good company.

The real American folk heroes are the men and women of our community who work hard every day to ensure Granbury, TX remains an enjoyable place to live. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth takes pride in providing exceptional plumbing services at competitive prices.

A Trustworthy Plumber

There are lots of choices when it comes to hiring a plumber. Unless you’ve got a regular tradesman who you rely on, it might be a hassle trying to decipher which service is going to be a good value for the money.

Choosing a plumbing service based solely on price points might end up costing you more money in the long run. Reading reviews and asking family members and neighbors for referrals can aid in the selection process but what happens if you’re in an emergency situation and these trusted professionals can’t squeeze you in?

The Benjamin Franklin team understands the important balance of affordability and a job well done. Our technicians are factory-trained, bonded, and insured. We offer incentives for our employees to periodically sharpen their skills to stay abreast of the technological advancements made in the plumbing industry.

Our team members submit to an extensive background check before being sent on service calls. Inviting a technician into your home is an act of trust. We value your trust and take comprehensive steps to protect our valued clients.

10 Ominous Signs You Need a Professional Plumbing Service

It’s a wise choice to roll up your shirt sleeves and put in the effort when there’s a problem that’s easily fixed. The network of pipes and joints which make up your plumbing are hidden underground or within the walls of your home or office. Attempting to fix a severe issue without the help of a professional can leave your space a mess and cost you significantly more than a service call.

1.  Low Water Pressure

Lots of Granbury, TX homes struggle with low water pressure. This common issue is often due to pipes that are too small or clogged pathways. A plumber will be able to identify the source of the problem without destroying your walls and floors.


2.  Damaged Walls and Floors

Often damaged walls and flooring are discovered long after the problem started. It takes a considerable amount of time for water to destroy plaster and wood surfaces. The harm done to your floors and walls might be the result of a burst or leaking pipe.


3.  Yellowish, Brown Stains

Another indicator of leaking and burst pipes, brown and yellowish stains on the ceiling and floors of areas directly below a kitchen, bathroom, or utility room may be mold growth. A plumber will be able to identify the source of the stains.


4.  Lack of Hot Water

Taking an icy shower might be the newest health enthusiast trend taking over the internet, but it’s not going to get the dishes clean! A lack of hot water is a warning sign that you need immediate assistance from a highly-skilled plumber.


5.  Weird Noises

Your taps will naturally make noise from time to time. However, knocking faucets and groaning taps aren’t typically normal. The unusual sounds might be caused by trapped air in the plumbing network.


6.  Stinky Drains

Pouring scraps of food into the disposal can result in bits getting trapped and emitting unpleasant smells, but if you cannot identify the source of the scent, then it’s time to consult a plumber.


7.  No Water

Don’t panic if you turn on the faucet to be met with nothing but air flowing out. There are many possible causes the water isn’t running. Check with your local water company first and inquire about scheduled maintenance times.


8.  Burst Pipes and Leaking Joints

Plumbing is a delicate system. The regular fracking in the area disturbs the underground network of pipes and joints and can leave you with leaking joints or burst pipes. Benjamin Franklin’s team knows how to effectively tackle this issue.


9.  Lazy Drains

If it’s taking forever for the bathtub to drain or if the dishwasher isn’t emptying completely there could be an obstruction in the appliances’ drain. Slow drains can be symptomatic of larger plumbing problems.


10.  Back Flow in Your Home

The job of the plumbing system is to remove waste from the home and provide clean water for sanitation purposes. When waste is bubbling up into your house instead of away and to the sewer then it’s time to consult a plumber.

A plumbing system is more likely to experience disturbances to service when the system is overused or is insufficient for the volume of use. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth – Granbury, TX wants to help you keep your home or office running, clean, and functional. We offer regular, maintenance packages to keep your plumbing flushing.

Seasoned Plumber Services

  • Slab and Gas Leak Repair
  • Kitchen Plumbing Design, Installation, and Renovation
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Residential and Commercial Water Line Installation and Repair
  • Troubleshooting for Yard Line and Water Leaks
  • Unclogging Drains
  • Bathroom Plumber Services including Drip Repair
  • Tub and Sink Design, Installation, and Renovation
  • Water Filter System Installation and Repair
  • Plumbing Service for Water Features and Wells
  • Expansion Tank Repair and Maintenance
  • Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair
  • Traditional Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Commercial and Residential Drain Clearing
  • Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance

Customer Reviews

“I’m pretty-darn stubborn after I’ve made up my mind about something. I consider myself to be a helpful man to have around the house. I know my way around a toolbox. I repaired armored tanks during my time in the army. So, when my wife started to complain about a clogged sink in the en-suite bathroom, I was fully confident I could repair it.

