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How Can You Benefit from Trenchless Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

How Can You Benefit from Trenchless Water Line Repair? | Arlington, TX

The process of repairing or fixing pipes has seen tremendous change thanks to the innovative technologies which enable the plumbers effectively address these problems. One of these innovative technologies is trenchless water line repair. It allows the plumbers to patch any leaks or fix the pipes in a manner that wasn’t possible earlier. Today, homeowners can realize several benefits of this pipe repair method.

Putting effort into properly maintaining your Arlington, TX yard and landscaping features can be a blow when the plumber has to dig your yard to access the underground water lines. However, trenchless waterline repair technologies such as pipe relining and bursting only need a hole or two to access your yard. These are usually at the exit and entrance into the water line. Hence, this considerably reduces the damage to your yard and landscaping. It also saves them a fortune in yard repairs.

As a homeowner, you must pay close attention to your water systems. A water line is essential because it’s the inlet to all the water consumed at your home. Hence, it is crucial that you know when the water line needs maintenance. You can naturally panic whenever you consider the inconveniences, costs, and damage to your yard that water line repair might cause. However, trenchless repair methods eliminate these worries, as you will learn shortly. But what is it?

What Is Trenchless Water Line Repair?

This method replaces or fixes the water line without necessarily trenching or digging. Because of its many methods, it is preferred over the traditional methods of repairing the water line. However, there are several types of trenchless pipe repair, including:

Pipe Bursting

It is a technology that replaces or repairs a water or sewer line without digging. The plumber feeds a cone-shaped bit through the damaged pipes and destroys and replaces them using a new one. This is a fast method and is mainly used in sewer lines.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining

This trenchless water line repair technology inserts an epoxy-covered inflatable tubing into the water line. The plumber in Arlington, TX, then inflates the tube making it press against the walls of the existing water line. The epoxy cures become stiff and fix any leaks or cracks. The professional then remove the inflatable tubing.

Pipe Coating

Small holes or cracks can be fixed to prevent further damage using pipe coating. In this process, pipe coating machines push epoxy into the existing damaged pipes. The resin to ensure that the epoxy hardens is applied by rotating brushes.

How Does Trenchless Water Line Repair Work?

Consider how plastics may be molded. Usually, there is a pre-set cast with the object’s shape. The plastic enters the model as a liquid. Upon hardening, it becomes this solid object having a pre-defined shape. However, plastic isn’t the only material that does this. Pipe linings can be made from several materials converted to solid from liquid.

Although this might not seem attractive, like replacing your entire pipe system, it is cheaper and faster to complete; meaning fewer inconveniences. So, next time you’re dealing with issues like invasive tree roots and leaks in your Arlington, TX water line, all you need is some trenchless pipe lining to address the problem effectively.

Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Repair

What are some of the benefits homeowners might experience from using the technology?

Minimal Interruptions

Have you ever had a water line repair service before? If you have, you possibly understand how irritating and inconveniencing it can be. The excavation machines make a lot of noise, causing disturbances to you and your neighbors. They might even tell you to keep the noise down. However, with trenchless piping repair technologies, such problems are eliminated. The plumber replaces or repairs your water line without damaging any property. Additionally, the trenchless pipe repair machines don’t produce loud noises since no excavation is needed.


In trenchless water line repair technologies, fewer materials are used. Additionally, less labor and fewer materials are needed. Hence, trenchless pipe repair services are more affordable than traditional methods. In trenchless pipe repairs, the need for excavation is eliminated. The plumbers need fewer tools and hours to complete a project. With new plumbing technologies like camera inspection and leakage detectors, the plumbers can precisely and quickly pinpoint the damaged section and make speedy repairs.

The lack of excavation at your Arlington, TX home means you will not incur landscaping costs. In plumbing, time is money. Since the homeowners pay for it in terms of labor, they will pay less if the job is finished in less time.

Eliminates Property Damage

Trenchless water line repair or replacement technologies are non-invasive. This technology ensures that the plumber can access, fix, or even replace the water lines without causing any damage to the property. If there is any damage, it is negligible compared to the traditional methods. The plumbers use advanced equipment and technology to reduce any need for excavation. For homeowners, the water lines will be repaired without destroying their lawns or landscaping.

Trenchless water line repair or replacement begins with a camera inspection. These waterproof cameras are attached to rods and inserted into the water line via an entry point. Once the inspection camera is inside the water line, it crawls through the pipes while sending high-resolution video footage to the plumber. The professional then reviews the footage and determines the location of the water line issue and the pipes that need a repair or replacement.

A water line camera inspection can also reveal any silent leaks or piping problems you might not have known existed. The plumber uses a device on the surface to pick the inspection camera’s signal to reveal the location of the damaged piping. The professional marks it to ensure they know where to enter the water line. At most, trenchless water line repair should only result in two holes, one at the entry to the water line and the other at the exit. Therefore, have a plumber use this method next time you have a water line problem.

