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Household Plumbing Tips for Every Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX

Household Plumbing Tips for Every Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX

Today’s plumbing systems have become complex than ever. These plumbing systems, no matter how complicated they are and what functionalities they offer, are designed on two basic principles: knowing the valves, and understanding the pressure. It is important that you understand how they work so you can deal with any issue before they turn into something big, something problematic and difficult to clean up.

Every homeowner should know what a plumbing issue look like and understand the consequences their malfunction may cause. You should be able to spot them and know how to fix them. Here are some tips that you should have up your sleeves to keep your home safe and dry.

Beware of leaks

First thing to remember about plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – beware of the leaks. No matter how small the leaks are, keep an eye on them because they are the first sign of something going wrong with your pipes system. Keep an eye out for damp walls, leaking taps, damp cabinets, excess water at the base of your toilet. All these are warning signs that you should look out for, and immediately take action if you happen to observe one.

Take the molds seriously

It is not only the leakages that are an obvious warning sign, growing mildews and molds on the walls, under the cabinets, and at the back of the sink – they all are signs of internal leakages. If you notice them, call in the professional services to get the molds removed and damp cure applied.

Know where to run to

Let’s say the plumbing failed, and the pipe came off, would you know how to control the gushing water? Keep the location of main water supply valves in your mind, so you can run and shut them off. It can get very frustrating looking for shut off valves in hurry – keep the right tools at easily accessible places. If the place is dark or hidden, keep a torch light.

Shut down the appliances

The moment you spot a plumbing issue, the first thing to cut down the mess considerably is to cut off the water supply to your sinks, washing machines, icemaker, dispensers and your washing machines. It will save you the cleanup. 

Easy fixes with household items

Sometimes you can fix a clogged drain or blocked pipes with simple household items. Using carbonated drinks, hot water, baking soda or caustic soda can easily unclog blocked drains by removing the residuals of food, hair, and dirt.

Keep your tool kit prepared

Many of plumbing emergencies as blocked toilet, jammed valves, leaking taps and clogged drains, can be resolved if you have the right tools at hand. Make a tool kit that contains a plunger, a sewer snake, pipe wrench in it and keep it under your sink to access it immediately when the problem arises.  

Dealing with plumbing issues in winters

Winters in Fort Worth, TX can drop to the freezing point and that is not a good thing for your plumbing systems. Water in the pipes freezes and expands which cracks the pipes from inside. And when the water melts, it leads to a flood in your kitchen that calls for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. It can be difficult to access help in harsh weather, so here are some ways you can deal with the crisis on your own, if it occurs.

Insulation – The best way to prevent the pipes from freezing is to put insulations inside the pipes. Insulate the pipes out in the garage, exposed areas. Plastic insulations are available for this purpose with its easy to stick and peel off feature. Add insulating caps to your outside fixtures

Letting the warm air in – You can open the cabinet doors under the sinks and in your bathroom where the pipes are, so the warm air can flow in and keep the pipes from freezing. Leaving the facet trickling a little can keep the pipes from freezing from inside as the flowing water will keep the freezing minimum.  

Let’s say the pipes did get frozen – The first thing you do is turn off the water supply and open up the faucet so the water vapors can be vented out. If the water is frozen in the hot water pipes, then turn off the water heater and use the hair dryer to thaw the pipes. Do not use a flame. The water will begin to thaw and you will see water trickling from the end of the pipe as the sign. Once the water starts flowing, check the pipe for any leakages or cracks.

Water conditions

In case of dealing with hard water, there can be mineral build up in the drains and pipes. To avoid that, there are water softeners, which you can buy. They soften the water by removing unnecessary minerals from them. Soft waters is also soft on your home appliances, sinks, floors and the interior of your pipes, while hard water wears them out. Use water softeners to increase the life of your water heaters and appliances.

After a while, you will need to recharge your water softeners so as to flush all the accumulated minerals from the water and other impurities. Some water softeners have an automatic recharging option; if you have, then schedule it. It is important to take care of the maintenance of water softeners. So, if you have a manual one, carefully follow the regeneration instructions.

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX does not have to be so difficult. You can have most of the situation under control if you have all the tips and techniques at hand and you are quick to act. However, sometimes the situation calls for a professional servicing. So, do not hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, if you see the issue is getting out of hand, because such issues can turn into a huge mess and even ruin many family dinners!