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How To Choose The Best Plumber | Arlington, TX

How To Choose The Best Plumber | Arlington, TX

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Arlington, TX needs a 24-hour plumber for any emergencies that arise. A quick search online will bring back a long list of plumbing companies, and they all claim to be the cheapest and the best. So, which one do you pick? You need a plumbing company that is available 24/7 ready to answer your call.

It is easy to get scammed by any number of industries, but many plumbers charge exorbitant amounts of money for very simple tasks.

Not just an answering service but a real person at the end of the line. A plumbing company that uses an answering service may not get back to you until the next day or after the weekend.

If you see a lot of positive comments and satisfied customers this is likely the company for you: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth because we tick all these boxes at affordable prices. We do not expect you to take our word for it. Perform an internet search and look for an objective comparison site that provides real reviews from real people. You will find Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at the top of the list of the majority of the sites because we do not care just about making profits. We care about our community! Always check for an objective company’s online reviews for any technical service you might need.

Do You Need a Good Plumber?

Plumbing Emergency

All of us have suffered a plumbing emergency at some point. Even if you have had your plumbing system regularly checked, an emergency can strike at any time. A burst pipe is a common reason for calling an emergency plumber. A broken pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Most plumbing pipes and joints are in places to hide the ugly, industrial look of the plumbing system, including inside walls, in the attic, and under and in your home’s foundation. A pipe that bursts underneath the foundation of your home, office, or industrial space is called a slab leak and it is a serious plumbing emergency, indeed.

You will need an expert plumber from Arlington, TX that does not cost a small fortune to repair a slab leak. There are signs to look out for besides water flooding your carpet and flooring that include a yard that is always damp, strong smells of mildew, and discolored spots on ceilings and walls.

If you see these red flags it is crucial to contact a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as soon as possible. Slab leaks are comparable to cavities and if you leave them to disintegrate, the entire system might need to be removed, just like a tooth that a dentist has to take out from the root.

Slab leaks most often require digging up the flooring closest to the leak. Our expert plumber team uses the most high-tech and advanced cameras on extendable cords to find the leak while making only a small incision into your homes’ flooring. Once the leak is found that specific area is dug up and the repair is completed by the plumber whose been specifically trained to fix slab leaks.

Listen to us Arlington, TX, Here Are the Things You Should Do First When Plumbing Emergencies Strike!

First, find your main water supply valve and turn it off. If you do not know where it is, please find out. It is vital to get the water turned off for the sake of your property and the balance of your bank account. The longer you take finding the main water supply valve the more water damage will be done to your home.

Second, find your mains electricity supply switch and turn that off to avoid the risk of electrocution. If you see sparks, smell gas, smoke, or anything that smells like fire, call the fire department immediately and leave the property to make sure you and your family are safe from harm. Then a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX will come out and inspect the issue. Together, you and the plumber will come up with the most viable and affordable options to fix any plumbing problem.

Slowly Draining Appliances

Clogs are the usual cause of sinks, shower trays, and bathtubs slowly draining. Materials such as grease, food, hair, soap, and toothpaste will stick to the insides of your drainpipes. A clog is formed and if not dealt will slowly grow and restrict the flow of water through the pipes, until they are completely blocked.

The bad news is clogs are usually the result of bad habits. Sinks are not trash cans. Toilets are so much more delicate than people understand. The only items that should be deposited into a toilet bowl are human waste, toilet paper, and gentle cleansers. Many companies claim feminine products, baby wipes, and heavy-duty cleansers are safe to flush down the toilet, but in honesty, it can cause the toilet to overflow and cause continual problems.

A common response is to pour chemicals down the sink or toilet to remove the clog or any blockage. This may work for small clogs that are located near the opening in the sink. It will have little or no effect on well-established clogs or blockages or ones that are located far from the drain. If you use too many chemicals you will corrode older pipework and joints, and leaks will start to form and sewage may seep into your home.

The safest way to remove clogs or blockages without damaging your pipework is to have a professional drain cleaning service performed by a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX.

Dirty Water Backing into Your Sink or Toilet

If you do not deal with a clog problem, you will eventually see standing water in your sink, shower, toilet, dishwasher, and even your laundry machine. Clogs are a bad enough problem, but if you see dirty water gurgling back up into your sink or toilet, together with the uncomfortable smell of sewage, you could have a serious health problem to deal with.