Can Access Any Place

The other benefit of trenchless water line repair is that it can reach even the areas that plumbers could have difficulties accessing. Water and sewer lines will run even below buildings, making it difficult to access for digging. This means that the plumbers have to dig around the building to repair the sewer line. However, trenchless pipe repair technologies make it easy and possible to replace the piping in such areas. For instance, trenchless pipe bursting enables the plumbers to replace the underground plumbing systems that are hard to access. This technology splits open the damaged pipes using machines with bursting heads.

Upon opening the damaged pipes, the professional inserts a new one. The plumbers insert a bursting head into the existing water line. The water line pipes split as the sizeable cone-shaped bit is pushed down. A cavity where the replacement pipes are inserted is created as the bursting head is gently pulled via the pipeline. The plumber then inserts the new pipes. Since the existing pipes are not removed, minimal excavation of your Arlington, TX yard is required in pipe bursting. Hence, the process is ideal for reconstructing existing pipes in inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas.

Safe Option

Trenchless water line repair technologies are safe. By having a plumber use either to repair your water lines, you can rest assured that you will not experience things like floods. In the traditional repair methods, deep trenches had to be excavated. This exposes the plumbers to injuries and other safety concerns. The trenchless methods are less strenuous, tedious, and challenging than traditional methods. So long as the plumber is well trained, everyone will be safe with trenchless repairs.

Fast Solution

The main benefit of technology is the convenience that it brings. With trenchless water line repair technologies, the plumbers can complete repairing the water lines faster than traditional means. For instance, a repair job can be finished within 24 hours when a plumber uses a trenchless repair method, unlike the traditional means that might need 3-5 days.

Replacing or repairing a water line has been a concern for homeowners. They must close their Arlington, TX water systems or relocate during maintenance. However, trenchless pipe repair technologies ensure that the job is finished as quickly as possible, removing the hassle involved in piping repairs. The water line camera inspection also reveals the point where the pipes are damaged. Once the plumbers notice where to go, they can quickly replace or repair the broken pipes.

In most cases, professionals use CIPP repairs to fix the damaged sections of the water line. In this water line repair technology, plumbers can repair the piping without digging or removing the damaged pipes. It can be used in gas, chemical, or water pipelines. The plumber inserts an epoxy layer into the damaged piping. The epoxy liner’s resin attaches and cures the interior sections of the pipes. When the liner dries, it will create a long-lasting pipe within the damaged one.

Enhance Water Quality

There are various pipe materials. Depending on how old your home is, it could have lead pipes. These pipes are dangerous to your health as they expose you to lead poisoning and lead water. Exposure to lead at high levels could cause fatigue, weakness, kidney damage, and anemia. Pregnant women and children are highly vulnerable to these effects. For instance, the development of your baby’s nervous system could be affected if you give them water with high lead levels.

The construction industry wasn’t aware of these dangers years ago. Hence, there is a high possibility that if you are purchasing an old home, it might have lead pipes. Fortunately, you can have a plumber replace the lead water lines using trenchless methods. You will experience better-tasting and cleaner water if you have the lead water lines replaced using trenchless technologies.

Is your water safe, although you need the pipes replaced? Trenchless water line repair and replacement is the ideal solution. Digging into the ground to reach the water lines increases the contamination risk. However, there is minimal digging in trenchless technologies. The professionals will use special equipment to install the new pipes with minimal damage to your yard.


If there is more of a reason to use trenchless plumbing technologies, they are eco-friendly. They minimize damage to your yard and positively affect the immediate environment. Digging deep trenches to reach the water lines and other underground plumbing systems isn’t ideal for nature. It will destroy natural habitats and your Arlington, TX yard.

The deep trenches also might bring harmful toxins onto the surface. Using these technologies, the ground is left intact. Most of the trenchless lining solutions are made from recycled products. For instance, the epoxy used in CIPP is silicone. When cured into the water line, the epoxy layer polymerizes and becomes safe for the environment.

Create Strong Pipes

The trenchless water line repair products are designed to last for a long. The replacement piping is long-lasting. These pipes can improve the water flow and decrease the risk of corrosion, leaks, tree root invasion, and clogs. As long as the new pipes are properly maintained, they can last 50 years or more. For instance, a specialized bursting head is used in trenchless pipe bursting. This means that the new pipe will be stronger than the existing one. Since their interiors are smooth, the pipes have a greater flow capacity.

Savvy Water Line Repair Methods

Have you noticed that your water is discolored or has an uncharacteristic smell? It might be time to have a plumber inspect your water line. Based on their findings, they might have to replace or repair it. Either way, ask them about using trenchless repair technologies to enjoy the benefits above. Do you need a trenchless water line repair service? Call our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth.

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