I was wrong! Three days and a huge soggy mess later, I accepted that my skills were insufficient for the task and called the Ben Franklin Plumber. I was surprised to learn that they offer an emergency response call-out and a next day service. They had the issue resolved and the mess cleaned up all within one afternoon! There are few businesses that show the level of attention and care that the team at Benjamin Franklin lavish on their customers. Count on them for affordable and efficient plumbing services.”

Thomas Williams, Saginaw, TX, August 2019

“My family has lived in the same house since my great-grandmother and her parents moved here from Ireland. It’s nothing fancy but we’ve always taken excellent care of the house. My grandmother wouldn’t have it any other way. Her home was her pride and joy until she passed away a few months ago.

There’s no one to take care of the old house. I travel every week for work and my sister lives in New Zealand. Eventually, we decided to rent the house to friends from college. Our friends are hardworking people who don’t complain very often. When they told us the plumbing was on the fritz I knew it was serious.

The problem was a big inconvenience. The taps produced a minimal stream of cold water that wasn’t enough to wash your hands let alone take a shower or wash the dishes! I don’t know anything about household maintenance but I knew I needed a plumber who would respect my family’s generational home without causing unnecessary destruction.

I asked for advice from my coworkers and my executive assistant suggested I call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and discuss my concerns with them. I was happily surprised by the knowledgeable and friendly agent who walked me through company protocols when it comes to completing plumbing work in a historic space. The plumber resolved the lack of water pressure and my friendly tenants were comfortable once again! Thank you, Ben Franklin for all your help and the affordability!”

Harry Paris, Fort Worth, TX, December 2019

The Effects of Fracking on Plumbing Systems

Texas and oil have been synonymous for many decades. In the late 1970s, a shale rich in natural gas was located underneath the city of Fort Worth and the neighboring suburbs. The advancements in technology surrounding the fracking industry and vertical drilling have made the practice commonplace in the Dallas and Fort Worth region.

Many local households have leased their natural gas rights to companies that are extracting the resource from deep underground which provides additional income with little effort. However, continual drilling has caused small earthquakes and tremors which damage the subterranean plumbing.

When your plumbing system was originally installed it was believed that the joints and pipes would remain stationary throughout the life of the plumbing network. The fracking process involves extracting the gas by forcing sand, pressurized water, and chemicals into the shale.

The process can put excessive pressure on the joints and pipes of the plumbing system disturbing the natural flow of clean and wastewater. Common fracking problems include slab leaks and burst pipes.

Our team of savvy plumber professionals is familiar with the challenges brought on by the fracking process. They periodically review their skills and participate in refresher training to efficiently respond to common plumbing issues.

An Award-Winning Plumber

We understand there are many choices when it comes to hiring a plumber. We offer highly trained technicians who submit to thorough background checks before being licensed and bonded to respond to service calls.

We’re committed to providing exceptional plumbing services while remaining transparent in our pricing, honest in our timeline estimations, and considerate of our client’s needs. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth represents the very best plumbers in the state who strive to make loyal customers out of every home they service.

We offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service when the worst happens to your plumbing at inconvenient times. The emergency service incurs a modest additional fee because we believe a life and work balance contributes to a productive workforce. We want Granbury to rely on us when trouble strikes and doing so fairly requires compensating our team for their additional efforts.

Our team members aren’t just expert plumbers and customer service specialists, they are our friends, our family, and members of our valued community. The people we hire set us apart from the long list of tradespeople working in the area because our people reflect the heart of our little town.

Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX as soon as you feel there’s an issue with your plumbing because leaving it will only raise the cost of the repair. We stand by the quality of our work and we promise to arrive and finish the job on-time, every time.

Protect your plumbing and your home by responding quickly to any red flags or warning signs. Early detection by a trained plumber can rescue your plumbing system and reduce the costly impact on your bank account. Trust a plumber who offers expertise, affordability, and transparency.