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How Do I Know My Plumber Is Qualified? | Mansfield, TX

How Do I Know My Plumber Is Qualified? | Mansfield, TX

Many Mansfield, TX, homeowners seem to think that being a plumber is easy. But the truth of the matter is quite the opposite. Becoming a plumbing professional requires more than knowing how to handle a wrench, and being in good physical shape. A plumber has to work hard for many months, and even years, to become experienced enough to be able to repair your backed up sewer and more.

In this article we will take a look at what anybody looking to get into a plumbing career has to do in order to be granted a license to work, and what all of this means for you and your Mansfield, TX, home. Let’s get started.

Getting a License

Before being licensed as a professional plumber in Mansfield, TX, anybody interested in entering this field must first become an apprentice to a master plumber. After 4,000 hours of hands-on work in an apprenticeship, which is equivalent to approximately two continuous years, and at least 24 hours of classroom learning, the candidate will have to take an exam designed to determine if the candidate has sufficient knowledge to start working as a plumber.

Once the above requirements are met, a plumbing candidate will then receive a tradesman plumbing license. This allows the plumber to perform certain residential plumbing jobs under the direct supervision of either a journeyman or a master plumber.

After another 8,000 hours, or 4 years of working in the plumbing trade, the tradesman can then look into completing the requirements to receive a journeyman’s license, which, additionally to the hours, requires another 48 hours of classroom training, and passing a more difficult exam. As a journeyman, a plumber is able to work independently on residential tasks, and some commercial jobs. Many plumbers who offer their services in Mansfield, TX, today are in this category.

Lastly, in order for a journeyman to rise to being able to hold a Master Plumber license, the requirements are much more demanding, including holding a current journeyman license, having an additional 8,000 hours or 4 years of plumbing experience, and taking a much more difficult exam. This is the highest rank in the plumbing business, which means that a Master plumber can work on residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as design plumbing systems in all three categories.

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is how much money they will have to spend on a plumber, but setting this issue aside, every homeowner’s best bet is to hire the most appropriate plumbing professional for the job they require. For example, if their only plumbing problem is a leaky faucet that requires a replacement, a tradesman might be able to complete the job in a very satisfactory manner.

If, on the other hand, the homeowner requires a broken pipe to be replaced, a journeyman will be the right pro for the job. Lastly, if what is needed is the design and construction of a new home’s complete plumbing system, including the laying of pipes and the installation of fixtures, a master plumber will be the best man for the job.

In any case, paying close attention to a potential plumber’s license is something you should always keep at the forefront of your mind, because while it is understandable you are going to want to save some money, hiring the least expensive one can only result in you requiring to find the correct professional later on to correct the mistakes made by your first choice.

Does a Plumber Have to Go to School?

As we already mentioned above, a plumber has a number of educational requirements that must be completed prior to receiving their license. Because of this, the state of Texas offers a wide range of plumbing education programs at universities, technical schools and more. These programs are designed to ensure plumbing professionals have extensive knowledge on a number of issues they will encounter through their careers, so never hesitate to ask any potential plumbing pro you are considering where they went to school.

What About the Exam They Have to Take?

Once a plumbing professional has finished school, they are ready to start their apprenticeship, a period during which they will receive comprehensive hands-on training for a wide range of plumbing issues. Once they have achieved the rank of tradesman and have completed the required hours to apply for a journeyman’s license, they must take an exam that can be quite challenging. In the state of Texas, this test consists of a multiple choice written exam, shop work, and the design of a plumbing system for a two story building. It can take many hours to complete the exam, but you can be sure that this licensing category applicant will be quite adept at handling many different problems you can encounter in your home or business plumbing and sewage systems.

Lastly, in order to become a Master plumber, an applicant must complete the requirements mentioned in the first part of this article, as well as an extremely difficult test that includes over 200 multiple choice questions, the design of several projects, and much more. In the end, this plumbing professional will be the most knowledgeable of all, as well as adept at performing all types of tasks at a residential, commercial, and industrial level.

Being able to hire well-trained and knowledgeable plumbing professionals will always work to your advantage, because you can be sure that the job will be performed in an expert manner, always adhering to your local zoning laws and requirements, which will, in the end, result in a number of benefits that will save you much more money than you spent to begin with.

