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How Plumbers in Arlington Fix High Water Pressure

How Plumbers in Arlington Fix High Water Pressure

High Water Pressure | Plumbers in Arlington, Texas

No one ever complains of having high water pressure. In fact, most people never even know their water pressure is too high. That is, until it damages an appliance and you are stuck with a large repair bill or the purchase of a replacement. The cost of appliances has increased along with almost everything else. When you consider the cost of replacing appliances, you want to do everything you can to make them last as long as is possible. High water pressure is a cause of multiple failing appliances and water leaks. If you suspect you may have high water pressure give our plumbers in Arlington, Texas a call for an evaluation.

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Most homeowners know very little about their water service. Areas that have a high water pressure use pressure regulators on their water meters to reduce the pressure to a safe level. In many areas, the customer has to buy the regulator and install it or have it installed by a plumber. The water utility company generally doesn’t install the regulator. If you need a water pressure regulator installed Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX will be happy to help you.

Over time, metal regulators rust and seize up. You will either have too little water pressure, or too much water pressure. Quite often, you end up with an elevated water pressure. When this occurs, the potential for damage to your appliances, and your home increases. When damage occurs due to high water pressure, the potential for leaks that can cause catastrophic damage your home. Don’t run the risk, check your water pressure, or call upon Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to do it for you.

Ice makers are susceptible to high water pressure, as well as the water inlet components where the water hooks up to the refrigerator.

Water heaters are also susceptible and even the best faucets can end up with components damaged from high water pressure over time.

Washing machine hoses are generally the first thing to go when the pressure climbs. Water supply lines are also vulnerable to high water pressure.

Recommended water pressure will vary by municipality, your water utility will be able to tell you the recommended psi for your area. Regardless of what your utility recommendation is, appliance manufacturers have their own recommendation, and high water pressure can void a warranty. To prevent appliance damage, or warranty voids check your water pressure and keep it at the recommended level. Ben Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas will be glad to provide the service you need.

Water pressure can gradually climb over time, and easily be overlooked. If you have your plumbing and drains serviced annually, ask your plumber to check the water pressure.

Recognizing the following signs of high water pressure can prevent costly damage to your plumbing, your home and your appliances.

  • Leaks
  • Banging pipes (also known as water hammer)
  • Unusual dishwasher and washing machine noise
  • Increased water pressure when you use taps, shower or other water uses.
    Water pressure check gauges are available at most home supply stores, and are generally around $5. You simply screw them into a faucet and turn the water on. An outdoor spigot can be used if available.
    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be glad to check your water pressure. If it is found to be elevated our plumbers will provide the services needed to correct the problem. Our licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas and Fort Worth are among the best in the industry. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you will receive a punctual plumber and professional plumbing services by our dedicated plumbers.