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Hot Water Heater Flush | Water Heater Repair Arlington

Hot Water Heater Flush | Water Heater Repair Arlington

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Regular water heater maintenance can extend the service life of your water heater and helps to maintain its energy efficiency as well. In addition, routine maintenance can go a long way in reducing the amount of required water heater repair. A hot water heater flush is one of the DIY tasks you can provide your water heater to make the most of these benefits. For those who prefer a professional job, a plumber in Fort Worth can take care of it for you.


The recommended frequency of a water heater flush will depend on the hardness of the water in your area. Typically, an annual full flush will benefit most water heaters.  Once this is provided, those with excessively hard water can provide a Two Quarts/Two months method of flushing.  This is explained further in the following.


In areas with hard water, a layer of sediment will accumulate on the bottom of the water heater tank. Flushing removes this layer of sediment preventing problems from developing. The problems can result in the need for water heater repair in Fort Worth, and reduces the appliance’s service life. The following explains the benefits in greater detail for your understanding.


Extending the Water Heater Lifespan and Saving Money

The accumulation of sediment results in increased heat on the bottom of the tank. This may cause the glass liner to crack. Over time, water in contact with the steel tank results in rust, and eventually a water heater leak. Water heater repair in Fort Worth is not possible once this occurs, with replacement of the appliance as the only option.

In addition to increased heat exposure to the glass liner, the growing layer of sediment can impair the transfer of heat to your water. This is due to the energy source having to heat through the sediment before it can even heat your water. The hot water heater flush goes a long way in preventing these problems.


Hot Water Heater Flush

A water heater flush is not a difficult task in general. If you are uncomfortable with the procedure, a plumber can provide the service for you.  To ensure your safety, check your owners manual before attempting. Use the following directions for a DIY water heater flush:


1) Turn off the water heater

Electric Water Heaters

Turn off the circuit breaker in the home’s electrical panel. If in breaker is not labeled it may be best for you to contact a licensed plumber to provide the service for you.


Gas Water Heaters

For most gas water heaters turn the setting to ‘pilot’.

  1. Turn off the cold water supply entering the water heater at the shut off valve. If the water lacks a shut off valve turn the water of the water meter.
  2. The drain valve will be located near the bottom of the water heater tank. Check to ensure a rubber washer is inside the garden hose connector to prevent leaking, and connect it to the drain valve. Replace missing or damaged washers before using. Place a thick towel beneath the valve for residual leaks.
  3. Place the other end of the garden hose out of a door or window to drain. Ensure the hot water will not drain on people, pets, plants, electrical outlets or lighting. If you are unable to drain the water outdoors, use a bucket and empty frequently, turning the drain valve off each time you empty the bucket.
  4. Open a hot water valve at the faucet nearest to the water heater to allow the water to fully drain from the water heater.
  5. Use an oven mitt or towel to open the water heater drain valve. Turn the valve slowly to reduce the risk of damage to the valve. Water should start coming out of the hose. Remember, the water will be hot.
  6. When you no longer see sediment draining and the water is clear, the flush is complete.
  7. Close the drain valve with a towel or mitt and disconnect the garden hose. Hold the hose end up to prevent hot water from draining onto you, and place it outside until drained.
  8. Turn off the hot water valve you opened on the nearest faucet. Due to infrequent use, the water heater drain valves will occasionally leak after use. If this occurs try tightening it. Otherwise, you will need to contact a plumber for water heater repair.
  9. Turn the cold water supply to the water heater back on. Allow at least 10 minutes for the water heater to refill.
  • Turn the water heater on.


Two Months/Two Quarts Water Heater Flush

Once you have provided a full flush of the water heater, remove 2-3 quarts of water from the drain valve every 2-3 months to remove sediment. In areas with extremely hard water, a water softener may be helpful. Contact a plumber for additional information.


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