Can Plumbing Pros With a License From Another State Work In Texas?

Even though the requirements for acquiring a plumbing license in the United States are pretty similar across the country, not all out of state plumbing pros are allowed to work in Texas, unless they are journeymen or masters. And even in those cases, they must fulfill certain requirements in order to be able to use their license in Mansfield, TX. Because of this, if you are looking into hiring a plumbing contractor that is licensed in another state your best bet is to contact the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners TSBPE) to verify whether they have fulfilled the necessary requirements in order to work legally within the state borders. While we understand this can take some time, it is always worth checking so you don’t end up in a less than desirable position, having to pay more money to a legitimate Texas contractor to do the work again.

Are Any Other Endorsements Required?

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. Even so, any endorsements a plumbing professional may require will greatly depend on their field of specialization. This means that if a certain plumbing contractor, whether a journeyman or a master, says they are knowledgeable in fire protection systems, they will require the proper endorsement in order to legally perform the work. Always make sure the plumbing pro’s endorsement and specialization are adequate to your project in order to get the best quality results, and get the most out of your investment.

How Does All of This Benefit Me as a Mansfield, TX, Homeowner?

Having the ability to choose the most well-prepared plumbing professional for the job you require can produce a number of benefits that you may have not considered. In the first place, even though hiring an extremely well-prepared and experienced pro may seem like a large investment, you can gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your job, no matter how simple it may be, will always be performed with the highest quality guidelines, which means the problem won’t repeat itself anytime soon, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

On the other hand, because your home’s plumbing system is hardly ever visible to the naked eye, being able to count on a well-prepared professional will be a guarantee that the job will be carried out in the most adequate manner, using the most updated techniques, and ensuring minimal damage to your property. The best professionals will always have adequate tools and equipment to carry out any number of tasks your job could involve, and they will be experienced in resolving a wide range of issues that could potentially come up during the course of their work. The last thing you want to sacrifice when you are in need of plumbing services is quality, which is why the state of Texas regulates what a plumbing professional of a certain level can or can’t do.

Another one of the great benefits of hiring a well-trained and licensed plumbing professional can come in the form of less time wasted in the performance of the job. Somebody who knows what they are doing will usually be able to get the job done in a shorter amount of time than somebody who is just learning or when you try your hand at doing it yourself. This can also minimize any potential mistakes and shoddy work, which could result in much bigger problems later on. It will also allow you to be more at ease about how much time you may have to take away from your family or job in order to get your plumbing issues repaired.

Lastly, the harder a plumbing professional has worked to get their license, the more they will value their reputation, which means they will be more straightforward and honest with you about the work that needs to be done. When you, as a homeowner, know you can trust the plumbing professional you have hired to fix your home’s issues, you are more likely to avoid any misunderstandings and other potential problems down the road.

What Happens If My Contractor’s License Has Expired?

If you are looking into hiring a plumbing contractor you should always make sure their licensing and other endorsements are current. When they let their license expire, you could be headed straight for unwanted problems. If a plumbing contractor refuses to provide a current license or gives you many seemingly plausible excuses for not having renewed it, your best bet is to look elsewhere, no matter how well the contractor in question has been recommended. It is not worth putting your family and property at risk because of a contractor that does not carry the proper license, so, it’s better to find somebody else to get the job done.

What Do I Do If a Contractor Tries to Force Me to Sign a Contract if I Still Haven’t Decided to Hire Them?

When a plumbing contractor’s reputation is less than stellar, you will be able to notice a few red flags that indicate you could fall prey to a scammer. If you feel you are being pressured into signing a contract even though you still haven’t decided if you want to hire a certain plumbing contractor, you should always step away from a situation in which you could potentially lose more money than you would be willing to pay for the job to be performed by somebody else. You can also report this specific circumstance to the Better Business Bureau, where records are kept of complaints entered against contractors and other businesses.

Additionally, you may want to check with the Better Business Bureau prior to choosing a plumbing company to make sure that the reputation they boast of is actually real. If you are looking for the best plumber in Mansfield, TX, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. With many years of experience in the field, and a great reputation, you can be sure that your job will be done right the first time around. Because any potential plumbing issue in your home requires a licensed professional plumber, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and give us a call today for the best service in the area.

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