The bacteria and other microorganisms living in sewage are potentially very dangerous to those living in your home with chronic health problems or immunity-related diseases. The specialist plumber team from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX will wear special gear to protect themselves.

In addition, if you choose, the plumber who removes the clog will wear a face mask and plastic booties over their shoes to protect you from the nasty coronavirus and the dangers of this ongoing pandemic.

Whatever causes clogs and blockages in your drainpipes can cause the same problem in your sewer line. A blockage in the main sewer pipe could also be because of the damage caused by tree roots, earthquakes, or even just the ground shifting over time. Whatever the reason, your wastewater has no exit route to the main sewage network and with nowhere to go, it backs up into your home.

We have specialist equipment to locate and evaluate the extent of the blockage and damage. We have innovative ‘Pipe Cams’ which will use infrared light to send images back to our plumber with this information, we can determine the best course of action to take. This procedure is part of the way we keep our costs down and limit the amount of time it takes to complete the repair. It also makes it easier for the plumber to keep the work area as clean as possible.

Low Water Pressure

If you are taking longer to take your shower in the morning or that your washing machine or dishwater are taking longer to fill up, you probably have low water pressure. Clogs can also form in your water line, usually because of limescale deposits on the inside of your pipe.

Our community lives in an area with hard water, you will see these deposits on your taps or showerhead and even the heating element heater on your electric kettle. The scale build-up will restrict the flow of water through the pipes. You may want to consider installing a water softener to relieve the problem. Our experts can help you choose which water softener is best for your plumbing system and budget.

Other reasons for low water pressure include leaks, faulty water valves in your water heater, and many others. To quickly locate the source of the problem you need an experienced plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth.

No Hot Water From Your Water Heater

There is no better way to wake up in the morning than to have a hot shower. If you notice that the water from your shower is steadily getting cooler, it may be time to have your water heater inspected. You do not want to wait until your heater breaks down until you call for a plumber or heating and air conditioning specialist. Regular service from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth will take care of any minor issues and have your water heater working in tip-top condition.

Our team suggests that you should schedule a routine check-up for your heater and boiler during early fall and your air conditioner inspected in early spring to make sure you do not have to pay the higher prices of the seasons when these appliances are most needed. Many companies are overrun with business during summer and winter and raise their prices because they can.

Why Does My Water Heater Keep Shutting Down?

One reason why your water heater will shut down is that it is unable to cope with the demand for hot water placed on it. We all use more hot water than we used to, we have more water appliances, and a growing family will constantly be using the shower.

Having all your appliances on at the same time, together with increase shower usage will overload your water heater and it may shut down. The simplest solution is to replace your old heater with a new and more powerful one.

We specialize in water heater repair and installation. We fully support the government-supported program ‘Energy Star’ that provides detailed information about all appliances, their capabilities, the suitability for your home, the needs of your family, and the best option for your budget.

Installing New Appliances

Most new appliances will need a plumber to install them correctly. While it may seem a good idea to have a go yourself and save a little money, it is a better idea to hire a professional. Should anything go wrong, it will cost most having to pay for a repair bill. Installations are one of the most crucial steps in making your new appliance last as long as it can. One mistake can take months or even years off the lifetime of your appliance and in the end cause you to buy another new unit long before its life cycle is complete.

The Best Plumbing Service in Arlington, TX

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has built up a solid reputation for quality work at affordable prices. Our work comes with a rock-solid guarantee. All our plumbers are highly experienced and fully licensed. Before we hire any new employee we fully research their education, apprenticeship, and even a criminal background check. Our employees are subject to drug and alcohol screens and a credit review to make sure there is nothing suspicious in their past. We would not hire anyone we would not invite to Christmas dinner.

Please give us a call so we can talk about any plumbing or heating, vent, or air conditioning issue you have and how to help you at a competitive price completed by true experts who genuinely care about the community in Texas. Our world is getting more dangerous and there are few companies that take the same care for the customers like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. We promise to be honest, transparent, and careful with your home and will also behave in a respectful manner in honor of our namesake.