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How to Choose a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

How to Choose a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

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When it comes to tasks like fixing a clogged drain, installing a new sink, or repairing a corroded pipeline, you need to hire an experienced plumber. Most people struggle with making the right choice in this regard. With over a million choices, it is hard to choose a good plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

You don’t want to have an amateur plumber who lacks experience taking care of the plumbing fixtures in your house. You also don’t want to be overpaying for a service.

We are here to guide you. We tell you exactly what to look for in a plumber. Here are some questions that you can ask before hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

1.  What is the Estimated Cost of the Repair?

You should be skeptical about the quotes made over the phone. No plumber can give you a fair estimate without taking a look at your plumbing problem. An exception to this would be when the homeowner has enough knowledge about the issues and can explain it fully to the plumber over the phone for them to quote a fair price.

It is always best for the service provider to come over and take a look. They would be able to do a complete inspection of your piping and fittings. This way they can tell you if any new parts or additional repairing is required.

2.  Is the Rate Hourly or Fixed?

Homeowners don’t like surprises when it comes to making payments. If your plumber tells you that he charges on a per hour basis, ask them to give an estimated timeline for completing the job.

When the plumber is more experienced, they will complete the job faster and give you a more accurate estimate.

3.  Does the Plumber Have Accreditations and Certifications?

You don’t want a plumber to mishandle your plumbing problem; this is often an issue due to lack of formal education and training. Your best bet is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth for a trained plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Also, the longer your plumber has been in the industry, the better it is; this means they have more experience and people probably know about them.

4.  Is the Plumber Licensed?

Most states require plumbers to be licensed. Make sure your potential plumber has passed all tests. Ask him to show you his license. However, it is quite unlikely that you hire an unlicensed plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Be wary about plumbers who are newly licensed and don’t have much experience. However, they may be able to do quality work at a reasonable rate.

5.  Is the Plumber Bonded and Insured?

The answer should be “yes”. Ask your potential plumber for proof of insurance. You don’t want to be held legally responsible for any injuries your plumber may get during work.  There have been cases where plumbers have tried to hold the homeowners responsible. You don’t want to fall prey to this tactic.

6.  Can the Plumber Provide You a List of His Previous Customers?

Doing this is a very smart way to ensure you choose the right plumber in Fort Worth, TX. Give them a letter of your choice and they will give you a list of customers whose names start with that particular letter.

You may contact a few from the list and ask them about a particular plumber you are thinking of hiring. Ask them about their experiences. This would further help you make an informed decision.

7.  Is Their Call Service Available 24/7?

Plumbing issues are usually unanticipated.  Your water pipeline may decide to burst in the middle of the night; you don’t want to wait for a plumber for hours. For such emergencies, you need to make sure your plumbing company offers a 24-hour emergency call-out service.

Find out about their response time. A reasonable waiting time is about 1 to 2 hours.

If the response time concerns you, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth for a plumber in Fort Worth, TX who has the lowest response time.

8.  Is the Plumber Registered with a Scheme?

Ask your plumber if they have registered with an official tradesman scheme. These schemes further validate the fact that your plumber has the right skills necessary for the job.

Approved trader schemes and “Buy With Confidence” are a few examples of such schemes. These bodies are run under government-approved operators or trading standards. Go to their websites, type in your postal code, and a list of registered plumbers in your area will be generated.

9.  Does the Company Have Uniformed Plumbers?

Knowing this is very important to ensure your safety. Often homeowners call a plumber over but are not at home when he arrives at the given time. Work clothes help other members of the house identify if they are letting a trusted person enter their house.

Also, it looks professional. A plumber or an electrician does not look good working in casual clothes.  A uniform also indicates the fact that the company takes pride in their work and respects its employees. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth is one such company. If you are looking for a plumber in Fort Worth, TX, contact us.

10.  Does the Plumbing Service Come with a Warranty?

The answer should be a “yes.” The company should stand behind their work. A written proposal will help you keep an eye on such details. It should include everything from service and parts charges, estimated time of completion to warranty information.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth ticks all the boxes above. To book a plumber in Fort Worth, TX, call on 817-478-4119 now.